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  1. LOVE HUR T S.... ! ?


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    Do you know this story of Beauty and the Beast:

    Admit it, everyone imagined themselves as a prince or princess when you were younger. Some may have been a princess of a kingdom while others
    to be a wicked ruler of demons. Whatever your tastes, you all know the story of the Beauty & the Beast.

    But there's more than one tale of this classic fairytale. And with different perspectives comes different people filling in the role of the Beauty and the Beast.

    Have you heard of the 'real' version of the Beast? He's not what one would call 'ugly'. It's more as if... more as if

    He extremely distrusts all humans.

    With money and looks comes the people who wish to steal it all away. Once you've been betrayed time after time, your heart begins to fall off as easily as rose petals. Once the last delicate blossom has fallen into oblivion, his heart will no longer be in this world to take away; just a doll. There seems to be nobody selfless enough to shower him with the proper love to revive the withered rose; nor is there anybody worthy of receiving his in return. Thus, he locked his heart for all eternity and became what the legends foretold-- a beast of a man.

    Little does the Beast know.

    There is woman of extreme beauty and knowledge; however, she casts all men to the side without a single afterthought. She too, believes they're only after the looks she inherited from her parents. And let's not forget the fact that this particular woman is of noble blood, and once she is wed, she will inherit a large sum of money. But, her heart is not so damaged as to lock it away in the back of her mind. She thirsts for a different kind of experience--- different than the other women of her age.

    The Beauty & the Beast's meeting was not 'fate'. No one in this day and age believes in hopeless romantic crap such as that anymore. Their story was built off of coincidental meetings and flat-out stubbornness, but no one has to know that. It's supposed to be a lovely little modern day romance story, right?

    "No one ever told me it was this painful to be in love with someone."

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    F I N

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    Nikolai Romanav → Beast

    Beatrice Fontaine → Beauty

  2. It's fucking cold.

    That's what kept repeating in the mind of Beatrice Fontaine. She had ended up touring Russia but was now completely stranded in the middle of nowhere familiar. She attempted to stop some passing by people to see if she could get directions. The shadows of people just walked on, ignoring her. The snow fell and by the second she was getting colder and colder. Forcing herself to walk, she silently cried as she trudged on the snow with her suitcase trailing behind her.

    This is the punishment she got from her father, for sure. He was overprotective and refused with an outright no. But thanks to mother, she had persuaded him into agreeing. Her father warned her to be careful. But she didn't listen like usual.

    Shivering and forcing her legs to walk on.

    For what felt like an hour, she felt ready to pass out and die in the middle of the snow. Trying to focus on her heartbeat, a car honked and she turned around to see an elderly old man.

    Speaking in broken English, he asked her if she was alright, telling her to get into the car since she looked like she was going to fall to the ground. Deciding to trust a total stranger, she climbed in, glad to feel the warm heat of the car.

    The old man drove, talking and rambling about something. His master. A young man who was famed to give anyone whatever they desired. Bea rolled her eyes, like she would believe that bs. Kindly the old man asked her if she had a place to stay and she shook her head sadly. Thankfully, god was looking down upon Bea and she was invited to stay at his master's house.

    Driving through the snow was such a hassle but Bea enjoyed the quiet peacefully pale blue sky. Nothing like London, which was always gloomy and rainy. As the car sped up to the gates, she stared in awe. The house was decorated with traditional Russian styles. It was amazing, quite glamours too. Taking her luggage she wandered inside as many of the maids curtsied. The old man whispered something in Russian as they escorted her down the hall. Puzzled she attempted to read the sign. Two seconds later she saw the tiny English script curling over the door.

    "Nikolai Romanov, he who can give you any of your desires. From lust to greed."

    Bea narrowed her eyes as she pulled the door open to find a quite handsome man seated.

    "Well don't you seem like a snob." She said, her Russian words coated with a heavy English accent.
  3. Two seconds, one word; ignorant.

    He was bemused at the fact that the woman dared to walk into his own house like she was supposed to be here and then indirectly call him a snob. Nikolai sat seated on an old recliner faced towards a grand wall-length window. Watching the snow was a favorited past time, but it made the feel of the room incredibly lonely. "I know English, woman." He bit back any insults that dared to roll off his tongue.

    "State what you want and get out," the man's thick Russian accent chopped up some of the words, but it was still easily heard. Nikolai's elderly butler rushed to his side and whispered more words in Russian. The young master's face went from sour to grim within a few seconds. He muttered something under his breath that was close to "damn tourists."

    He stood from the leather-covered chair and walked over to Bea with a heavy glare. "Obviously," he spoke in a darker tone of voice, "you're too stupid to find yourself a hotel. I'll allow you to stay here, but you can't touch anything."

    He whisked out of the room without another word, leaving the Englishwoman and the butler alone. The old man fidgeted in place, guilty for inviting her here without asking his young master. He chattered to Bea in Russian, deciphered along these lines: "I'll lead you to an empty room."
  4. Jacka**, I'll show you stupid She thought, her blood boiling as her face was starting to turn red.

    While no one was noticing, she mimicked his words in a nasal voice 'don't touch anything' knowing that she wouldn't listen and touch something. As she followed the old man, she looked at the decorations and gloomy paintings adoring the old walls. That master looked barely 30 and yet he was living in a world that looked like the ideal place for old people. That was accurate for sure since her own parents lived in a mansion similar to this one. Except everywhere one turned, their were portraits of family. If she had to admit, indeed she looked quite fine in many of them.

    The old man escorted her to her room which was equally as dark and gloomy. She groaned and flicked the light on. The old man whispered softly that dinner would be served at 7, or at least that's what Bea heard. By the looks of this place, proper manners and correct behavior would be required. What a nuisance, just when she thought she would be getting away from home, she was dragged right back in. Looking through the closets she found surprisingly many stylish paris outfits. As her fingers drifted further along the rack, she stood speechless at the amount of lingerie. Gagging, she erased the thoughts that dared enter. Forgetting the closet she pulled something from her own suitcase which was a long sweater and dark blue skinny jeans.

    Spending about half an hour showering and smelling the soaps, she felt refreshed noticing that she would have to go to dinner.

    Walking out of the room, she forgot how she arrived. Wanting to bang her head on the wall she looked for familiar references Coming across a long railing of stairs she found herself in the library. No maids were seen so she continued to wander for another 5 minutes until the old man appeared, shaking his head. Did everyone think she was stupid?

    Unhappily following him, they arrived at the dinning table where he was already seated. She didn't even speak to him, annoyed at his own cocky attitude. Despite her realization that she was indeed, a hypocrite too.
  5. It was a childish act to pout in general, but when a grown man does it, it becomes ten times more funny to see his sulking face. Nikolai looked everywhere in the room except the young woman who's name who he'd yet to find out. He stared down at his food while chewing in a slightly awkward silence. The only times he would look up is when a creak resounded from the old floorboards.

    The butler would come by every once in a great while, refilling their wine glasses with either water or whatever specific drink asked for.

    Once dinner was finished, Nikolai retreated from the dinner table faster than fleeing from an angry one night stand.

    He left the woman to find her own way back to her room. The butler would help the slow-witted woman anyway, or so he'd like to think. Nikolai went into his master suite to relax for a while, but then an idea popped into that oh-so twisted head of his.

    All women are alike, right? So they should be repulsed by the same things. The thing he would do may or may not backfire, but he hadn't had fun in quite a while. The man stripped down into his birthday suit and left the room without a care. It was his house, and that stupid Englishwoman would have to respect the rules he would mostly likely make up on the spot.

    Due to the manor's immense size, it took quite a while to find the shared bathroom. At anytime someone could have spotted him roaming the halls with nothing on but a ridiculous smile.

    Nikolai filled up the claw-foot bathtub with some hot water and overloaded the pouring water with bubbles. Such a womanly thing to do, but he couldn't resist the temptations of bubbly, rose-smelling water.

    The male proceeded sank into the bathtub with a satisfied look adorned to his face.
  6. What a jerk. Looking around many of the maids and even the butler was resisting the urge of laughter as a smile was painted on everyone lips except hers. Screwing the idea of going back to her room, she quietly stalked him without a sound. Trying to hide and blend into the walls as the darkness provided as another coat of protection.

    By the looks of things, he was apparently going to somewhere private but she followed anyways. From the scent of roses and soaps, she had a good idea where. She felt like a perv. Taking a peek around the corner, her whole face turned a bright shade of red. He was stripping and she dared follow after him. If her brothers found out, she would be dead. But they weren't around to tell her 'shoo'.

    Nothing ever worked out for Bea, nothing. Just as she was going to leave she saw a huge dog turning the corner. And being quite the girl, she let out a small scream running inside as a bemused expression was painted on his face. A mocking smirk that seemed to say 'I knew you were going to follow.' Bea angrily pulled her middle finger at him, attempting to turn around.

    He whispered "I knew you were stupid, English woman. You should be afraid, no? " his Russian accent coating the words so smoothly.

    "Oh shut up, there's a huge dog outside and I'm not leaving, not leaving until it goes away." She said her eyes closed as her back was faced the other way. She sat on the floor just inches away from the bathtub.

    "You should leave scaredy cat." His tone smug.

    "Shut up you a-" Turning around she found her mouth touching his and she turned the other way quickly. Her cheeks feverish pink. It felt like she was going to die right there as she managed to fall. Laying on the floor with utter shame. Punching the ground with her fist, she silently sobbed.
  7. The way she reacted, Nikolai couldn't help but deny the fact that she was like an adorable child. However, it wasn't enough for him to peel off that hard ass exterior. "Oh," he spoke, the corner of mouth twitching into a smile, "is someone a virgin?"

    The man couldn't help but be a bit shocked by the way she reacted to that: her eyes widened considerably as she tried to take a quick shot to the side of his head. Luckily, he was quick enough to duck underwater to spare himself from potential brain damage. Nikolai popped his head out of the water in time to catch Bea reopening the door and slamming it once more as the dog attempted to possibly use her leg as a chew toy.

    He shook his head in amusement, sending water droplets flying around the room. Truth was, he was laughing on the inside, but she would never have to know that. Nikolai shot out his hand and grabbed Bea tightly by her right wrist. He placed a sly smirk onto his face as he spoke to her in heavy Russian. She wouldn't know what it meant, which made it all the more hilarious. Without much of a warning, well a warning in English, Nikolai pulled her into the bathtub.

    "You can help me wash my back, da?" He joked as she rose from the bubble-y mess like some sort of swamp monster. He was definitely asking to be socked in the face now, but teasing this woman was too much fun. Her seething expression almost made him reconsider his terrible decision. "Y-you!" She screamed at him, attempting to stand. The bottom of the tub was too slick to stand, and so Bea just fell back once again. Water was all over the bathroom by now; puddled on the floors, streaked across the walls, and dripping off the ceiling.

    "Pfft---" Nikolai covered his mouth with his hand before laughter slipped out. He skimmed over Bea's soppy form before raising an eyebrow. "Nice bra." The water had turned her clothes see-through, and everything she was clad in was now betraying her innocence while practically screaming "LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!"
  8. Flustered and beyond annoyed. She attempted to get out as his grip. Hearing the words "virgin" she grew inflated with burning anger. Her hands curling up into fists she wanted to punch him across the face so badly but with those provoking words, she decided against something else. After all, he said virgin and she wasn't going to stand for that. She knew it was a stupid move to pull but she didn't care.

    "Yeah me virgin? If I was a virgin would I do this?" And she wrapped her arms around his neck unwillingly as her lips were against his. French kissing. Please, she could kiss like no tomorrow but really she saved her kisses for those she liked. Currently she was proving this jerk that he was wrong. Every second that passed by, made her puke. The water soaked her completely. Honestly, thank god it was private. She could already imagine her father and oldest brother. They would hold up guns to Nikolai and kill him in a heartbeat.

    Finally parting she flicked him in the forehead. "Who's the virgin now?" her tongue sticking out at him childishly She realized her see through clothes but ignoring it. She attempted to get out of the bathtub while grabbing one of the closest towels to dry off her now long blond locks that dripped with water. Even when wet she was quite pretty. Shivering a little she sat on one of the chairs afraid of the dog outside. Scared? Very. She didn't want to be in a room with him but she had no other choice. She curled into a little ball as the water dripped off of her. She sighed, getting more tired by the second. Her eyelids drooped a little. She was going to sleep but she forced herself not to. With the little consciousness she had left, she kept silent.
  9. Nikolai was not too pleased, nope, not at all. This woman was another liar. The way she hesitated to meet their lips, and the way she held her body back from his; she didn't like touching him, not at all. If anyone could read women, it was Nikolai. He wasn't new to these things. Often, women would come to him just for a night of lust; they would react the same way Bea had to touching him, drawn back and proving a point.

    After some deep thoughts, Nikolai drained the bathtub. He climbed out and wrapped a towel around his waist. He even decided to spare his servants a cleaning job and wiped down the bathroom for them. Once that was all done and said, the male took a few extra towels and attempted to dry Bea believing she was asleep at the moment. He didn't need her getting a cold and spreading her stupid Englishwoman germs around. He contemplated on leaving her on the floor like that, but even he as a Russian wasn't that cruel.

    Nikolai scooped his arms under her neck and the back of her knees and carried her bridal style out of the bathroom. He attempted to be nonchalant about carrying a wet woman out of a bathroom while being half-naked himself, but the way everyone stopped to stare at him put him on the edge. Even the dog had a 'wtf' face. Nikolai's dog, once realizing that the soaking wet mess in his arms was a woman, began to growl again. Who knew dogs could get jealous?

    Once he successfully reached Bea's room, he literally threw her onto the bed and left without another word. He walked all the way back across his manor to get to his room with many maids gawking at him as they bustled around late in the evening.

    "Well, that didn't work." He spoke to himself in Russian. Nikolai's butler came around, questioning his fowl mood. "Oh nothing, but I have a favor to ask you. Please find the woman's family name. The girl who we're letting stay here." The servant nodded, and the two of them conversed more before Nikolai dismissed him so he could sleep.
  10. Waking up in the morning she realized how soaked she had been and quickly took a shower, wearing something much less see through in case another water incident occurred. Happy in her cotton black cardigan and ultra dark skinny jeans and brown boots, she left her room. As she arrived to breakfast, many of the servants were staring at both her and Nikolai. It felt akaward as they seemed to smile approvingly at her while she had no idea what she did. Not until a few seconds later did she realize, how the hell did she get back into her room... She didn't say anything until breakfast was over.

    "By the way, I still haven't gotten to introduce myself. The name is Beatrice Fontaine. Daughter of Lord Arthur and Lady Bridgette. And assuming that you got me into my room yesterday, thank you" She said softly while pushing back her soft blond curls noticing the steely exterior in his eyes. His coldest self right now was quite surprisingly scary. Biting her lips she felt the blood seep out onto her lips.

    "Uh, are you alright?" As she said while following after him when he suddenly turned and cornered her into a wall. Her eyes widened. She found her heartbeat thumping at a quicker rate by the second. Seeing him like this would probably lead to ... unpredictable events. Her own sea green eyes found them being drown out by his dark brown - black eyes, looking so intense. Before she knew it, she found herself kissing him yet again. This time, it was the betrayal of her own body. The sensation of his lips on hers were so different, another feeling she never experienced. Turning around, her whole body radiated heat. She wanted to bang her head on anything hard. She was such an idiot. Really, where the hell did she get this trait from?

    Embarrassed she murmured "Sorry, me being stupid... again..." her comment implied with humor.
  11. He too, was surprised at her action, but even more so when he found himself kissing back in such a sweeter way than he was used to. Nikolai contemplated the severeness of his actions while watching a flustered Bea try to avoid his gaze after initiating something over her head. The male was basking in the sugary moment for a few moments. He quickly snapped his mind back around reality, however, and a rather cruel though flicked into his brain. The woman still deserved payback for what she had done yesterday evening. Besides, one does not simply kiss the Nikolai Romanov. He's supposed to kiss them.

    "Oh, so it was a joke?" He pierced through her vibrant eyes with such a cold look that it could freeze boiling water on the spot. His eyes held a wicked storm, but it covered up the true feelings he held: confusion. His mind was in a whirlwind of thoughts-- he couldn't even think straight. Nikolai turned his back to the woman and walked away before he pounced and took her then and there. Such a delicate flower, he refused to defile her purity. Otherwise, he would never forgive himself for doing something she didn't want.

    After much sighing and brooding, Nikolai sat down in his office with the butler plastered to his side like usual. "Sir, I have what you asked for." The young master took the papers in one hand while being handed coffee in the other. He thanked his servant and skimmed the reports on Beatrice Fontaine without much interest until he got to the lower portion of the second page. Nikolai was certain that if he had been drinking his coffee at the moment, he'd most definitely be choking on it.

    "So...that's why Fontaine sounded so familiar... God damn." Nikolai covered his face with the palm of his hands, and started laughing at how stupid he was. That idiotic woman dared to be from nobility; the prestigious Fontaine family no less. She hadn't been after his money, nor did she seem like the type to use his body. But seeing as how people like them have arranged marriages, there had to be some reason she flung herself into Russia the first moment she could take. He wasn't too thrilled with imagining Bea with some other man, it knotted his stomach into jealousy, but there was no way in hell he would allow her to stay here anymore.

    Nikolai placed the half-drunk coffee on a coaster and exited the room to hunt down said woman. Once he found her, respectably in her room, he entered the room with one small knock; he didn't even wait for an answer.

    "Ms. Fontaine, it's time for you to go back to England."
  12. "What?" She said speechless. Was this because of something she did, something she said? No she was just starting enjoy it here in Russia and she was not going back to England for a long while. Not for a long long while. This was originally a vacation but with the money she had, she would postpone her trip for as long as it took her.

    "Fucking hell no, you are not making me go back to the world of frivolous ball parties with a nagging father introducing me to boring assed men and my mother trying to coax me into enjoying society tea parties. I'm just damn glad that they haven't arranged any marriage yet. I'm not giving them that opportunity NO. I came here for freedom and you're damn not kicking me out." She said as her words began to shake, tears welling up in her eyes. Not now she thought to herself.

    But she couldn't help it as she somehow ended up in the arms of Nikolai as soft sobs continued down her cheeks. "Don't make me go..." She knew it was a risky and desperate move to pull but honestly, she didn't care. With this taste of freedom and now ending up here, she was ready to explore and live a life of adventure. Plus the previous moment where he had kissed her, it was sweeter than any kiss she had ever tasted. From behind him she noticed many of the servants glancing in the crack of the door until they realized she was staring and they went on with their lives.

    "It's too late to get rid of me anyways" She said jokingly, standing on her tipy - toes for another kiss, "you like me, so keep me around" soft laughter following that sentence. She knew she wasn't wrong. Bea never liked being wrong and in her mind, she was always right. No matter what.
  13. What Nikolai hated more than liars was making women cry. He felt terrible when the salty tears streamed down their face, and even worse when he knew it was his fault they were crying. The first time he made someone cry to the point of where her body was shaking was Nikolai's mother right before her death.

    Nikolai's heart was struck with great guilt as Bea attempted to wipe her tears with her sleeve. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he whispered repeatedly in his native tongue while stroking her hair.

    He finally calmed down when she did too. It was quite surprising to her that he didn't need to distribute solace to her himself. That was just another quality that would get him more attached he was beginning to sink in whatever emotion he was feeling, and it would suffocate him eventually.

    Nikolai smiled at her kiss, and returned it with his own on her temple. "I... like you? I think it's more like me being affectionate for a kitten." He was, of course, teasing her once again. He noticed stares poking into the back of his neck, causing his hair to stand up. Nikolai turned around for half a split-second to shoot his nosy servants a glare.

    Unfortunately for Beatrice, she was living in a naive bliss. There was no way her parents would accept her living with a strange Russian man so far away from home. He lightly explained this to her, and how she should leave them some sort of message so they wouldn't file for a kidnapping. "Even if your family does accept you living here, which they probably won't, I refuse to let you freeload off me." If anyone was cheap, it was Nikolai. He would probably force Bea into a maid costume and make her clean at the least...hah.

    "And whatever you do, make sure your family doesn't hunt me down."I hear the Fontaine family has violent tendencies. Or at least the children of the household. Nikolai gave Beatrice a small smile as he rose from her bed. He leaned down and stroked her hair behind her ear before giving her a kiss on the head. "At least talk to them, okay? They're your family after all, don't take them for granted."
  14. "Alright I will ... don't worry, they won't dare do anything. I'm the princess of the household." She said with a smile, wiping the last of the tears away from her face. She watched as he left and she fell on the bed, screaming into the pillow from joy. Finally she was free and a hot Russian man, that was a bonus. Grabbing the phone she muttered numbers to herself until she nodded satisfied with herself.

    See, it isn't easy talking to her family especially when it came to her father and Charlie. She could already hear him yelling when he heard her speak of a Russian man while her mother was softly calming him down. James was as smooth as usual with his monotone voice wishing her to have fun. Stephen was a cutie pie even when was 19. Charlie was the most talkative questioning her about everything while she chose her words carefully. She didn't dare mention any of the romantic incidents. As she was about to say good bye, Charlie dropped the bomb. They were all going to come and visit. Just to see if what she was true. She felt dread building up inside of her. It wouldn't be good but so long as her mother was there to even things out calmly, it would be ok. At least that's what she told herself.

    By the time it was lunch she presented the news sheepishly to Nikolai, a bit apologetic.

    "Please they're nothing to worry about. Like I've said, I can handle them. Just make sure you're the perfect gentleman and acceptance among my father and brother will be much easier."

    By the looks of his slightly paling face she playfully poked his cheeks.

    "Stop worrying, it'll be ok." Her green blue eyes staring back with genuine sincerity.
  15. It was lunch time the next day when Nikolai's house was raided by the Fontaine family. Damn private jet engines.

    If you're not convinved yet: You have Arthur kicking down his door with just his foot -for an old man he was pretty terrifying-, and then there's Charlie storming in, demanding to know if Nikolai's has "fucked his sister" yet. The worst of it was Nikolai's dog coming out of nowhere and pouncing on Stephen, knocking him into James. The two of them went flying into a wall, causing a vase and a painting to fall at the same time. Nikolai slowly turned too look at Beatrice with a look of disbelief. "No way in Hell am I going down there." With a last fruitless attempt to escape, the Russian man turned to flee to his study. Bea caught on too quickly and pretty much grabbed the collar of his shirt and dragged him downstairs.

    Nikolai had come to terms with the fact that he was probably going to die. He moaned things such as 'goodbye cruel world' and 'farewell my love'. Bea shushed him and continued dragging him to his impending doom.

    Fortunately for Nikolai, his trusty servants were downstairs wooing the Fontaine family with their Russian accents and vodka. A particular maid even got Charlie to stop cursing, and that was surprising. The young master's every loyal butler led the family into the den, where a fire was burning and plenty of space to sit. The man himself straightened out his attitude before entering a room full of very important people. Bea poked her head around the corner first before getting the attention of the entire family. The way they all simultaneously blinked and turned their gaze towards Beatrice in sync unnerved Nikolai.

    He was pushed out into the spot light by the woman after she had gotten their attention. The male desperately tried to think of things other than 'I kissed your daughter' or 'she's already seen me naked.' Eventually, Nikolai settled on "welcome to my manor, please to meet you all." He may or may not have been coating on a heavier accent so they couldn't understand him. The less they understood, the less mistakes to be detected. After his classy introduction, Nikolai turned and left without so much of a glance towards any particular person. He took Bea by the hand and entered room once more with all eyes on him. He stood in front of Bridgette, the least scariest of them all (or at least she appeared that way), and handed her Bea's hand. "I think this is yours."
  16. "Motherrrr, please convince father to let me stay. I promise I haven't done anything and I've just begun exploring Russia. Please." She said pleading ignoring her now slightly drunk brother and her father who was ranting about sex or something.

    Patting down her daughter's hair she nodded and excused herself from the boys as they entered a private room together. Despite her age, her mother eagerly asked her what was going on with her relationship. Shyly Bea admitted to her mother that she was slowly develop a complicated unknown feeling that was really starting getting to her head. Her mother nodded knowingly, speaking about her relationship with her father started out as something unexpected which ended up turning into something like perfect bliss.

    "Please mother, talk some sense into the rest of the idiot heads, especially father." She said pleadingly while her mother nodded and agreeded with a knowing smile of where this would be going.

    So for the rest of the afternoon she spent time entertaining her family while Nikolai seemed amused and quite interested. Her father in the end started to slowly get along with Nikolai but it may have been due to the alcohol talking. Charlie on the other hand ended up slurring and muttering something about pretty red head. James sat their liesurly explaining Russian history while Stephen occupied himself with the dog. When the day was finally ending, her father absent mindley agreed to let her stay while her mother smiled escorting him away. James bid Nikolai good bye while Stephen cheerfully waved good night. Charlie instead had insisted on staying just to keep an eye on things for their mother and father.

    After showering and getting ready to sleep, Bea found herself wandering off into Nikolais room. A grin curved onto her face, her tone filled with happiness

    "I told you I could get my way, plus they really aren't all that scary. Just be careful around Charlie... he can be a nut job at times." She said softly.

    They ended up discussing random things from family to eating food. And then it turned into much more kissing. Bea was indeed starting to fall into this pit of feelings that she couldn't even understand. Refusing to go back to her room she pulled the sheets over herself and fell asleep.
  17. Nikolai had conflicted emotions at this stage. He was happy that Bea was able to stay at his manor, but on the other hand, he was worried she would end up leaving after she got annoyed with him --- they all did.

    As he awoke from his restless slumber, Nikolai groggily arose from the bed in a zombie-like manner. He had forgotten that Bea slept in his bed that night, and almost gave himself a heart-attack when his mind wandered to the wrong place. Thankfully, they both had their clothes on, or he would have punched himself in the face. Per usual, the young master drifted downstairs, still half-asleep, only to be greeted by Charlie, rightfully flirting with one of the middle-aged maids. Nikolai silently wound his way around the scene, and headed for the fridge instead. The lack of food only made his heart drop into his stomach. He merely muttered more words in Russian and went on his way, back around Charlie, and to his study.

    After the clock read well-past nine o'clock, Nikolai retreated back to his room. Bea was still asleep. He got changed into his usual clothing and left the manor without much of a notice. The man ran a business, he still had to work be it that there were guests at his house. The day, like most others, was boring as ever. But this time he looked forward to going home. As the day drew to a close, Nikolai couldn't help but get a nagging feeling in his chest-- as if his day was about to fall into an abyss.

    He was right. The moment Nikolai walked out from his work place, he was swarmed by journalists and cameras. Questions flew around his head about the woman residing at his estate. Even more staggering was the fact that these nosy people knew she was a Fontaine. Nikolai didn't respond to any questions, but he did give most of the people and cameras one of his frightening glares. The chauffeur, who usually awaited his arrival, was also being questioned about Bea, but being a non-Russian speaker, he clearly gave them a 'fuck off or I'll kill you' smile.

    Nikolai wasn't too concerned about the press knowing this, but he feared his 'playmates' would return to spite him and harass Bea while they were at it. The whole car-ride home, the young man sat in the back of the car chewing his lip. Hopefully, everything would be calm at the manor like it had been for the past few days.
  18. For the most part, Bea spent her time in the manor since the paparazzi in the outside world would be a hassle to deal with. And so, just one afternoon she was playing a game of checkers against Charlie. Being smarter, she was winning by two more kings. She grinned in triumph as Charlie muttered a few curses under his breath. He had constantly been annoying her with questions about her relationship with Nikolai which she had outright refused to answer. In truth, their relationship was along the lines of infatuation rather than serious love at the moment. Did it matter? Not too much. Bea was content and that was all she wanted to be for the time being. Sure maybe something more serious might be developing but as they said, 'live in the moment.'

    While beating her brother in the game of checkers she heard a loud racket from the hallways. Curiosity killing her she wandered outside to the hallway. A numerous amount of maids were seemingly trying to stop a woman from coming into to the door. Her pale complexion and dark black bob was cut in such a style of sleekness. Her eyes were the astounding replicated color of Nikolais. She noticed that the woman was screaming something in Russian to Nikolai who stared at her with such a cold demeanor that she herself got the chills. Walking into the scene, everything seemed to stop for a split second.

    "What's going on?" Bea asked softly.

    The woman utilized that moment to push away the maids from her and she angrily spat out something in Russian. Bea only managed to interpret the lines of 'So you're with another one? You ass, I thought we had something together. Was it all a game? You should know Nikolai, no matter what. I'll follow you until the end. Plus I doubt this stick thin barbie doll bimbo will last.' Ending the words with a sharp glare.

    Bea clenched her fists as she grew hot. Calming herself down she replied coolly in Russian, "As Americans say, fuck you bitch. You're uglier than a pig. And you reek of desperate."

    The woman gasped and her hand was about to fly across, hitting contact with Beas cheek. However she stopped midway in motion. Bea turned to see Charlie looking more pissed than ever. Even more pissed compared to the times he was drunk. Menacingly, he spat something out in broken Russian, "Hit my sister and I'll cut your throat."

    And at that moment, Bea snickered as she caught the woman making googly eyes towards Charlie. Yup, even though she was his sister, he could be quit the god of hotness.
  19. Nikolai was thankful that Charlie interfered with this annoying bitch. He himself was about to slap her wrist away, but Bea's brother was quicker to snap. The Russian man didn't fail to notice that the woman's eyes practically undressed Charlie. She did it with every handsome man, and thus, that was the reason why Nikolai had tried to drop her sorry ass back into the street corner where she came from.

    He calmed himself down before retaliating her words back into her face with a stoic look, "you were the one who decided to leave first, however, I'm glad you did. I saved you from your pitiful self when you came crawling to me begging for warmth and money. I was too blind to realize you're a gold digging, attention-sucking, immature child. Now leave my property or I'll get a restraining order, got it? And don't even think about coming back here." Apparently, his words were enough to make the woman snap back into reality and cry. He wasn't sure if they were crocodile tears or real ones, but as stated, Nikolai could help but guilty at causing a woman to cry. "My butler will escort you out."

    Nikolai grazed over Charlie and Bea's faces with a cold stare before whisking away to his study. He couldn't help but feel irritated at everyone. Anger and utter annoyance lurked in his mind as he tried to rid painful thoughts of all the women he'd ever 'helped'. They would surely come crawling back for a brief time in the limelight. They would end up leeching off of the publicity, too, and fill the press with bad comments about him. All women were like that. Jealousy painted across their faces wasn't something knew to Nikolai, but it was rather a hassle to get any of them to leave him alone. They always, always wanted something. That's how the female variety works, or so he thought.

    It would take a while to get them to all leave, but Nikolai would do it without complaining. An ounce of weakness and the demonic women would pounce, ripping his perfect mask to shreds. The rest of the night- no, week -was a complete blur. Numerous amounts of angry phone calls and awkward visits would pretty much sum up his experience. Nikolai really didn't have time to meet with Bea either, and she was probably getting annoyed with him. Going back to England would probably be the best thing for her as now, but even after witnessing all the women who came back to haunt Nikolai (one even through a rock at his head) she remained where she was. Charlie was probably comforting her through all this though, and for that, Nikolai was thankful.

    Once again, it was the weekend, and Nikolai was finally free from work. It was dusk, and the sun was beginning to set when there was a knock on his door. He clenched his jaw when he heard screaming outside; his butler and a familiar womanly voice. However when the male trudged down to the front door to chase yet another female off, the person who it was came to quite a shock.

    She was a breath-taking woman, thin but rather short. Her hair rolled in black waves down her back while her eyes were narrowed into a permanent glare. Unlike Nikolai's they were a steely gray color. She was a bit tanner than he, but they had similar facial structures.

    "Brother, tell this old man to get his rotten hands off me! Do I look like one of his whores?!" The said woman proceeded to whack the poor old man with her purse as she screamed at him in Russian. Nikolai's demeanor changed from angry to 'why, God, why?' within a matter of milliseconds. "What are you doing here Vera?" He attempted to close the door in her face. Unfortunately for him, she was quick to burst into his home before he could shut her out.

    "Where is this stupid Englishwoman, I wish to meet her at once."
  20. Just as she was drinking a cup of tea while watching her brother play one of his silly video games, another loud ramble shook her from her seat. Rushing out this time with Charlie by her side she ran right into another woman. However this time, Bea could already witness the frightening similarities. By her face structure and features, she had to be related to Nikolai. And by the looks of Nikolai's face, he was scared or at least quiet, different from the days before. Probably a sister, at least that's what Bea let herself assume. By the looks of things, she was a powerful woman. One to be reckoned with. Though still in her mind, her own father could probably act upon much scarier moments than this.

    She quietly murmured a hello as her eyes followed the woman's gaze. She circled around her for a few seconds muttering something under her breath. For a moment, Bea felt self conscious and afraid. She hated being judged and by the looks of what the woman was doing, she was being judged. Finally the woman stopped and spoke something in terrible speed that Bea couldn't understand at all. She glanced over to her brother who had begun staring at the woman. Bea rolled her eyes, he could be such a terrible flirt sometimes.

    Finding her voice, she willed her lips to speak on her own. A little shaky she tried to speak the best Russian she could.

    "Um, hello. I'm Beatrice Fontaine, nice to meet you..." Regretting the words she spoke since the woman probably knew who she was from the latest news in the papers.

    Bea looked hesitantly and stood their paralyzed. She felt like a deer caught in headlights. She glanced quickly at Nikolai who seemed frozen in space. She had no idea what to do next, or at least what to say...