Earth's scattered soul.

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  1. Humans have made vast improvements in technology throughout the years of human existence on Earth, but now they must take it to the next level.
    Gehenna's presence has finally awakened and with the lack of resources for demons to sustain life in their own world they seek Earth's nurturing to keep their 'precious' lives.
    You see, demons feed mainly off the negative emotions of living things. This is done by draining ones life force and leaving them for dead.
    Now, humanity must up their game to defeat these evil entities from ruining their precious Earth and it's life training, as we all typically know it, demon hunters.
    The scene being set in the year 2067 at an academy named, Heavenly-Corps Academy. Here you will train to be the best demon slayer you can be!
    First of all you must understand the basis of demons that we have taken into out accord;
    Demons use living bodies to form their own and it is pretty easy to pick them out from a crowd. Once draining the negative emotions from their first prey they instantly take on they form, but with major anatomy disfunctions and a very plain colour palet (mostly greys, blacks and whites. With purple eyes) they 'level up' the more they drain.
    Demons are always famished.

    Level 1: these demons are hardly any threat. However, they do travel in numbers so no matter how brainless these guys can be be careful!

    Level 2: considerably travel in 2s or 3s depending on size, these guys have slight intelligence. All beginner hunters must seek hiding if one is sighted.

    Level 3: travel in 2s these guys are probably worst nuisances out of them all, as these guys breed to create our 'level 4' demons. They contain average intelligence and all beginner hunters must stay far away from any of these (seek shelter when one is in sight and call for backup)

    Level 4: these demons are of high intelligence. Luckily they unable to breed. Only high ranking hunters can deal with these.

    Level 5: unknown, it is thought that they are corrupt demon souls that form with new born humans. Not much is known about these. (You must ask to be one of these as they are of human form and can hide who they are or may not know it yet. Only a certain amount of these guys are allowed, they have abnormal pulse rates that enhances their speed and strength slightly)

    Secondly students must obtain a 'soul weapon'
    These are special weapons that can be activated telepathically and used in battle, they can only kill demons. (Things like this include a simple sword to a machine gun. You must ask if you have anything more interesting in mind for weapons, we won't all have dull weapons hopefully, haha)
    They are given through doing numerous amounts of tests by a machine that reads your souls life force.

    Finally, missions. Each member of the academy will be able to take of a mission once a month depend on their skill level. Like a skill level of 1 candidate can only take on level one demons, level 5s can take on any (You must work to the levels) All students must form teams of 2 or more this also affects the mission you are on as the bigger the team the bigger the mission.

    1. Keep the role playing sensible. Relationships are allowed we just don't want anything explicit.
    2.NO GOD MODDING! For the love if God, no. Let everyone have a fair chance.
    3. Please don't write one boring sentence. Make sure it's descriptive and at least 3 sentences long.
    4. Try when spelling "dun talk lyk dis m8"
    5. Have fun!:3

    Character form:
    Soul weapon: (feel free to pitch ideas)
    (Don't forget to ask about level 5 demons, however we will only be accepting a few and they have to keep it a secret from the other characters, not all)
    Don't be afraid to ask any questions!
    *This was written on my phone so I apologise for any mistakes and bad editing.*
  2. Name: Akuma Tamashi

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: ): Short messy spiked hair; black with white tips. pale skin, bright blue eyes, slightly pointed ears(two cartilage rings in each), sharp teeth, 5’9” height, grey shirt, bottoms are black, shoes are white (with black heals)

    Personality: Somewhat cold. Likes to act 'emotionless' really he is just too awkward.

    Soul weapon: Death scythe

    Other: level 5 demon, unaware (because I can ;3)
  3. Character form: human
    Name: Sheimi Tenshi
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: brown blonde hair, blue eyes, black and white school uniform on mostly and butterfly hair clip
    Personality: strong although week at times, caring but like tomboy.
    Soul weapon: (feel free to pitch ideas) holy bracelets (gold, two on each arm) that can summon holy spirits to aid her
    Other: um. Ducks. Loads of those buggers. ( I donno what to put here xD)
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