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  1. That's right, kiddos! This is a marching band rp! So grab your reeds, drum pads, and dot books, because this is going to be a long road to championships.

    East Salem High School – North Carolina
    Home of the Dragons
    School Colors: Red, gold and [BCOLOR=#ffffff]black[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Marching Show: unannounced[/BCOLOR]

    Marching Dragons

    Sections (open)

    2 Drum Majors *1 slot left
    Colorguard (1 soloist)
    Percussion: front ensemble and battery *Front Ensemble section leader position remaining
    Woodwinds: saxophone, clarinet, flute, piccolo
    Brass: Trumpet, tuba, mellophone, baritone
    1 section leader per section

    This RP has the use of NPCs. Basically characters that no one in particular plays, but they are there for the sake of story. If you wish to add another npc, just create a bio for them and we'll see what we can work out.

    NPCs (open)

    Band Director: Jeff McSanders (Sanders) – Somewhat uptight, but a dry sense of humor. He tends to prefer the students be tidy and is always asking them to pick up after themselves and DO NOT EAT IN THE BANDROOM. In terms of what he is planning for the show, he tends to be secretive. Other than that, he doesn’t really care for the drama that goes on between the students and will only intervene when their membership in the band is jeopardized. He is nice when he needs to be, otherwise he is quiet and to himself. He can’t handle students crying very well, however. He doesn't know how to handle it and always ends up treating them like a baby.

    Assistant Director: Michel Keller (Keller) – Super laidback and will talk to students about almost anything. He likes to gossip about what’s going on with the students in terms of drama and will more often be found coaching the brass instruments. He absolutely will not talk to any of the students about his love life or the fact that Maddie swears she has seen him on a dinner date with a young man… more than once.

    Front Ensemble Tech: Maddison Jenkins (Maddie) – Super giggly and had a merciless love for pudding. She just graduated from college and sometimes you can find her working downtown at the Starbucks. She adores gossip, but pretends she doesn’t because she has this thing that she says a lot “I need to act professional”, even though she doesn’t at all.

    Battery Percussion Tech: Miguel Bengali (Mic) – Probably the chillest dude you’ll meet in the band. He doesn’t really care for drama or gossip, but he loves to play cards. He’s not supposed to gamble, but no one tells Sanders about what he does or doesn’t do.

    Winds Tech: Joseph Borne (Joe) – One of the most uptight people you will meet in terms of being punctual and at every single practice, volunteer opportunity, and fundraiser. This man lives, breathes, and bleeds band. He is really funny and cool otherwise, but if you have a sore throat, you’d be better off going to Keller.

    Just to give us an idea on what the characters are up against and the amount of pressure on them, here is a schedule. Please use this to your advantage.

    Band Schedule (open)

    • 2 weeks before school starts
    • Monday-Friday
    • 8am-10pm
    • 1 hour lunch break at 12pm, 2 hour dinner break at 6pm
    • Each section decides their own break times
    • The first week of band camp is mostly sectionals. The second week is more of full band rehearsal. The whole band eats lunch and dinner at the same time.
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
    • 3pm-6pm
    • Salem Christmas parade
    • MLK parade

    • Every other Friday
    • 7pm-12am (usually just until the game ends)
    • BOA Southeastern Regional Championships, Atlanta GA
    • Pride of the Mountains Competition, Western Carolina University
    • TBA

    RP Rules (open)

    • Play nice, obviously, no G-modding, etc. Anyone reporting this should report it directly to me (Lady Chess)
    • Additional members need to be approved by me (npc or not)
    • Please don’t bring personal drama into the rp
    • Don’t let the staff catch you being romantic. As long as it’s gossip, they can’t interfere. If they find you in action, it won’t be good.
    • If you aren't sure how something works in a marching band, feel free to ask. We have veterans here as well as rookies alike, so don't get nervous or shut down.
    • You're allowed to curse, just not around the staff.

    Characters so far (open)

    - Battery Section Leader - Alice Marzinsky@LadyChess
    - Drum Major - Valentin C. Lockhart @REincarnate
    - Trumpet - Louis Smith @Freyja
    - Tuba @Basacura

    Pending Updates (open)

    We're planning on designing uniforms, the mascot, and getting pictures for our npcs. If you wish to assist us, just let me know. Just be aware that this info section may be changing quite a bit as we go on.

    *Things I've updated will have an asterisk by them.

    Sign up here.
  2. Early morning band camp was always the most surreal time of band camp. The smell of morning dew seemed to sting sleep deprived Alice's eyes in the bitter reminder that one should not, in fact, stay up until 2am the night prior to a 14 hour camp day. It was a cool morning, but the bright rays of the sun seemed to promise that the afternoon was going to be blistering indeed. Alice strolled up the sidewalk that led to the band room slowly, swinging her water jug so it made a cute swish sound as she went. As she entered, her nose was attacked by the scent of sunscreen and an overwhelming must of axe body spray causing her to causing her to cough and wave at her face in an attempt to actually inhale oxygen. When she had finally readjusted to this new environment, she promptly recognized a familiar face holed up in the corner behind a small mountain of backpacks and water jugs.

    "Ahoy, me matey," Alice shouted just loud enough so the girl could hear. Charlie jumped a little at Alice's greeting, obviously startled by the approach. "You ran out of the band room so quickly the other day I thought I'd never see you again. You acted like you had just turned in your letter of resignation. What's a band going to do without it's lady tuba, huh?" Alice chuckled at herself at Charlie's lack of a response. "I'm glad to see you back, kiddo."
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  3. It was like one of those Discovery Channel documentaries with the lions and the gazelles.

    A wild Alice noticed the timid Charlie, roaring in her direction. The domestic Charlie is too small and meek in voice to respond to the magnificent wild Alice, so a more suitable approach is needed in establishing dominance. She quickly grabs her tuba - a weapon that domestic Charlies have honed and mastered - and played notes at random.

    The wild Alice is seems taken aback. This method is super effective. Now distracted, the domesticated Charlie is given the opportunity to flee.

    As Charlie went to run, however, she tripped on her shoelaces. Classic, Charlie.
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  4. Valentin lifted his bags up and started walking through the camp.
    He looked around and let out a small sigh.
    He was pushed to join a marching band years ago, and now he was a major.
    Valentin chuckled to himself as he remembered when he told his parents he wanted to drum.
    This was not the drumming he thought of, but it all fixed itself when they bought him an actual drumkit 3 years ago for his birthday.

    He got to a cabin and opened the door, setting his bags down and sitting on the bed.
    This better be fun, because otherwise this was gonna be one long summer.
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  5. Louis was as calm and stoic as always as he entered the band room. His hope to be able to practise a bit alone was crushed as he saw the happy Alice and the uncomfortable snail lord before him. At first he was going to walk past the dramatic scene akin to a murder by the horrid expression on Charlie's face and her desperate attempt to flee, but feeling obligated to be friendly towards all members made him stop. Letting out a small sight he pulled the snail back to her feet with his free and murmured a small greeting at the two band members only to fall silent after that, that was his way of being friendly. Again, Louis turned into an early Greek statue like he always did, not out of hate, just because he didn't have any fucks to give. Yet for some reason people take it as a sign of thought and listening to people, making all the teachers say that he pays such good attention in class.
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  6. Alice burst out into a warm laughter at the entire scene. She already could tell this camp was going to be one for the yearbooks.

    She slung her arm around Charlie and gave her a sly grin, "That was a beautiful etude you wrote for me, kiddo. Sanders should make you a soloist." She chuckled and stretched her left arm out in front of group, like she was reaching for the stars, "Couldn't you just see it, Louis? We're playing a heartfelt ballad, warm chords, a slow beat, and then up on a platform is our very own lady tuba," she gave Charlie's shoulder a squeeze, " in front of a solo mic playing, what I believe, would be the very first tuba solo in marching history. We'd be famous." She turned her head to the side and gave Louis a wink, ignoring the fact that the Snail Lord had petrified to stone in the grasp of her right arm.
  7. Charlie needed to think fast to evade the situation.

    "I need to poop!" Alice's hand slid like grease off of Charlie's arm. Within moments Charlie made her great escape, tuba and all. Her feeble, lanky body flailed away as she fled across the field to her cabin. She burst through the door, huffing, panting, and wheezing in relief.

    Charlie's bliss quickly faded as she came to the ground-breaking discovery that she had, in fact, ran into the boy's cabin. Charlie's knees buckled in fear. Her eyes gazed the battle field, attempting to locate possible enemies. After a minute or so of scouting with no one in sight, Charlie crept back quietly to the front door.

    Horror slapped her on the butt as she saw the front door knob turn and jimmy. Calm and cool were two words that were no where to be found within Charlie's lexicon, so she did the only thing she knew how to. She hid behind her tuba.
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  8. Valentin stared at the tuba for a while, thinking of how to approach.
    He often would describe himself as creepy, he didn't want that.. wait.. he was staring..
    Good one.. He quickly looked down "uhm, it's okay.. I'm not going to hurt you or anything."

    He flashed a gentle smile and looked back up "you can just.. chill.. behind your tuba.. in my cabin.. because.. yolo?"
    This wasn't going the way he planned, but he was trying his hardest.
    Social activity wasn't his forte.
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  9. Charlie could feel her spaghetti dinner coming back up through her esophagus. A boy was talking to her. A lad. The opposite of a female. She peaked around the tuba, thinking that maybe it was all a mistake, like some lady with deep voice syndrome had also unknowingly waltz right into the Boy Zone.

    She blinked once.


    Nope. It was a boy.

    He was friendly enough, however. It was almost as though he was being nice. Proper precaution was called for in situations like this. Charlie tucked her tuba safely behind her back, shielding it from whatever treacherous attack the male humanoid might have been up to. Her back straightened and her brows furrowed intensely. She searched for the right words to test his trustworthiness. Finally she found the perfect way to gauge his likability. She made an offer no real human could refuse.

    "Do you want to get pancakes with me?" Smooth McGroove.
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  10. Valentin's eyes narrowed "wait.. me? You want to get pancakes with me?"
    He jumped up and clapped "yes! Let's go! Come on! The pancakes are awaiting!"

    He quickly grabbed his jacket and threw it on, as he opened the door he looked at her.
    She was still just standing there, as if she couldn't feel the excitement.
    He chuckled "come ooohoooon, pancakes!"
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  11. Charlie felt all kinds of numb. From her jaw to her toes, a warm, milky sensation filled every ounce and pore of her body. If he wasn't human, then he was playing a very convincing role. While the rational side of Charlie told her to be careful, the hungry side of her really wanted to get pancakes. Needless to say, her more primitive desires got the best of her.

    "Pancakes..." she muttered, as though hypnotized by their alluring call. She smiled and waved at the boy.

    "My name is Charlie."
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  12. Valentin smiled "I'm Valentin, nice to meet you."
    He took her hand and dragged her along "we don't have all day! They're calling us! They want to get in our tummies!" He yelled excited.
    This whole communication thing went quite well.
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  13. Disappointed at her failed attempt of humor with Charlie, Alice crossed her arms over her chest and posed with her hip sassily out to the side. With a deep sigh, she pulled a Vic Firth drumstick out of the mallet bag she keep around her waist and twirled it in her hand. "It's just you and me, trumpet boy," Alice pouted, staring off into the direction Charlie escaped. "So how about it then? Wanna go get some bacon, Luey-ole-boy?" Alice looked up at him with her pose of ultimate sass still in tact, "We've still got an hour until morning PT."
  14. Louis shrugged "Why not?", he calmly said and remembered he didn't eat much this morning. "Add some egg's with that bacon and I'm in" He kinda hoped everyone would eat together so, Louis could avoid social interaction. Unless someone was going to run into here and steal a trumpet, it was fine to leave the case here.

    ooc: Sorry, for being late and crappy. Unofficial test week.
  15. "You got it, dude," Alice mimicked the old television sitcom Full House, but at Louis' lack of a reaction she wondered if the reference was lost on him. Maybe he did but was just being his own statuesque self? Alice couldn't tell, so she just pretended that it didn't happen and turned to walk towards the mess hall.

    "Man, I hope we get show music this week," Alice said as they walked, "I mean, they haven't even announced the show yet, but I don't want this to be another band camp where we just work on technique all week that would completely throw off my groove." She looked back and smiled at Louis again after her Emperor's New Groove reference, but that smile faded after it went once again unreacted to. She looked back forward and slowed to meet Louis' pace so that they were walking side by side. "So, Luey, I know I'm not supposed to ask, but what are you still doing here? Aren't you tired of high school?" Alice said to him in a more hushed tone than usual, "I mean, why do you keep coming back? Do you really want a trumpet solo that badly? At this point you could just join a drum corp or go to college." She thought about it for a second, "Well, maybe with your gpa a college band would be difficult to swing, but I would imagine any drum corp would throw themselves at a kid like you."
  16. Louis nodded now and then, remaining unshaken by Alice's humour. He agreed on wanting to play music and not just study theory, even if he did not say so out loud. His head seemed to be in the same high cloud as always, but for once his mouth moved. The statue spoke! Louis' kept his calm and stoic expression, but the fact that he spoke was a miracle on it's self. At first he paused his movement and thought for a moment, but then he spoke on a clear tone and answered all question one for one. "I failed my exam. Of course I am tired of high school, but I cannot make a living with only music, so I need to get an education. Since, I am doing this year again, why can I not join the band again?" , for a second his lips curled up and he smiled, even laughed a bit as he laughed at one of her questions. "Me? A solo? You should know I am not a spot-light person.".
    His plain expression returned concerning her last question. "There is no job to be held in the music industry. I love playing my trumpet, but a hobby cannot be my job". Louis scraped his throat and went back to his original statue posture and glanced away from Alice.
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