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  1. You know you like my word play TLC (Tobias, Lilly &Chase) XD

    First things first: rooming arrangements!
    *And because Tobias is a nice guy and this might stir up a little trouble the therapist is invited to live in the house :D it's also supposed to be good for the kids.

    Attic bedroom: Kenneth R. Anderson
    *he has half the attic to himself the other half will be for therapy sessions
    ** if we get any more staff they will be sharing the attic's living space
    *** there is a full bathroom up there (tub, shower and the works)

    Ground floor:
    Master bedroom: Tobias and Chase Eaton.
    *incase anyone cares they have separate beds and this is only until we get another boy Chase's age or he stops being afraid of the dark... Whichever comes first

    Second floor:
    Room 1: Shae Winston & Lilly Eaton
    Room 2: Ben Vinna & Lorenzo Blackthorn
    Room three: Jonathan Lee & Magnus Blackthorn
    Room 4:open
    *There is another full bath for all the kids to share
    *I will periodically open signups for new orphans because new kids come to orphanages all the time but this is not necessarily a jump in rp you have to sign up and create a character sheet here within specific time frames selected by me:

    Second order of business: House Rules !
    Rule 1: Do not leave the house without an adult. Out in the yard is fine but no walking down the street alone.
    Rule 2: Pets are allowed but must be approved by Tobias and must be taken care of by the children. If the adoptive parent allows it whoever brought the pet in the house may take it with them when/if they leave
    Rule 3: if you have eaten or drank the last of something in the fridge or pantry please write it down on the whiteboard/grocery list SO WE HAVE AN EXCUSE TO LEAVE THE HOUSE and cause some trouble ;)
    Rule 4: if you make a mess clean it up. If you break something talk to Tobias or Ken or other future staff.... And other boring house rules like no running in the hall and use your indoor voice

    Third order of business: Field Trips!
    Because I try to be a fun person and Tobias has the money to do it. so if anyone has any field trip ideas just give me a haller and I'll add it to the list
    So far I have:
    Disney world
    Universal studios
    Six flags
    The beach
    *Ken and future staff are invited to join and help watch the kids

    One last thing...
    CELLPHONES FOR EVERYONE paid for by Tobias :) your welcome. Yes even the staff if that floats your boat.

    And staff salary is basically a free room, food & spending money when we go out

    And the children get spending money as well

    And now for the moment you've all been waiting for... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!
    *drum rolls across the floor*
    The start of the role-play!

    Tobias stood in font of his five new orphans preparing to make his welcome speech. He had his brother and sister standing with him, Lilly under his arm and Chase clinging to his leg being shy. He also had Ken standing nearby for his introduction. He cleared his throat to get everyone's attention and began.

    "Welcome to Eaton House. I know y'all are gonna want to explore and settle in so I'm not gonna keep ya' here long. I'd just like to give you a rundown of the place.

    "My name is Tobias Eaton and I'm the master of this house. If you have any questions or concerns please don't be afraid to talk to me about it. You can call me Mr. Eaton, Tobias, Toby, Hey You... It doesn't matter I'll answer to almost anything. I teach self-defense lessons every morning in my study for anyone who's interested and if you need me you can usually find me there.

    "These two here are my brother and sister, Chase and Lilly. If your ever feeling down in the dumps Chase would be the man to see and for anything you're too nervous to tell me you can talk to Lilly and together we can fix whatever it is that's bothering you. Lilly and I do most of the cooking but you are all welcome to help out.

    "My Friend Mr. Anderson here will your therapist. You can tell him absolutely anything and he won't tell a soul. If your ever looking for him the attic is a good place to start.

    "your rooms will be on the second floor and I'll give you your room assignments in just a minute. Here on the ground floor is the kitchen, dining and living areas. Please help yourself to whatever's in the kitchen and the tv is free for everyone to use. We have a game room in the basement with all the latest game stations and pool and ping-pong tables.

    "if you don't already have your own clothes or personal items Lilly and I are hosting a shopping trip tomorrow after breakfast to get you everything you'll need. Please come with us so we don't have to guess at sizes for you."

    "now for your rooms, Shae you'll be rooming with Lilly in the first room, Ben with Lorenzo in the second and Jonathan and Magnus in the third room. And...." here Tobias paused to think of anything he might have forgotten but found nothing in his cluttered mind "yep I'm done. You're free to explore."


    Lilly having been forced to stand by her brothers during that not so well given speech in her mind quickly waved to her new roommate and only other girl in the house. She turned quickly ducking out from under Tobias' arm and made a B-line for her room whipping the pleasant look from her face the moment her back was turned. Don't misunderstand her she loved to help the orphans but she would rather not share her room with someone who was ultimately going to leave her behind when they moved out. She hated it when she's made a bond with someone and then they up and leave and don't even send a postcard.


    Lorenzo and Magnus both blanched when they heard that they wouldn't be staying in the same room. They had shared everything with each other since they could both remember through the good times and the bad... Mostly the bad.

    Hand in hand they broke away from the group to check out their rooms and then the rest of the house. They didn't have any bags or personal effects so unpacking wasn't necessary.
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  2. Shae glances to the girl who waved at her. She didn't bother waving back. Shae was a girl who's face never changed, she always held a blank look or a pissed off look. Today she chose to look pissed. Turning, she wandered away from the group and the house while everyone was moving.

    Deciding to get a lay of the land, she made her way toward the end of the block and stopped, looking around. She knew she couldn't run away, she would have no place to go and since she couldn't finish school she'd end up working the same "job" she had before.

    Rolling her eyes and adjusting he knitted black hat, she glances back to the house. Just as she was getting ready to reluctantly leave, she heard a pathetic meow of a kitten. Looking down, she saw a scraggly little kitten with a smooshed in face and matted fur bundled up under a newspaper. It was cute in a stupid kind of way. Bending over, she picked it up. The kitten tried bitting and scratching Shae but it hardly had teeth and it's claws felt like nothing.

    Shae sighs, hating how the cute, ugly little beast had already seemed to wormed it's way into her black little heart. She carefully sets the kitten in her sweater pocket and walks back. Halfway there the kitten finally shut up and relaxed, making it easy for Shae to stroll into the house without alarming people of the kitten. She didn't have any bags since she went from the hospital to the orphanage so she headed straight for the bathroom.

    Closing and locking the door, Shae started the sink on warm water and took the kitten out. She dug around till she found old pet shampoo left behind by a previous kid and some scissors. She cut the fur that was matted and stuck the ugly kitten in the sink to wash it. Once clean of dirt, the long haired kitten had gray fur instead of brownish black. It looked semi cute by now. She signed and dried the kitten off.
  3. Once the talk was over, Ben left the group and went to find his room. He was staying with some kid called Lorenzo, so he assumed that he would be seeing him soon. He opened the door and glanced in, it was empty. He sighed and turned on the light and closed the door behind him. He threw his bag on one of the beds, it didn't hold much, just a change of clothes and some toiletries. He reached into the side of the bag and took out his pack of cigarettes. He stuffed them into his pocket and walked out.

    He glanced down the hall before heading towards the bathroom. He tried to open the door but found it locked. He sighed and ran fingers through his hair. He shrugged and then walked to the backyard, He had no real desire to do the whole 'meet and greet' with the others, so he simply sat down in the grass at the furthest point of the yard and lit one of the cigarettes. He inhaled deeply before blowing out slowly.
  4. Olivia heard everyone talking and she knew what they were saying for the most part. Her hazel eyes watch Tobias' mouth trying to understand everything he says... When everyone began to leave she just sat in the corner by herself looking at her scuffed shoes and tugging at her dress... She looks down hiding the scars on her face since she had not yet gotten used to them... She was embarrassed


    Scarlett pops the him in her mouth as she leans against the wall, blonde hair in a messy braid on her shoulder. She had snipped the shirt she was given so it showed her mid section and her showers were ripped extra short. She tugs at her sleeves and pouts softly . Why was she here? Where was her master?
  5. Magnus and Lorenzo took turns checking out the other's room together starting with magnus' room and finishing with Lorenzo's. by the time they got into Lorenzo's room ben's bag had already been left on one of the beds making it obvious which bed would end up being the one Lorenzo slept in.

    once they had seen their rooms the pair went to check out the basement. they had practically grown up in a basment but the one they lived in didnt have all these weird devices. together they poked and prodded at the game consoles and controlers wondering what they were used for


    Lilly sat on her bed for a few minutes waiting for her new roommate to come check it out. eventually she got bored and stood on her bed to add more pictures of future tattoos, places she wanted to see and actors that she liked. aside from the pin board she also had work-in-progress drawlings and paintings on the walls of her side of the room. they were mostly of nature scenes but there were some of cartoon people who have come and gone from her live, other orphans who have already been adopted


    Tobias noticed first the small girl he reconized as olivia, from his stack of files given to him about this group of kids and he floated over in her direction taking an unwittingly following Chase with him. when tobias got close to the girl he crouched down to her level a short didtance away not sure how she would react to strange men and wanting to give her some distance incase she felt uneasy. he did however gently push Chase in her direction and introduced him. "hi olivia" he said kindly "this is Chase, hes 7. how old are you?" at the mention of his name Chase blushed a little and smiled sweetly shifting from foot to foot. the boy thought Olivia was cute despite the scares and he knew better that to ask right away about them so he held that question in for later but he did say "hi" to the girl
  6. Olivia looks up at him, her scarred face revealed in the light. Her hazel eyes look over this strange new man and she looks at his mouth when he talks. When he pushes the other child forward her eyes flick over, she could hear but very poorly.. " I'm 8... I think" her voice is quiet, unused to speaking. She looks at chase and gives him a cautious smile and waves. She never had a friend before and she didn't know how to respond and act

    Scarlett grew bored and began wandering the house not caring about rules. She stopped when she found the backyard and saw a boy her age. He was thin and nervous and ... She had never seen that, a nervous man. Everyone in her life was rough and slimey and confident. She found herself just looking at him from the hallway
  7. "Chase here can show you around and help you out here." Tobias said mouthing his words clearly noticing how the girl watched him. he would have to take a look at her file again for any disabilities, it just seemed a little off to him. he pushed Chase a little closer still and then stood up to let talk to eachother.

    Chase smiled at the girl and held his hand out to her the picture of confidence. "do you want to play?" he asked softly, kindly. "i have some action figures in my room that we can play with,"
  8. Ben could feel someone staring at him so he turned around quickly. He held the cigarette behind his back but once he saw that it was another teen, he took another drag of it. He raised a hand and waved slightly. He thought that her name was Scarlett, though she looked kinda trashy to him. He shrugged to himself and blew out the smoke. He then rubbed his hand on his jeans before putting it in his pocket.
  9. She watches carefully glad he had slowed down. She didn't know what playing was or what action figures were " I... I don't know. I never played before" she looks at chase and blushes shyly, she was never around kids her age before and consequently she was bashful.


    Scarlett smiles seeing his cigarette, a rebel. She leans against the wall and looks up at the sky. It was funny how she never felt imprisoned in her sex room but here... She felt suffocated by the walls and fences and these clothes? They itched on her skin... She had not worn clothing in years. " hey" her voice was husky, blue eyes looking over at him.
  10. Ben smiled back at her "Hey" He said and took another drag. He walked over to the wall that she was at and dropped the cigarette, crushing it with his foot. He looked up to the sky and then back at her. He took the pack out of his pocket and offered one to her. Ben was just glad that she wasn't one of those do gooders, one that would run off to the leader as soon as he had turned around with the cigarette.
  11. Chase stared for a moment in slight disbelief. a kid who's never played? well he was going to have to fix that. he gently grabbed on to olivia's hand and just as gently pulled her along with him to the room that he and tobias shared. "ill show you how." he said turning his face away from her mid sentence to see where he was going, not knowing she had hearing issues
  12. Ken Was Also huddled In the corner of the stage, while the Handsome drop dead gorges Tobias gave his fantastic speech. When the attic was mentioned and waved to the small Crowed of Kids with a Smile. This was going to be nice. Now that he could Live her every other week, He could attend even more to the Children. He loved his Job, and always strives to do his best. He had always had a rather Little Crush On Tobias, the fact that he could live her on and Off now and see Him more, did no harm either. He grinned as The speech was soon Done. He Wanted to Meet the Kids but He knew he needed to get things arranged for all His new Patients.

    He Gave Tobias a little shy wave, before walking down the stairs, In that attempt he miss one of the three stairs on their little stage and face planted. His eyes went wide as he cuaght himself in a push-up position. Blushing madly. He always got rather fiddle was Tobias was so close to him. it had always been Like this. God This was terrible. He quickly got up and rushed up to his safe base In the Attic. Looking around , He knew by now he must have made a few Luagh...though its not the intro he wanted to show the newbies.
  13. Scarlett takes the cigarette and pulls out her own lighter smiling up at him as she lit it. She was not new to smoking although it was not her drug of choice " I'm Scarlett. What are you in for?" She felt very much like this orphanage was just some glamorous cage she was sent to for some form of twisted punishment


    She caught most of it and offers chase a small smile as he tugs her away to his bedroom. She stays behind him not too sure of where she should go and merely blushes at chase. She was much more comfortable with her books then with this human interaction
  14. Once Shae finished cleaning the fugly little beast, she put it back in her pocket and exited the bathroom. Shae, despite being a bitch, was a rather thin and frail looking girl. All the clothes she wore looked baggy on her especially today. From wardrobe, which were clothes police brought that were the least dirty, she as wearing guys dark jeans and a guys sweater zipped half way up. The only female clothes she had was the black tank top that showed under the sweater.

    She strolls out, not caring she nearly took up a half an hour in the bathroom, and finds her room. She glances to Lily and walks in. Shae opens her mouth to introduce herself but paused and turned her head slightly. She looked as if she were listening to someone, yet no one as there. Shae closed her mouth instantly and backed out of the room. Turning, she walked down the hall and slipped past Ben and Scarlett. Walking into the back yard, she took her pain medication that the doctor perscribbed her before she left out of her pocket and chucked it. The bottle soared out of sight and Shae sighed.

    She knew why she threw it, of course. The voices told her. She heard voices giving her orders every now and then and the only way to silence then was to do what they said. Today, they told her to shut up, don't make eyecontact, and throw the pill bottle. They said she deserve to feel the pain, and quite frankly Shae didn't give a shit. She just wanted them gone, so she did as she was told. Shae looked down, the kittens fugly little head popping out her pocket and meowing.
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  15. After the big boss around the house, whose name turned out to be Tobias, had finished his little speech, Jonathan frowned slightly. He didn't want to share a room with some stranger. He felt bad enough as it was, just standing in a room with strange people but to sleep in a same room with someone who wasn't David? There was no telling what the other boy might do while it was dark outside. No way in hell, he was not gonna do that.

    Not wanting to be around the others in the slightest, the mohawked teen wandered off to the living room. Snatching the remote and grouching down in front of the TV, Jonathan pressed a couple of buttons before he got it on and started shuffling through the channels. He had never watched much TV as David hadn't bothered to steal those for him too often even if he dared to ask. Besides, they were always left behind when they moved since they were kind of heavy to carry around.

    Moving away from the screen, Jonathan hopped onto the couch and brought his legs up, hugging them. Resting his chin on his knees, the young male sighed while staring at the screen, not really watching the program that was on. These people were suspicious, what did they want from him anyway? They were definitely up to something and he didn't want to stay around to find out what that was. Though he didn't really have much of a choice at the moment, there was nowhere for him to go.
  16. "I'm Ben, in for not eating and then fainting during gym. Then they found out that i was being abused so i was shipped off here." He said with a slight shrug. "You?" He asked, not really caring but he felt like it was right thing to do. He felt a girl rush past them and raised an eyebrow as his eyes followed her to see her throw something away. It wasn't his place to ask what she was doing but he could ask if she wanted to join them. "Hey, girl, wanna join us over here?" He yelled over to her, raising the cigarette box
  17. Shae stiffened at the sound of a person and lightly pushes the kitten back in her pocket. She turned, her head raised and looks at the two quietly. Her eyes rested on the cigarette box, feeling her old craving for nicotine sink in. Reluctantly, Shae walked over to the two kids and plucked a cigarette out of the box. "Can I borrow a lighter?" Shae's voice was rather.. Awkward. It seemed stiff and she spoke as if she had somewhere better to be. She didn't, of course. She just didn't want to be friendly. She knew from experience it was far better to be feared than loved. Love brought pain and sadness, fear brought respect and space.

    She rested a hand in her pocket and wiggles her thumb around so the kitten would have something else to do than meow. She was right, the tiny beast tried to bite and catch the moving thumb which of course made her pocket move around but she figured they'd think it was her hand messing with a ball or something.
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  18. Ben watched her come over. "Can I borrow a lighter?" Ben nodded and handed it to her, but not before lighting another one for himself. He took a deep breath of it. This girl looked ordinary enough, though anyone with eyes could tell that she had been through hell in the past. "So what's your name? I'm Ben and this is Scarlett" He said motioning to Scarlett. He watched her do something with her hand in her pocket but didn't question it.
  19. She stuck the cigarette in between her teeth as took the lighter. Lighting the cigarette, she breathed it in deeply, enjoying the feeling of the smoke filling her before she breathed it out an glances to both of them with cold eyes. Lifting her chin, she tossed her hair back before she answered in her bitchy voice. "I'm Shae Winston." She stood a little straighter, as if the name was something to be proud of. It wasn't, of course, but she still wanted to be a bitch and do it any way, handing back the lighter.
  20. Scarlett blinks at his question and she looks down. Her mother sold her to a child molester and he taped her... But she didn't want to say all of that. Instead she shrugs " I... They arrested my owner and put me here" she wasn't sure what she would say if he questioned her further. She had not really thought all of that through
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