Eat your veggies

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  1. I decided to create this on a whim, because that's why all threads in general chat are made


    This had nothing to do with my whim

    Anyways, love em? Hate em? In-between? What vegetables do you like to eat and put in dishes?

    Me, I love onions, onions are the shit, I especially love them sauteed on burgers, or in asian food.
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  2. I ate an entire fresh sweet onion right from our schools agricultural field in geography class my sophomore year in school. Like an apple. Sitting beside a fan that blew into the room.

    Teacher thought it was hilarious and made everyone stay despite watering eyes and constant whining. It was a really really good onion!

    Love veggies with a few exceptions. Mostly in the squash family.
  3. This post made me look down at the raw onion I was eating and question my life choices.

    Thank you for advocating my questionable vegetable-consuming habits.
  4. This post made me look down at the raw onion I was eating and question my life choices.

    Thank you for advocating my questionable vegetable-consuming habits.
  5. YOU'RE WELCOME *thumbs up*
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  6. I love them. I was going to say I don't like olives, but then I remembered its a fruit. Well, I'm not really a fan of cooked carrots, I guess. They don't seem to have flavor.

    Broccoli and green beans are the bomb.
  7. Garlic, broccoli...and even tho tomatoes, avocado and sweet bell peppers are fruit, they will always be half breeds in my stomach.

    Corn is gross to me. Texture...seeing it in your poop, taste...seeing it in your poop.
  8. My favourite vegetable is, hands down, asparagus. King of the veggies right there.

    I don't really dislike any, though... except endive. Does it count? Whatever it is, it should not be food.
  9. Couldn't tell you, I have no idea what endive is

    As for peppers and some other things mentioned, technically fruit, but as far as I'm concerned, they're vegetables, they don't taste like fruit, or what I consider fruit, that's for sure
  10. Butternut squash is the shizz, right? My favourites are butternut squash, cauliflower, red onions and gherkins :D
  11. The exceptions to my love of veggies are squash. Though it was a childhood dislike, so maybe grabbing a recipe for some might be in order!

    Any suggestions?
  12. I'd have to ask around, but my auntie has a recipe for some quite sweet yet spicy butternut squash soup with some sort of cream garnish :D
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  13. Butternut Squash?
  14. No, Margerinenut squash. Butternut squash is so tasty :D
  15. My post in particular was not directed at you specifically, but more of a 'wth is butternut squash'
  16. I want to like vegetables but I'm addicted to the taste of sugar and processed snacks.

    I mean I still eat my l'il serving now and then, but usually, vegetables are very... blah. I like corn, carrots, peas with regular meals, hate most greens... (if they're all apparently part of the same species it's no wonder I friggen hate 'em).



    I'm not sure if I love that stuff just because I decided to (I hated strawberries until I decided to like them lol) or what, but that shit is amazing. Cook it in buttery and it tastes buttery. Cook it with garlic and it gets garlicy. And not in the way every other food does. Cauliflower just absorbs that shit. It turns into the stuff you cook it in and that's amazing!

    Broccoli is okay with me too by acquaintance.
  17. How.
  18. Cauliflower cheese is the best :D
  19. Yaaaaassss ^^
  20. Uhh I like: broccoli, cauliflower (both of these are great with cheese), lettuce in a garden salad (with vinaigrette, I don't like mayo that's just gross), mushrooms, onions, tomatoes (I'm picky about this hmm).

    Carrots are ok.

    Asparagus is ok.

    Corn is ok.

    I hate bitter gourd or ampalaya, I can't stand the bitter taste. The slippery texture spinach sometimes gets turns my stomach. I also don't really like cabbage.
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