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I generally like a little bit of everything, but my favorite would be Romance and Drama.
:heart:Hello There!:heart:
So, here I am again, looking for roleplay partners and decided to put some more thought into my thread and just to try to make it look pretty.
Now, before you go on and head over to the plots and cravings under all this, please, check out my rules. Thanksies!

:earth:My Rules:earth:

  1. I only roleplay on Discord. That's just how it is, but I don't mind going over to Google Hangouts, or something. However, Discord is still my preffered platform to roleplay on, as I can keep everything nice, neat and organised.
  2. Please, have good grammar and put some actual thought into your replies. My english isn't perfect either, but I try and when we roleplay on Discord and I know damn well, that Discord has spellcheck, yet you still f up. That's just.. no bueno, my dude.
  3. Don't control my character, if you want something to go this, or that way, tell me and we can discuss it and write in a way, so you won't have to touch my babies.
  4. Talk to me. Seriously, if you have any problem, can't be online, you're going away for a while, or anything just tell me. I won't be mad, everyone has their own lives outside of the internet , but I will be annoyed when I see you online and you just never tell me what's going on and slowly ghost me.
  5. I reply fairly fast, since I am spending my summer break at home with nothing more than Norwegian lessons and cooking. So you can really count on me replying right away and to be on for every day, but if you're a busy adult, have a job and responsibilities and such I can settle for a few replies every week.
    :candyheart:My Plots:candyheart:

  • I prefer to play female characters more, but I don't mind playing male either, as well as I am pretty much open to any pairing, let it me mxm, fxf, mxf....

    • So Artsy - Muse A is a shy person, they never were too talkitive, being the silent artist they've always been. As their mother is an art professor, Muse A has been granted to join in on an after school course to prepare themselves for this art college. So of course, Muse A is excited and a little scatter minded, poor Muse A gets a little lost and arrives late to the course, but still manages to meet Muse B. An artsy and slightly innocent lovestory, which would include drama, as artists are dramatic little beasts. (Trust me, I go to an art school)

    • Puppy Love - When a little girl runs off into the woods and a werewolf tribe decide to take her in, a number of things can go wrong. However, this time they didn't. Life was good for Muse A, until the pack she was with was called over by another pack to settle some business. The poor girl had to attend too and there she finally met the alpha on the other pack, feeling bound to him.

    • So Foreign - Muse A's father has sadly passed away a few years ago. Her mother was devastated, but Muse A thinks it's still too soon, even after two years, for her to start dating... Especially a foreign man. Soon enough, Muse A is forced to move with her mother, leaving her whole life behind, her friends and crushes, only to move to Korea. Muse A sulks for a while and is cold to people who try to approach her, what more, most people don't even think she speaks korean, but when Muse B, a classmate, decides to tease her and maybe pushes it too far Muse A gets some unwanted attention.

    • That's a Dino A'ight - Since I love the Jurassic Park/World movies and as the game just came out, I'm all hype again. So, I've been thinking... What if the scientists were given a free hand and what if they decided to, dare I say, experiment some more. Maybe one of them decided to try out human DNA with some dino DNA and that's how everything would start.

    • The Vampire King - I am bringing back this older plot, basically it's set in medieval times and the vampire king one day breaks down a king's door, asking for one of his daughters' hand in marriage, or he'll slaughter his whole kingdom. The king agrees and gives away one of his daughters basically.

    • A strange plot in the Hobbit/LOTR universe - Basically, the plot would be about a human girl who was left in front of a hobbit couple's door when she was a baby. The couple took her in and ever since then she's been living in the village, but one day some strange people arrive and she is delighted to see that they are taller than her and finally she isn't the odd one out.

    • Swear to God the Devil Made Me do it (The Front Bottoms) - A song inspired plot, which would revolve around a guy, who is a bit of a nerdy loser in a small town and keeps getting playfully bullied in highschool, in which he's had a bit of an 'incident' involving some lies and such. Now, our man lives alone with his mom who keeps buying lottery tickets and such. So, over all his life is pretty dull, until one day a strange girl shows up.

    • Ancient Rome/Greece - Basically, I don't have this entirely fleshed out, but basically anything playing out in ancient Rome or Greece.

    • Female knight x Emperor - Quite self explanatory, as this is the story of a hopeful orphaned girl who was left to die as a baby, simply because she was born with hair white as the snow. Luckily, the chief at the royal guards took pity and took her in. Years and years of training, the girl was really enthusiastic about it and not to mention how seriously she took her job. Her dream being one of the royal body guards, it all seemed to come true when it was announced that one of them was reitiring. And thus, the young lady became one of the higher ups, being a personal body guard to the seemingly spoiled rotten emperor.

    • The German officer and the Polish girl - A plot set during the duration of WW2, a not entirely fleshed out prompt of how a German officer would fall for a Polish girl.

    • Office Romance - A seemingly meek and goody two shoes girl in your office, who is still fairly young sparks attention. She never talks back and just goes with the flow, really doing her job good. One day, after work though you spot the girl with some shady figures. As you follow them, you soon find out her dark secret.

    • I like my men like I like my whiskey - A plot about a young lady, who after having her heart broken drops everything, kicks out her fiancé, well.. ex-fiancé and leaves to Scotland for some odd reason. There, she moves into a small town, buying an old run down little apartment above a pub. Mind you, this is a city girl who is completely broken. So, there she is and decides to try her luck just living here. What might happen to her is debatable.

    • Vikings and Bears - One faithful day, an all dirty and bloodied up young girl runs into a settlement where vikings and their people are. After passing out, they hold a meeting to decide what to do with the girl. Finally, the chief decides to take her in. Their relationship flourishes after that as well as they discover, that the girl is strangely friends with a bear.

    • The Emperor's New Girl - It's not easy to lead an empire, it's never been easy and it's not meant to be easy. You know this very well. After your father's death, you took over and raised the stakes as well as improving the state of your land and the lives of your people. Even so, one day while going out to let out some steam, you notice a quite big mouthed young lady with strange, almost white hair. Interested, you stop to listen to her problems. Amused, you decide to take her in. The palace was getting boring anyway.

    • The Perfect Girl - (Another one with an emperor) You are the emperor and there is a certain tradition in your land. Ah, yes, the one where the emperor choses girls from the common folk to hopefully find a worthy queen. This has been around for centuries now, and now that you're on the throne and after years of experience, you finally decide that it is time. Scouting through the towns, you discover a strange girl. A girl with the hair of gods. (I am not sure in this one, but still)
    • Wild Folks - Out on the country side in a humble lil' farm, a gal works hard every day. The city being around two hours away from her home, one day while being on her way back home, she stumbles upon a pretty roughened up outlaw. Not being too sure what to do, she decides to take him home and hopefuly try to figure out what happened.

  • If any of these interest you, feel free to hit me up and send me a PM and I will give you all the details.

    • Soulmates
    • Roommates
    • Arranged marriage
    • A hitman and his target
    • A hitman and his co-worker
    • A not too likely affair between a married man and his new intern
    • Unlikely couples like a deliquent and a honour student/ a gangster/drug dealer and a goody two shoes
    • A killer and a detective
    • Body thieves
    • Bullies
    • Anything mafia themed, literally
    • Anything inspired by the songs from the album Talon of The Hawk by the Front Bottoms.
    :bouncy:Fandoms/Things that tickle my fancy!:bouncy:
  • Detroit:Become Human (Game)
  • Jo Nesbo books
  • Paradise Kiss (This is like one of the few animes that I loved and I would love a ParaKiss inspired RP)
  • The Strain (TV Show/Comic Book)
  • Criminal Minds (TV show)
  • Autophobia (Webcomic)
  • Sunshine Boys Leftovers (Webcomic)
  • Long exposure (Webcomic)
  • Curious Case of the Ring brothers (webomic)
  • Hades' Holiday (Webcomic)
  • Welcome To Night Vale (Uh... It's a book now, but I suppose it's a super cool creepy podcast?)
  • They Say I Was Born The King's Daughter (Webcomic + Novel)
  • Curse of the Eel (Webcomic)
  • Erma (Webcomic)
  • Himawari Share (Webcomic)
  • Coarse Hands (Webcomic)
  • Les Normaux (Webcomic)
  • Jurassic World/Park (Movies+Game)
  • The Godfather (Book+Movie)
  • Literally any story based in the 80s, because damn boy.
  • Heathers (The movie+ musical, not the shitty reboot)
  • Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit (Still fairly new to it, but I really like the universe it's set in and the characters and such)
  • Mass Effect (I'm still playing around with the first one,bear with me.)
  • Bright (Movie)
  • Altered Carbon (TV Show)
So, yeah, this would be it. I will likely add more things, but so far this is all I've got. I'm open to any drama filled ideas, so if you have any, feel free to hit me up!

**A little update now that I am 18! I am willing to play smut, if that's your jam. I am fine with dark topics and I'm more than willing to try out more serious roleplays.**
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Added some more stuff!
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Still looking!
Still open!
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Stilllll looking and open to ideas
:O JURASSIC WORLD?!!! Haha! YES!! I have read some of Long Exposure too, Detroit:Become Human, and some Hamilton. *cough* I'd love to rp with you!!!
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Still open!!
Still looking and more open than ever!
( ´ ▽ ` )ノ All this seen so interesting! Specially
those Mafia related , boss & intern, arrange marriag plots! Tho, I'm also interested in that bully and detective stuff... Ah, anyway! currently
I only have two characters ;7;)9 If you find them suitable enough message me maybe ahhh djsjsj

Yun & Mayu
Still open o:
Still open owo
Hey! I have a suggestion for a roleplay if you are interested. It is a plot in which my character Harker Quinn, a villain gone hero, falls for the daughter of one of the villains. If you would like to discuss this further or help build a broader plot line as well as roleplay you can send me a private message if you would like.
Hey! I have a suggestion for a roleplay if you are interested. It is a plot in which my character Harker Quinn, a villain gone hero, falls for the daughter of one of the villains. If you would like to discuss this further or help build a broader plot line as well as roleplay you can send me a private message if you would like.
I mean... that just sounds like the male version of Harley Quinn, sorry I don't think I'd be up for that :/