Earth's scattered soul.

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  1. It was a shimmering day. The sky was highlighted with a beautiful glowing blue as tiny white crested birds flew across the streaming fluffy clouds that were strung across the sky. It seemed like the Earth was no longer at threat, things just seemed so...peaceful.
    Along the winding marble paths, that led from many directions and connected into one, sat an almost marvellous shimmering silver gate. It stood tall, blocking the outside world from its searing fantasy that it held with in.
    From it poured hundreds of students, passing; in and out using some sort of ID pass that they had gotten only days before...
    Except one idiot, who was stood lingering beside a glistening marble water fountain launching bits of paper and food wrappers out of a black rucksack, that he lent on the fountains edge.
    "Shit" the foul language that rolled off the young man'a tongue was loud and frustrated as he scrabbled through the tatty rucksack once more.

    Finally looking defeated, the boy followed a passing bird over the gates before finally gazing relentlessly at the the silver gates. He suddenly flinched, focusing his sight onto the gates card scanning system and at the people passing through...
    "Maybe, I could just"
    Out of no where the boy made a run for it! Dodging almost every passing being he could see, his eyes set on the silver gates.
    Panting, he slung himself between a gang of girls, who looked towards him as if he had just decided to stomp on a helpless kitten. "Don't mind me!" He beamed awkwardly towards the glaring females, one by one they scanned their ID's into the machine and with a low pitched beep of recognition the gate slid open for applicable being to be let through. Quickly grabbing one girls shoulders, once the gate had slid open, who was now freaking the hell out. The boy leapt through the gate.
    And finally with a victory punch to the air and a slap to the face from irritated girl, he was finally there.
    Heavenly-Corps Academy!
  2. "What the hell are you doing jerk" the girl growled at him and kept him there still. "I haven't seen you around here, but so far you're not on my good side..." She let go of him angry and crossed her arms expecting an answer form him. Information to be exact as she glared at him. The bell from the top of the building rang signaling that class was in session. She huffed at the boy and said" Class is in session...I'll be back but you better tell me who you are and have a good answer by the time i get back" she walked off to her class up the hall
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