Ebon Wake

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    Cinders floated along the summer breeze lazily tossing and turning in the air, providing to be tiny acrobats to amuse some of the children who idly ran through the village giving up on their torments of the speckled hens. The orange glistening hue of the skyline illuminated against the clay tiles of the roofs turning their gray facade into a pale pink almost seeming to be alit with a mystical feel.

    The moon and the sun sat in a unison showdown, each stalking their side of the sky waiting for the other to make a move that could either make or break their stand off; painting the world an everlasting shade of conflicting colours, only influencing the radiate gleam of the sparks wafting down to burn out of sight before touching the ground.

    Men of cloth and women of clerics; beckoned out loud with a blusterous cry proclaiming the new year has finally come to them, basking the lands in a year of plenty as the gods had been smiling down to them.

    Little did they realize what they deemed an holy oncoming from the spectacular sights that were raining down on them was the polar opposite. Beneath the lands of soil and moss, the earth cracked and groaned releasing the depths of magma from the inner dwellings of the earth's crust; liberating that of the past horrors - Allowing the Ebon King to be awakened from his stupor; casting the world into oblivion.

    Yet these creatures of mortals continued to bask in the wonders of the day and night- feasting, drinking and conversing loudly with no qualms or fears resting in their breasts.

    Horns clacked against the wooden wind chime hung too low from the trusses of the humble hut that easily housed a family of eight most uncomfortably. This village was not prosperous but they took what they had grown in the year, what livestock was fit enough to eat and the little clean water that the partially dried well had to offer to create the meager celebration of the false rise of the gods.

    An idle devil's forked tail swung behind her, fishing in and out in a chaotic behaviour that most animals would know was a warning to something coming.

    Blood red markings etched over her face, creating an illusion to make the golden irises within her skull appear brighter than they possibly could be. A crown of white hair housed that of the two red curling horns upwards, as her hands were tucked under her breasts producing an air of distrust and foreboding uncertainly.

    The Mother of her clan had given warning to the rising of the Ebon King and yet none heeded her words; none that were born of the same race as she was. Being broken up from the clan in hopes to learn of ways to stifle the rise of the mercilessly ruler of the bleak realms; she had come this far south with little to show for it. Many wise men had turned her words away with a scoff and a discernible word; while others deemed her as nothing more than a lunatic sprouting words of nonsense.

    Brushing away the wind chime as it sang is song with a discord rhythm; she had come to this village in nothing more than rest. She had grown sour to the idea of sleeping in the woods to make a bed of foliage and brush when her aching muscles craved that of a bed. Hell it could even be straw at this point and she would be basking in the heavenly gleam of such luxury.

    Stares once or twice had been exchanged to her appearance but none seemed remotely bothered either. The old stories of her species being monsters that fed on lust and seed was nothing more than a laugh and a rip in the side. She had never once lured a man off to his most certain death to drain him of his life and his seed, rather the mere idea repulsed her; but that didn't mean everyone believed the Succubus to be that trust worthy either.

    Lifting a hand to tussle through the loose hair, she could do nothing to the moment as the humans partied in a glorified fashion, sipping their mead and ale to the ground, singing in a drunken stupor only causing her nose to wrinkle with such showman ship.

    "Atmus have mercy;" She muttered behind a velvet tone; "Such frivolous waste, looks like the damnable forest may be calling me again." she exhaled heavily, "I think the inn has been closed for this questionable celebration." pressing a hand to her forehead, she frowned as she watched in nothing more than a pained expression.
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