WRITING Ebon [ Practice, essentially. ]

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  1. Suddenly Kilion's eyes snapped open, his head almost immediatley looking around. But all he saw was darkness. He could see his body if he looked down, though nothing else. When he turned to face the opposite direction it felt as if his heart hit the lowest part of his stomach.

    "Stay away!" he said, voice filled with panic and fear at what he saw. A creature, that must've stood more than eight and a half feet tall was before him. Six eyes embedded into it's face; three on each side going vertical instead of horizontal; two pitch black; two blood red; and two bright yellow; all glowing. There was no nose. It's jaw angled downwards and out, and was elongated at least a foot. Rows, upon rows of horrid jagged teeth, all varying in size protruded up and towards him from it's maw. At it's back were six charred wings, still burning like ember. There were no breast, reproductive organs. It was a monstrocity. An abomination.

    It took a foreboding step forward.

    He had never seen anything as frightening as this in his life. His nightmares couldn't even compete with the malevolence it was giving off. He did the only thing he thought logical in this situation. Kilion ran. He could've sworn he heard it laugh. A dark, evil, horrible laugh. Then he fell. Pain riddled his lower body. Looking down he saw the reason for the fall. His legs were four feet in front of him. Before he knew it the beast had him by the throat and lifted him into the air above it's head. Kilion's own blood dripping down his neck. It was squeezing too tight for him to speak. Though in all likely hood he would have screamed.

    "You...are my..salvaaatiion..." It said, eyes unblinking. The way it spoke was unnatural. Human tongue wasn't meant to come out of such things. The last thing Kilion would ever see as a free spirit, was its gaping maw closing over his head; devouring his soul as he vainly tried to beat it with his fist. His entire being was now the demons, and the demons alone.