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  1. Ever Battle Online

    Ever Battle was designed by a world wide company known as IR tech. Using an advanced version of the NerveGear and the use of the SAO world seed. The game was released in 2056 and was rated the top played VRMMO of all time. Based loosely around the SAO game play, ERO included massive a open word and multiple skill trees that have almost endless skill possibilities. Unlike SAO, ERO included a high tech magic system. With the opportunity to craft and customize a users spells. Including this with the ultra realistic environment settings, and its amazing combat system. It was only a matter of time before ERO had over 100,000 players. But not everything is great forever. In one of the early updates, about 5 months after the game was released a bug got into the program. It called it's self "The Kayaba program". The moment the virus got into the system everything collapsed, it was a huge déja vu moment. In an instant the 100,000 players in the game at the time were trapped. Just like what happened with SAO in 2022. It has been 3 years already since the instant, and still no one knows how it happened let alone how to get everyone out. The same rules applied as with SAO if your health drops to zero you die in both worlds, the pain setting is on the realistic setting and taking the NerveGear off is not an option.

    Including this massive disaster, there was another problem. ERO has no grand quest. The game was a war style game, with 5 human races constantly fighting one another. This seemed to continue even with the death game rule. It became common for races to kill each other small things, or for what seemed as no reason at all. There were bosses placed into the game, but non were seen as the final boss. As well as this, ERO had an ever adapting feature, this meant that monsters and NPC's would adapt to situations. Leading to monsters learning how to fight against players, and bosses changing their fighting style to counter their opponents. This lead to a drastic increase in the in-game deaths.

    Finally the Kayaba program seemed to add something else. They were named "Skill users". Just like Kirito, skill users were gifted with a unique skill. Only one skill is given per skill user, and no two skill users have the same skill. People were not instantly aware of these new skills. But over time people released that it was not normal. People believed it was done by the Kayaba program just to make watching much more interesting.



    ERO consists of 5 different races of human. Each individual race had specialized skills suited to them. It was also very common for small wars to break out between races, and this didn't stop after the Kayaba program took over.
    Bestia-This race are renown for their hunting skills. Living mostly in forest covered areas, they are well adapted to hunting. Also they are incredibly good at taming beasts. Using their tracking skills and giant beast pets, they can easily take out small patrols of other races.

    Mortem-Known for being the sneakiest of all the races. They are gifted with the best stealth skills out of all races and have been given the power to see in the dark. Often hired to do spy missions, or killing high ranked officers. They are the best assassins of all the races.
    Ferrum -Living in the mountain areas, the ....... people are skilled blacksmiths. With access to rare ores they are the fathers of the strongest weapons. Because of there harsh mountain area, they are also one of the strongest races. The supply most of the weapons used by each race.
    Bellum -the most war hungry race of all. They are naturally skilled in weapon handling, and blessed in combat. The strongest race off all humans. The ..... are the hardest race to fight off.
    magicae-They are considered one of the most peaceful races. But don't let that fool you, arcane magic runs in their blood. They are born talented with the arts of magic. They may be peaceful, better they are also feared by every race.


    Character sheet

    Appearance: (anime pic please)
    In-game name:
    backstory: (what has your character done in the past 3 years of being trapped)
    Weapon of choice:
    normal equipment worn:
    strengths and weaknesses: (2-3 of each)

    Unique skill:



    1. do not God mode
    2. Gm's word is the law
    3. Don't kill a character without permission
    4. Please read through peoples skills so no one has the same skill. Also be as creative as you like with the skills
    5. Please get along with each other
    6. swearing and sexual themes are accepted but please be aware of any younger members
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  2. Appearance: [​IMG] tail not included

    Name: Lucifer Ventor

    In-game name: Lucifer

    Age: 17

    personality: Lucifer is not the most social of people. He is a rather violent person, who has a short temper. But for his friends the boy will do almost anything. He normally doesn't join groups of people and is normally a solo player. The only thing the boy loves more than killing is making weapons and tools

    backstory: Before he joined ERO Lucifer would commonly get into fights with others. Because of his violent nature he trained in many different martial art disciplines. Everntually just fighting wasn't enough so the boy tried out a VRMMO. He loved every second of the game, and when ERO came out he was one of the first to buy it. Once the calamity happened Lucifer left his guild. He fled to one of the furthest and most deserted towns in the game. Surrounded by NPC's he would spend his days clearing monsters and building new weapons to sell to people.

    Race: Ferrum

    Weapon of choice: Lucifer uses multiple weapons

    normal equipment worn:
    Black cat mask- increases agility and speed
    Large dark brown cylinder like weapon holder- Increases amount of weapons that can be carried
    Black smithing gloves- adds onto blacksmiths skills
    Light brown cloak- Increases armor

    Strengths and weaknesses:
    Strengths: He is good at both hand to hand and weapon combat. Excellent blacksmith. Lucifer can preform some basic combat and blacksmith spells.
    Weaknesses: Doesn't not really like using magic. Gets violent very quickly. Will obey most things a higher up says to him

    Unique skill: Quick draw, this skill allows Lucifer to instant draw or swap any weapon in his inventory into his hand. Normal people would have to enter the menu to change weapons. Lucifer's skills allows him to bypass this stage
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