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  1. All of the earth's defenses are gone. Your so called Avengers were spread out and terminated. Those Guardians of the Galaxy were blown up in their ship on their way to another planet. All the people that could have saved this planet were eliminated. The Darkness is coming to end all life in every universe, starting with Earth. There is one thing that the earth had made naturally to defend the earth a long time ago. The 4 natural elements that any normal people can make. Fire, Water, Air, and Earth will be the Earth's last hope.

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  2. Braden was at the football field, pondering what that old seer had said
    You will be the savior of this world, but you cannot do this alone.
    He shakes his head, clearing the thought from his mind. He pulls out his lighter and lights it, to start a fire. He burns his hand in the process and drops the lighter in surprise, not from being burned, but the fact that his hand was on fire and he didn't FEEL it. He waves it around experimentally, but it stays as bright as ever. He laughs and touches his other hand to the flames, starting both of his hands on fire. He puts them together and the flames combine and rise to twice it's original size. He sees a training tackler, then closes his eyes and imagines shooting it with a fireball like off the movies. He opens his eyes and does exactly that, almost completely incinerating the dummy. He shakes his hands vigorously, and the flames go out. He sits back down by his campfire and knows what the old seer meant, like the knowledge just hit him in the face.
    Braden suddenly turns into a beacon of red light able to be seen from space. He falls back down to the ground again after about 5 seconds, but the beacon lasts for another hour, bathing the entire town in a red light. Braden picks up what little equipment he has and runs out of the field just in time, as police arrive on the spot.
    Braden knows where he needs to go now though, and sets out for Boulder, Colorado to find the second element.
  3. Adair - Boulder, Colorado

    After a long day of unloading boxes, Adair had finally helped her friend Josie move in. She had changed into a pair of running leggings and a hoodie and had left the apartment to go on a light run through the mountain trails near by.

    She had discovered this gem while waiting outside the apartment, listening to people walking by. Apparently there was a lake near by and, since the weather was a bit on the colder than usual, the area would be alone.

    Adair began her run and in no time she was off the actual trail and running into the woods. Ever since her strange accident by the lake in Texas, she had been drawn to any source of movie water, especially if the source was natural. "Here it is." Adair grinned as she slowed to a jog and basked in the beauty of the Colorado scenery. The lake was surrounded by snow capped mountains and trees that had begun to change colors.

    The young woman began to walk over to the shore of the lake and sighed as she let the calm feel of nature surround her.

    Glancing over her shoulders to make sure no one had followed her, Adair slowed to a halt at the edge of the water and knelt down. She dipped the tips of her fingers in and but her lip as she stood up and watched the tendrils of water rise with her. She had noticed the strange ability almost a week after her accident and had been testing her limits since then, but not telling anyone. Once she stood up straight, Adair raised her hands and stared with wide eyes as the water rose, in front of her, easily twice her height. Giggling a bit, she opened her hands and pretended to push away from her, her mouth gaping open as she watched a wave form and flow towards the center of the lake.
  4. Braden stops a few yards behind Adair as he started a small fire on the end of his fingers to light the piece of wood he had been chewing on (it's not a cigarette, he just likes the taste of burnt things), than he took it out from between his lips while his fingertips were still on fire and said
    Well great... the first element I find just happens to be water... MAGNIFICENT. I am sooo happy that I found my opposing element, no, Really! not. So what's your name, Water?
    He raises an eyebrow at the girl, and notes that she looks very athletic. Good, she'll be able to keep up with me when we travel to the next location.
  5. Adair - Boulder, Co.

    Adair had been lost in thought up until the voice of a man came up behind her. The young woman jumped up, startled, and the water immediately fell back into the lack with a low spa listing sound.

    She turned around to face the source of the sound. While she might have been caught off guard and surprised at first, now she was aware and ready for whatever this person was going to do.

    Not many feet ahead was a young man, probably around her age. Her eyes swept over him, making a quick assessment and they lingered on his burning fingertips, Adair's eyes widening. As the young man spoke, she looked up and crossed her arms over her chest. "Oh, please, don't hold back the sarcasm." Adair nearly rolled her eyes but she kept her manners for the time being. "My name is Adair. And who are you, flame boy?"

    The young woman took a step closer to the water as she spoke. She didn't know what this man wanted and if he were to be hostile, it wouldn't be pretty. She might have the ability to bend water, but getting burned was never appealing.
  6. Braden smiles at her slight attitude, but he decides to cut the small talk and get to the meat of the matter.
    Well, you won't believe me at first, but you have been "chosen" to help save the planet. My name is Braden, B-R-A-D-E-N, and you are right in the fact that I am the element of fire. I don't know how, but I can tell that you were saved by water at one point in your life. I won't need to show you what I'm talking about because it looks like you can already control the water. Would you allow me to show you why I came here? I was the first element because of a blind seer that also showed me the future. If you will allow me to, I will place my hand on your forehead and the information and images will harmlessly be transferred from me to you.
    He also noticed that she didn't run away when she saw his flames like other people did on his one month trek to this very cold place. Fortunately, cold did not affect him because of the natural flame in his body.
  7. Raising an eyebrow at the young man, Adair is slightly doubtful at first. "Chosen?" Why her? Surely there were others like her out in the world.

    Adair listened to Braden as he explained why he was here, trying to ease her doubts. Surely he couldn't be lying. Why else would he be here, in the middle of the woods. How else would he know where she was and how she became to have her ability. "Fine... You may show me..... But I'm not moving one step. You have to come over here." It was only after long thought and consideration that Adair chose to let Braden show her what he was talking about, but just in case he tried anything, she would have both of them standing near the water to put an end to his funny business.
  8. Very well than. Braden walks over to Adair and puts his hand on her forehead. Close your eyes and I will show you what I am talking about. When she closed her eyes, he closed his and the information started flowing between the two. There is a black mass the size of the sun that blots out the stars as it passes by the last known location. As the mass of darkness slowly passes by (slow in space is way fast on earth. The black mass is going 100 miles per hour.) and as it does, you see Pluto at the edge of the galaxy. The voice of the seer is heard at that point as he says The darkness will be arriving at earth in less than a year. You have half this amount of time to gather the rest of the elements.
    Braden breaks the connection as she knows everything he knows, and he tells her why she was chosen.
    You are not the only one to be saved by water or it's creatures, but you are the only one that has and knows how to use your powers. Do you accept this opportunity, or will the Earth be doomed because no one but you has this power and you refused to use it to help others?
  9. Adair watched as the young man walked over to her, her own eyes weary of any sudden movements he'd make.

    Once he'd gotten to her, she sighed and closed her eyes, gasping almost immediately after. The transfer of information between them was harmless, but still unnerving nonetheless. Although her eyes were closed, they darted from one side to the other as she watched in horror as the black mass moved closer to their solar system.

    Luckily, Braden broke the connection before she did. Adair's eyes were full of fear and wonder. A million questions ran through her mind as she stared at Braden but she pushed them aside and nodded. "I will go with you..... But know well that if this is a trick, the consequences will be dire." The young woman kept her tone cheerful and calm. She meant no harm to Braden, nor did she want to threaten him. Still, she needed to make sure that he knew his place and she knew hers. With a small smile, she gestured towards the woods in front of them, "Take the lead. A little hint, I suppose, there is news that a cave has... well.... caved in? Rumor has it people died.... Rumor also has it that there might be someone stuck inside." By now the two had began walking into the woods, the sun now nearly gone and darkness approaching. "If you're looking for another, I guess, element bender.... That sounds like a good place for the earthy, ground type. I mean, we are in Colorado..... The terrain fits."
  10. That is very good, but this is not where the cave in happened. The cave in happened just on the border of Colorado and Utah, and I know where on the border it happened. All we need to do is go there, so follow me. Braden starts walking, than stops, pulls out a slab of beef jerky, and breaks it in half and lights one half on fire. He sticks the burnt piece in his mouth and puts the other back in it's package. He starts walking, than turns and says I hope you are as athletic as you look. He looks ahead, but starts his feet on fire. He runs almost as fast as a truck when his feet are on fire, and every step he takes leaves a small fire that goes out after 10 more steps and leaves a black footprint of ashes on the floor. He turns one more time as the flames spread to his hips than stops, and says Try to keep up if you can. If you can't, just follow my footprints and I'll wait for you... or at least try to. He grins as he turns to run, and speeds off like a race car.
  11. "When I said Colorado, I didn't mean here." Adair muttered under her breath as she heard Braden speak. She hardly watched him as he played with his fire. Instead, her senses peaked and her attention was drawn to the bubbling of a near by stream.

    When Adair turned around, Braden was now far in front of her and gaining speed by the second. She rolled her eyes and made her way to the stream, grinning once she found it. "He sure does like to show off, doesn't he." As she spoke to the water, it rose and Adair stepped into it. The water covered her up until her waist and roared to life as she pressed forward, following the embers that flame boy left behind. With an endless water supply, Adair could now follow with ease and without being left behind.
  12. Chiana
    Emerald Lake; Hinsdale County, Colorado

    Through the forest the girl ran with great speed. Her platinum blonde, long hair soared in the breeze, bouncing with each obstacle in her path that was dodged. Eyes of crimson narrowed as she observed her surroundings. Her petite body carrying a small box darted around trees and bushes, jumped over logs, and evading any other hindrance before her. A huge smile covered her face, this was her utopia. She jumped up and cart-wheeled a few times before doing a back flip then purposefully falling on her back laughing and panting.

    She stared up through the trees at the sky that peaked through the leaves, some of which slowly fell to the ground with the gentle wind. One landed on her face which caused her to giggle. She took in the deep breath of the fresh air before sitting up and opening the lunch box her mom packed. She pulled out a sandwich and a small bag of bird seeds which she pour on the ground around her before she began to eat her meal surrounded by birds, like every other day spent in pretty much her second home.

    (wasn't quite sure what to do so here it is XD)
  13. Unbeknownst to the two, there, lurking in the darkness of a simple shadow, was but one of the countless children of the Darkness. It was naught but a red, bulbous, bleeding eyeball with a pair of batty wings black as the midnight sky, with vermiform tendrils wriggling behind it. The demonic creation blinked incessantly, surveying the vessels of both Fire and Water as they jettisoned out of the lake-view scene. As the two opposing elements disappeared into the distant lands in search for the third, the sentinel of the damned took flight. In all actuality, there were perhaps hundreds of these in all parts of the world, sent by the Vessel to search for his future adversaries: the Elements, agents of the Light. When the living oculus found the elemental wielders, all the other demonic watchers scattered all across the globe took flight. They soared forth towards the distant lands of Rapture Isles, somewhere between New Zealand and the Antarctic. Some were burned by the rising sun, but a hefty number of them returned to their dark lord, Damien Kriez, he who contains the Darkness within him.

    Back in the ruined remains of the city of Rapture Isles, there stood the Vessel atop a derelict skyscraper. T’was there, in the distance, that a murder of about fifty demonic oculi returned to their sovereign. They flew around Damien, being absorbed into his body via grotesque living black tendrils bursting bloodily forth from the paleness of his skin, as the Darkness assimilated its manifestations back into the Vessel. Everything the minions saw and surveyed came as a flood within the corners of Damien’s mind, seeing what they saw in the form of visions. “At long last...” he whispered, his cold breath escaping equally crisp lips. “They’re finally here.” he voiced, relieved after years of searching. Rapture Isles ruptured with fervour as the Vessel motioned his palm upward and, from the ground below, came a colossal, demonic, centipede-like wyrm - it was serpentine with its scales which oozed the viscous liquid of the Darkness, albeit it sported a dermal armour as coarse as bone. This black wyrm with eyes as crimson as lifeblood scaled atop the building where Damien stood with its hundred legs and, with one fell swoop, devoured its master.

    Inside the great devourer, there were demonic albeit biological birthing pods aplenty, growing foetuses of the diverse demonic ranks of the Darkness. Damien’s sentient transport, the great wyrm, then scurried down from the skyscraper, totalling the building in the process. It rammed through the remnants of the once great city of the isles towards the ocean, where it swam. Inside the moist, beating heart of this mighty child of Darkness, just across the enormous sacs of bile and corrosive acid and dark mystical energy, Damien awaited, as he set its course for the United States. “The Light will not be reborn.”
  14. (Perfect!)
    Braden stops and sits on the ground a little ways away from Chiana with Adair following not far behind, noting her bubbling energy. He smiles and says in a kind voice Well hello there! My name is Braden, and the other girl that will be arriving soon is Adair. What is your name? He spits out the jerky that now looks like a small piece of coal.
  15. In a trice, as Fire and Earth were isolated from Water, there came from the shadows a battalion of impish demonic minions of the Darkness, sporting black, disease-ridden, leathery skin, an aura of black, malodorous smog that exuded from their pores, rows upon rows of jagged teeth, skeletal talons, and eyes as crimson as the blood that was about to be shed in this place. Though the Vessel himself was still far from his sinister agents, they were given the authority to engage the Vessels of the Elements. There were ten of these wolf-sized children of the Darkness, all hissing atop the trees of the forest with their snake tongues. Unhanding the branches and the trunks of the trees, the demons made their descent unto the Vessels of Fire and Earth below. Formidable and agile, these Darklings, as the Vessel has baptised them, attacked from the trees above. "He is coming! He is coming! He is coming!" They spoke in chorus, but it was horrid a sound, for their voices were demonic, ethereal, and definitely inhuman. Aside from those three words, they all shouted, laughed, and spoke in tongues.

    Water, on the other hand, was isolated from her two comrades and thus was a prime target for Damien. Between Water and her allies, the colossal wyrm’s head burst forth abruptly to cease her from uniting with her friends-to-be, unfurling it’s large mouth and regurgitating three of the same creatures that ambushed Braden and Chiana. However, there was an additional member in the small squadron currently attacking Adair; a larger beast. Hulking and bestial, this chiropteran demon stood at a Herculean height of eight feet. Like its more minuscule brethren, its skin was black, its eyes radiated with unholy crimson light, and it emit smoggy fumes. It, however, was more aggressive, and lunged at the Water Vessel with eyes full of rage and ravenous hunger. Damien himself hid within the safety of his wyrm heart, surveying the battle with more demonic oculi that escaped through the geyser-like sockets across the wyrm’s demonic dermal hide.
  16. Braden looks up at a moments notice, than pulls Chiana to the ground and makes a bubble shield of flames that repels the dark creatures. Shit, what are these things? Stop, that doesn't matter now... my shield isn't going to last forever. Braden turns to Chiana and says Sorry that there isn't time to introduce myself, but you are a special girl and you will play a very important role. You were saved by that cave in, meaning that you are an element now. There's no time to explain now, so I'm just going to teach you the basics. Close your eyes and imagine you are sinking into the ground. You'll freak out at first, okay, but don't come back up until after the battle is over. Do it n-- Braden was cut short from the shock of his flame wall finally breaking. He didn't wait to see if Chiana listened or not, but lit his hands on fire and punched one of the monsters that came at him. He stands up fully, but there was another one of them that came at him at the same time as the other one had. He backed up enough to avoid the full power of the slice from one of it's clawed limbs, but is still sliced a bit as the creature flew past. For a moment, the dark entities seemed to bask in that hit as Braden reaches up to his cheek to wipe the steaming hot blood from his cheek. It lasts for just a second, before that triumph appears to turn to fear as Braden looks up at them. What scared them is the fact that his eyes are completely gone and replaced with white hot flames, one arm turns into a red hot blade, and the other grows metal claws about half a foot long on each fingernail, not to mention that his entire body engulfs itself in flames. The skin on his entire person melts away as he says NOW... YOU'VE GONE... AND DONE IT. Oh you're in big fucking trouble now, you've just put yourselves in a world of fucking PAIN. He laughs a cold grinding laugh only a skeleton can make as he starts to almost spin as he slices through dozens of the dark beings that are not able to lay a claw on him in turn because of the heat almost as intense as the surface of the sun. Fortunately, only the weak flames from his feet burn anything in the environment. His intense body flames burn virtually nothing save for the people/things he considers to be a threat. He mows down creatures by the dozens before he stops on the last one that he had trapped under his knee. His body is normal again as he asks the pinned darkling Who sent you here, and where is he? If you tell me, you may just be able to report back to him alive... well... at least mostly alive. Also, don't try to fool me with that "I can't talk" shit because I heard you and those other things say that the darkness is coming.
  17. Adair had been following Braden from a distance, knowing if she accidentally splashed him, she probably wouldn't hear the end of it.

    The night gave off an eerie feeling about the woods. Something was off. She could feel it in the water; the way the fish timidly hid under the many rocks the stream had to offer. By now, the stream had grown in width and in depth. It was becoming more of a small river than a stream.

    Already on high alert, and slightly paranoid, when Adair lost sight of Braden, it sent her into a panic. "I knew I should have just stayed with him." Adair sighed as she made the water rise a bit, so she could get a better look around her. As branches neared, the young woman would simply duck or jump over them, landing back in her massive wave.

    When landing, she had barely looked up when a horrific head formed in the way of her path. Adair screamed involuntarily as she was startled, breaking her concentration and falling into the water. When she resurfaced, her eyes widened in fear as she saw creatures coming out of the mouth of the head. As if those weren't enough, the hulking creature that accompanied struck fear right into her heart.

    'What do I do? I can't fight things that size. I don't have any weapons, I can't feel my legs I can't run.'

    The thoughts raced in Adair's head as she tried to find a matter of escape or a way to fight back. As the monster came closer, her heart sped up and she let herself sink into the water. Forcing the water to form a bubble around her head reminded her of what she did have. An abundance of natural water. Taking a deep breath, the young girl forced the water to rise, lifting her atop of a wave. With much concentration, she formed spikes of water with the molecules that lingered in the air. She was new with her element, but with a bit of imagination and focus, she would be able to at least fend off the smaller creatures.

    With a flick of her wrists, the spikes were sent forward, launching towards the vile creatures. Without wasting time, a jet stream of water flowed out of her hands and towards the hulking animal, then circled towards the massive head that had produced the creatures.
  18. Suddenly the birds around her flew off with flutters and panicked coos. Without moving, Chiana's red hues peered through the forest's trees, the only light was the moon, which was more than enough to see with as her eyes were used to it already. Soon, however, another source of light made its way towards her until it stopped a few feet from her and disappeared as a man sat on the ground and began to speak.

    "A person!" Her small voice gasped as she shakily began to stand up as quick as she could. Chi had never really been around people, and when she was around them she hid behind her mother, and she was still a bit shaken from the previous encounter with strangers. Then there was the fact that the man just rode up in flames! How was that even possible? Fear made its way up and down her fragile body, even more so when the shadow creatures came to sight. Before she could stand all the way she was tackled back to the ground and landed on her back with a small squeak. She looked up at him with terror, then saw the barrier of fire around them causing her to tremble more.

    Chi almost let out a scream but the man who said his name was Braden spoke. He instructed her to do something and what passed through her head was what will happen to her if she disobeyed him, would her attack her? Burn her? Kill her? People were so unpredictable she didn't know what to do, nor did she understand exactly what his instructions meant. And she wondered how visualization would help at a time like this. Shouldn't she be running? She knows these woods more than anyone, losing people wouldn't be hard. She shook her head and decided to listen to him, besides, she was curious as to what would possess the stranger to tell her to do such things.

    When the man moved off of her and the barrier of flame disappeared the scared young girl closed her eyes and tried her best to ignore the sounds around her, though she squeaked at the extremely loud noises. She imagined herself sinking into the soil under her, the way it felt on her skin, the way it looked, she even imagined the way it sounded. After a moment she opened one eye to see if anything happened. Nothing did. She furled her brow and looked down at her hands which still trembled. She had been trying her best not to run away even though it was the most logical thing to do in this situation, curiosity was the only thing keeping her from doing so. She let out a jittered huff and before she could close her eyes again a piercing screech reached her ears forcing her to find the source. One of the creatures began to charge towards her. Her lungs felt heavy with fear and she watched the thing get closer and closer. When it reached a few feet away she couldn't hold it back anymore, she let out a high pitched scream, slammed her eyes shut, and threw her arms up.

    She waited for the monster to collide with her and start attacking, but it didn't. When she opened her eyes there was nothing but darkness, she felt around and found that she was in a small space under the soil. She let out a small laugh of amazement which grew louder the more she felt around. She didn't feel scared, she felt comfortable, relieved, refreshed. This was the perfect place for her, secluded and away from danger. She pulled herself into a fetal position and sighed contently, before she heard the chaos that unfolded above her and listened.
  19. Braden decides that the creature is taking too long to answer and lights his leg on fire, burning the shadow creature to a crisp and letting the ashes float away. He walks back over to the place he last saw Chiana and sees the dent in the ground where she had sunk. He sits down on the ground and speaks to her, not knowing if she could hear him or not. Hello? Can you hear me? I got rid of those... things... so you can come out now. I need to tell you something very important. Braden backs up just in case he's blocking Chiana's path and waits patiently for her to resurface.
  20. The Darklings were upon both Fire and Earth, hopping and springing forth towards their enemies in short lunges. One child of the Darkness triumphed over Fire’s wielder by grazing his face with its bleeding talon. At the sight and smell of the blood that trickled down Braden’s cheek, the shadow minions chuckled in a multitude of inhuman voices. Alas, it was an ephemeral victory at best, as Braden’s response was an exclamation of pure, frenzied rage. Set ablaze by the ghostly inferno that seemed to pass through those only hostile to him, the demonic offspring of the Darkness burned to naught but ashen crisps save for one. The lone, lowly fiend of the night was pinned down by a knee that boiled his shadowy hide. The Darkling gazed upon the eyes of Fire with much intensity, as the mere heat radiating off of the man’s pores was enough to gradually dissolve both its skin and bones. It was helpless but unafraid, as its life meant nothing to it. The demon’s clawed hands motioned forth towards Braden’s head, grasping it and bringing its forehead closer to the Fire Vessel’s face. “Neither living nor dead.” It whispered, its icy breath sulphuric in smell, before being incinerated with a possessed, demonic laugh. True enough, their smoggy essences seeped back into the Earth bellow, never to be seen again. These monsters, birthed by a simple thought, felt no fear, for they are the children of the Darkness - what else was there to fear? They trembled before their Dread Father more than the Light itself. It was quite amusing actually, and Damien would laugh if his humanity still shimmered within him, but alas, his face remained frozen by the happenings. The flames were the Light’s most favoured child; it had its mother’s traits, therefore it was Damien’s only true enemy. To the Vessel of the Darkness, Water, Earth, and later, Air, would be mere thorns alongside Fire’s rose. Whereas the Dread Lord can birth countless demonic children for the sea, the earth, and the sky in relentless pursuit of the three other elements, Fire would simply torch whatever creature that comes his way, no matter the size… however, he was still inexperienced. They all were.

    The child whose powers functioned only due to fearing for her life found herself underground. Chiana thought senselessly, as Damien controlled his serpentine transport to crawl towards her. The earth shook violently, and, as the demons attacked Water, Earth was now the prime target. Opening it’s gigantic mouth, it attempted to devour both Fire and Earth in hopes that Damien, the Vessel of Darkness, to meet them. While Water was being attacked, the four-armed hulk of a demon crossed his arms in response to her lashing water. All it did was push the heavy beast backward into the hole the wyrm created, giving her time to reunite with the others.

    (Sorry for the wait, this was actually written in a rush haha. It's my sister's birthday so yeah, kinda preparing for a party.)
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