INTEREST CHECK East and West (Sci-fi RP)

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  1. Hello! I've another Sci-fi idea and well, I've many ideas in my head that wants to get out but anyway, this is one of them.

    There has been another world war and it ended that the earth seperated into two parts (not literally) and make the west side of earth and the east side. There is a big magnetic invisible wall that seperates the two different worlds from each others and the people from the West hates them in East and the East hates them in West even though they've never met but rumors are easily spread by anyone.

    A normal family under the world war, a woman is in the middle of giving birth of two twins (if it's a boy and boy, girl and girl or boy and girl can we decide later depending on what sex you want to be). Later on some soldiers takes one of the twins and also the father or the mother (again we'll have to decide that) and seperates the family. One twin in East and the other twin in West.

    Years has passed and the twins have never met before since they where only babies then but one day when they are x years old they meet each other by some accident and gets to know each others and gets quickly close friends. But since one is from East and the other from West it's not very likeable that they are with each other buuut no one knows that yet untill someone discovers one of them being from the other side.

    Things happens and gets difficult for the twins and soon their fear grows to hate and starts to go on each other and seperates again. Meanwhile the most riches highest men are discusting about their problems in each sides and that they need each others suplies and more but since the other side thinks that they don't have enough for the others they starts to argue and the questions still hangs in the air, soon it goes too far and they decide to start another war.

    The other war starts and the East side are going against the West and the twins are finally meeting again in the battlefield against each other when they thought that their goodbyes from before was the last ones.