eBay or Amazon?

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eBay or Amazon?

  1. eBay

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  2. Amazon

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  3. Both

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  4. Other

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  1. For those of you who enjoy shopping online, which site do you prefer to use the most? I use both but I prefer Amazon to eBay a bit more. I only use eBay if I really want a huge collection of something or if the price happens to be cheaper.
  2. Mainly Amazon, but once in a while I can only find something on eBay, thus the Amazon + Both voting combo.
  3. Amazon for most things (love that student Amazon prime!) and a mix of ebay and Amazon for textbooks.
  4. Other.

    Because I don't have the money for either.

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  6. I prefer Amazon because it appears to be safer compared to eBay. Either way you have risk, as does any online shopping site. I just prefer Amazon mainly because there is an Amazon headquarters right down the road. So I get it pretty fast. lol
  7. Where do you live? O_O
  8. In the middle of nowhere in the south. So pretty much perfect for it. The place is the size of a mall. 0__0
  9. Lucky :(
  10. It's a stocking and shipping warehouse most likely.

    There all over the place.
  11. I use Amazon more because I have Prime, but I'll use eBay if the prices are particularly good or I can't find the item on Amazon.
  12. eBay was amazing for buying 40K minis for a fair price.

    Amazon is where I buy most everything else because I quit 40k.
  13. Amazon for buying new stuff, eBay (or Craigslist) for buying used stuff. However, I hate buying used stuff for most things, so I haven't used anything but Amazon and specific store websites for online shopping for the past... 4 years I think?
  14. It's a little depressing sometimes to see armies worth thousands of dollars going for $150 Buy it Nows and starting at $50.

    Especially when they're painted remarkably well.
  15. I tend to use Amazon for a lot of shit these days. But that rare book that's been out of print since the 60's? The one that Amazon hasn't even heard of, never mind stocks?

    Some fucker on eBay is selling it, I guarantee you.
  16. Amazon pretty much the only place I go to shop online. I'm always hesitant to try a place that I haven't really used that much before, mainly because I have trust issues and am super paranoid most of the time, especially when the Internet is involved.
  17. I sold most of my IG army to a friend for around 400 dollars. About ten tanks and one-hundred something infantry with all the extra bits. Not like I play anymore, most of them were unpainted too.
  18. If it's something in print, Amazon is usually better, though there are lots of sources. It's not always the cheapest, but I do have Prime currently, so getting stuff fast is a plus, too.

    But for secondhand goods, it really depends. You always have to cross-reference, especially for things like movies and video games. You might find that volume 3 of something is super cheap on Amazon while volume 4 is much better-priced on ebay. :P Amazon isn't always good for toys and collectible goods that are OOP (the lack of photos is nerve-wracking), so ebay usually wins there.
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