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  1. First off, we have the cast list, with all the characters that are used by the players:


    Picture: [​IMG]
    Quote: “Earth has been ours for millennia! I have no intention of giving up or planet now!”

    Name: Liam S. O’Cathan

    Planet: Earth

    Current Residence: Earth

    Race: Mutated Human

    Type: Velociraptor physiology. Still retains human appearance unless he decides to activate his velociraptor physiology where he gains claws, teeth, and scaled skin. He retains his intelligence and conscience while in this form. However, still has a tail while in his human state.

    Age: 23

    Rank: Colonel

    Specialty: Science and Strategy. Liam is quite studious and analytical, surveying the situation before him. His background as the son of a Scientist and Nurse led him to pursue the sciences regarding biology from an early age.

    Strengths: Close Combat Fighting. Due to his mutated genes, he is able to slash his claws at Evolopods in order to rip them to shreds. Mid-Range rifle combat. Having experience with firing firearms, Liam can normally fire shots and hit his target, although he prefers more to enter Close Quarters Combat. First Aid and Medical Assistance. With his knowledge of biology and anatomy, along with reading several medical textbooks, Liam can help attend to wounds and infections of the normal human variety. Camaraderie. Liam is always willing to lend a smile or an encouraging word to any survivors. Generally, he is a kind person, and is always willing to share in conversation.

    Weaknesses: Horrible Marksman. His vision makes it hard to focus from a long range, even with a scope. Besides, he’d rather be in the middle of the action. Horrible Cook. Well, except for maybe instant ramen and pre-packaged mac and cheese. Even then, the food tastes off. Sometimes his comrades would say that he could burn water. Weakness to Evlo Virus. Though his genes have been mutated, he is still a human, and therefore would be susceptible to the Evlo virus, which would further advance his gene splicing and perhaps elevate him to an even more terrifying dinosaur.

    History: Liam was born to his scientist father and nurse mother on earth about sixteen years before the Slipspace incident. Growing up, Liam was always inquisitive about the world around him, simply fascinated with life. Like a typical kid, he was obsessed with dinosaurs and their nature. Due to his father’s instruction, he was able to breeze through school in sciences and mathematics, eventually going under his father’s instruction when he was 15 as part of his collegiate academic studies. During this time, the slipspace incident occurred, and Liam’s father was one of the few scientists to go and explore the planet before the war occurred. When he returned, he brought fascinating news about genetic mutation and splicing, but fell victim to a foreign virus that killed him before he was able to finish his research. Liam, taking up his father’s mantle, completed the research and was able to successfully mutate his genome to have the physiology of an ancient Velociraptor. What would have been a monumental achievement in the scientific community was brushed under the rug as people scrambled to escape to Mars and others hurriedly signed up to join the military fight the war. Liam decided to do the latter, rising in his ranks until he at last reached the rank of colonel. Now, he fights for the Earth Republic while continuing his research on biology.

    Other: Though at times, some have asked if he is a Neo Terran, he is always ready to provide evidence that he was born on earth, including his birth certificate, license, and a trilobite fossil that has been carbon-dated. His favorite book is Jurassic Park.

    Quote: "There's no way we'll lose to these alternate losers. Running is just showing the losers that they can win. And that's just such a lame thing to do, if you ask me"
    Name: Tomoe Maco
    Planet: Earth
    Current Residence: Landing Zone Delta 06 ('Moth yards')
    Race: Human
    Type: Inventor.
    Age: 23
    Rank: Civilian
    Melee combat. Building odd inventions. Quick thinking.
    Athletic however of average strength for a human, Tomoe has invented some hard hitting gadgets that pack quite the powerful punch. Learning Russian Bare Knuckle Boxing and some odd forms of Mixed Martial Arts allow her to make full use of her Melee focused gadgets to assist her in situations such as combat or basic survival in the outside world, beyond the safe zones. Having the stamina to keep pushing forward in a world gone mad.
    a Slave to her quick temper, she is very prone to under-estimating her situation or over-estimating her own combat ability as well as making huge lapses in judgement. She's prone to being stunned by EMP shocks, as her Neural Implant will reboot, leaving her wide open for attack. Her gadgets also can have negative effects, going so far as to fracturing bone and straining muscle fiber when over used.
    Before the war, Tomoe was the captain of the Track and Field club at her high school. She seemed to live a pretty typical middle class teenage life. She had good friends, a pretty typical family with no real stand out qualities and went to a pretty average school, getting average grades in most subjects. However she would excel in her electronics and metal work classes. Building simple battery operated toys, soon moving up to complex designs such as mini plasma reactors and military grade Visors with inbuilt NV and thermals.
    During the war, Tomoe had gotten separated from her family in the chaos that was the evacuations, being left behind on earth while her family fled to the Moon. Soon after she had developed a strong sense of duty and hate towards the invaders. Adopting to call them all "Losers" for ruining her life and the lives of many others.

    Tomoe's most notable inventions consist of.
    High power Hydraulic Runners. Reactive Thermal and Electromagnetic Personal Shielding device. 'Power Glove' Named after the Power Glove N.E.S Accessory, The gauntlet improves Kinetic output of a punch by converting extra energy output in the knuckles, also improves Grip strength.



    GeneralDesignation: Kitty Kat, Model Unit 06
    Nicknames: Kitty, Cat, Kitten, etc.
    Age: 2 years technically, appears in her late teens
    Race: Android/AI
    Planet: Earth
    Current Residence: Earth

    PhysicalHeight: 4’7”
    Hair: Pink
    Eyes: Blue
    Distinguishing Features: Cat ears/Tail
    Strengths: Agile, Strong, Stealthy
    Weaknesses: Ranged Combat, Social Interactions
    Voice (open)

    MentalitySpecialties: Stealth, close quarters combat, recon
    Inabilities: Infiltration, controlling spaceships/cities/tech
    Fears: Being shut down/disabled, Water(for obvious reasons), Being hacked(however unlikely such a scenario may be)
    Quirks: Calls people ‘Senpai’, or Onee-san/Onii-san if close. Always finishes statements with a ‘nya’

    The TechAI Programming ~ Kitty’s AI programs are distinctively different from the usual programs used in most cities and spaceships. The most prominent difference, being that her programming is optimized for an Android, giving her the capability to learn, and to an extent, have emotions(though they are artificial).
    Android ~ The actual body has various advantages that a normal human would be lacking. Primarily, due to being constructed of metal, she is both more durable and stronger than the average human.
    Eyes ~ Her eyes serve two functions, the first, allowing her to see. To best serve this, she is able to switch to a ‘night vision’ of sorts, in which her eyes turn a yellow-green.
    Ears ~ Her cat ears are not simply a decoration, and are fully functional. She is able to wiggle them and make them ‘twitch’, as well as mute her surroundings by shutting them off, allowing her to ignore others if she so wished.
    Tail ~ Her tail is also fully functional, in that she can move it around, make it twitch. Though, unlike her ears, it is actually just more of a decoration.
    Internal Battery ~ Being an android, she lacks a heart and internal organs. Her ‘heart’ is instead a battery, which she must have charged at least once every couple days.

    BackgroundThis current 'Kitty' was not the first, merely the first success. A human scientist developed her as a replacement for human soldiers, more specifically, a disposable soldier that could be sent behind enemy lines without worrying about casualties. The main purpose of this specific model was replicating the stealth many cats possess, and as such a tail and ears were added to the design. To further add to the 'spy' directive she was given an advanced AI, to appear more human than the average AI, giving her the ability to learn and somewhat have relationships with others.



    Left Image: Fully Equipped / Right Image: Face/Light Skin/Black Hair

    + The enemy of my enemy...dies second!
    + Follow me lads! Death to the Terrans!! Death to the Evlopods!!
    + Only in death does duty end...but our goal is to not die for our home but to make the other bastard die for his!

    Name: Alethar Gray / "Sergeant Gray"

    Planet: Earth

    Current Residence: Moon

    Race: Giant Class, Human

    Type: Infantry Solider / Field Officer

    Age: 28

    Rank: Sergeant

    Specialty: Inspiring Presence & Fearless
    + Alethar Gray is like a living war standard to the troops of Earth Humans as he lets loose his battle cries and leads the charge from the front without a shred of fear in his heart; influencing those around him to fight with the same valor and determination as himself. However, this inspiring presence invites fear into the hearts of those that stand in this man's path.

    + Augmented Superior Strength

    + Augmented Superior Durability

    + Augmented Superior Endurance

    + Melee Combat

    + Ranged Combat

    + Strong Mental Willpower

    + Incapable of Sneaking / Being Stealthy

    + Refuses to reason with Terra Humans (Can be fooled by Pure-Bloods)

    + Overconfidence: Can make him charge head long into near suicidal situations.

    + Tight / Small places: Alethar's shear bulk and size makes him unable to fit inside most vehicles and passageways designed for more normal sized individuals.

    + Immense weight: Alethar's immense weight especially when fully geared up can be hazardous when treading through areas with weak structural integrity.

    + Big Target: Due to Alethar's very nature of being a large, loud, tank like killing machine it goes without saying that in most situations he is seen as the "biggest" threat and so most attacks and fire are concentrated on him.

    Alethar Gray was recruited at a young age like most other Giant Class Humans directly into military training as well augmentation procedures on Mars so that he could better fulfill his role of basically being a well trained and crafted force of humanity like his fellow brothers and sisters in arms as super soldiers. Standing fully at twelve feet tall the giant of a man was one of the biggest in his regiment and had the balls to match his ferocity in training but retained a dignified personally as he salutes his superiors same as everyone else.

    For a few years before the war broke out Alethar was stationed at the moon prison where he has dealt with some of the worst scum in existence that was of course until the war between the Republic of Earth and the Terran scum broke out. Due to the harsh reality of his training and his station at the moon prison Alethar Gray has grown to posses a very stone cold heart not to mention the fact that due to what the Terran's and Evlopods have done to the Earth has caused the sergeant to hold a deep hatred for Terran kind as well as Evlopods. In order to protect the true sanctity of humanity Alethar is ready and will to exterminate all xenos/alien threats to the people of Earth. Alethar himself actually refusing any military promotions higher than his current standing of Sergeant because of his intense urge that he must be in the thick of the conflict along side his fellow soldiers rather than behind friendly lines whipping his nose.

    Before the war began Alethar had already earned himself a reputation while serving on the moon prison for being a scary motherfucker even compared to the prisoners themselves for when they showed any sign of being out of line Alethar was quick to show his ruthless dissatisfaction and could hold his own against some of the worst of em.

    Alethar's Usual Equipment

    Power Armour:
    Power Armour is an advanced form of powered combat armour. It is a completely enclosed suit of combat armour composed of shaped Adamantium and Plasteel plates, encased in a Ceramite ablative layer. Each suit possesses a full suite of life-support functions for operation in hostile environments, an automated medical system to provide some level of first aid to a wounded wearer and a highly advanced and fully integrated tactical targeting and threat analysis system known as Auto-senses. The suit would be heavy and cumbersome to wear but for the electrically motivated fiber bundles within the armour that replicates the wearer's movement and enhances his strength beyond its already considerable superhuman baseline

    Bolt Pistol: 30m Range / Single Fire / 8 Round Clip
    The Bolter, also called a Boltgun, and its variants are some of the most powerful hand-held ballistic anti-personnel weaponry. It is a powerful assault weapon that fires explosive kinetic rounds colloquially referred to as bolts. The weapon is fearsome, with explosive rounds capable of ripping through or blowing apart a foe.

    Chainsword: Melee Range / Slash & Tearing / Endless Battery Core
    Chainsword is essentially a sword with powered teeth that run along a single-edged blade like that of a chainsaw. Most versions of the weapon make use of monomolecularly-edged or otherwise razor-sharp teeth. Chainswords are not subtle weapons, and wielding one is a statement in its own right: they are horrific tools of war, designed to bite, tear and eviscerate where more primitive blades merely cut and slice. The weapon makes an angry buzzing sound as the teeth spin around, intensifying into a high pitched scream as they grind into armour. It is not unlike a modern chainsaw, but lighter and able to be wielded with one hand.

    "The cobra is a lovely creature, it's venom is both deadly and a miracle, what creature could possibly be better?"

    Name: Karmin 'Cobra' Woods
    Alias: Cobra, Scarlet Knight
    Planet: Earth
    Current Residence: Classified. (earth, somewhere :p)
    Race: Human
    Age: 22
    Rank: Freelancer
    Specialty: Assassinations
    Strengths: close/mid range combat, biochemistry, technical engineering
    Weaknesses: Money, Frail, unstable
    History: Karmin Woods was once a well known name in the field of Biochemistry. Aside from having been born with Osteogenesis imperfecta(brittle bone disease), she had a pretty great life, being the daughter of two astrophysicists there was high hopes for the girl. She was pushed to succeed in life, and spent most of her days studying. She was viewed by most of society as a prodigy child due to skipping most of junior high, and high school. Though this was far from the truth, as she didn't actually pass on her own, but rather her parents used their influence to help her finish primary school faster so she could move on to college.
    She studied for two years in the fields of Biochemistry and Technical Engineering, and seemed to have a natural talent at both. Graduating from college early with a bachelors in both fields, she was offered jobs at many laboratories. However, she refused them all, and opened her own lab. There she began work on many projects, at first with the intent of curing all diseases. However, as time went on, she eventually lost interest and instead began working on a new project. She developed an interest in snakes, and began to study them. During this time, she spent less time in the lab, and more in the field.
    After a while, she began to find her studies to be rather lonely, and took on an assistant. After two months of being out in the field studying snakes, they returned to the lab. Karmin began to move forward with her project, and developed a robotic snake. At first, she told her assistant it was merely a hobby, to pass the time. However, as more time passed, the snake was modified over and over again, never seeming to reach perfection. A year later, Karmin realized why her snake would never reach perfection; It had no venom. To fix this issue she put her skills in Biochemistry, and her previous studies on the worlds diseases to work.
    She developed multiple 'venoms' for her robotic creation, declaring it finally complete. By then, her assistant had became used to Karmin's odd requests and projects, and no longer questioned what they were working on. The next thing karmin developed was a weapon that resembled her lovely snake. Though she encountered many problems along the way, and realized she would need more help than just her assistant. She reached out to an old friend from college who had mainly studied weapon engineering and asked for help. He obliged, and after helping develop the weapon, even helped her with some lightweight mech armor to help with her brittle bones.
    Soon after, she found her studies in the sciences to progress less and less, and began to grow bored of them. Deciding that the normal life wasn't for her, she started seeking a use for her creations. At first she thought of the military, however, while they were more than happy to accept her weapons, they claimed she wasn't 'fit' for military operations due to her disease. She then turned to freelance work, and excelled at it, having created the perfect weapon of assassination.
    A few years later, when Neo-Terra was pulled through the wormhole, Karmin had firmly planted herself into the world of freelancers, now going by the name 'Cobra'. Though she often used her lab to upgrade her snake, and to develop more venoms. When she heard of the Evlopods, she immediately wanted to study them, to find out what made them tick, and more importantly, obtain a sample of their 'venom'. She pulled her assistant into the field with her, in hopes to capture an Evlopod and bring it back to the lab with them, however things went bad rather quickly, as her assistant was killed by the one they intended to capture. This caused Cobra's mind to snap, and she spent around two months hunting the evlopods, before she was found by a fellow freelancer whom she had worked with on multiple occasions. He talked her into a calmer state, and convinced her to return to her lab.
    Robotic Cobra ~ Karmin's trusted partner and loyal friend. Being made mostly of a Lightweight bulletproof metal, it's weakest point are it's mouth, and the various parts on it's body made of a more flexible material that allow it to move and bend like a real snake. It is equipped with a basic laser that allows hacking into security systems that usually require thumbprints or a retinal scan. Beyond that, it has multiple canisters of various chemicals made by Karmin that act as a paralytic venom when combined, large doses of which cause the victim to have a 'heart attack'.
    Snake Blade ~ A large mechanical blade that has two forms, the first appearing to be a normal, if not somewhat large, sword. The second, being a whip like design, that allows it to be used more flexibly at medium to close ranges.
    Mech-armor ~ Despite her entire outfit being designed to look like it's part of her 'armor' this is only on her arms and legs, and it's main purpose is to absorb any shocks to her limbs that would otherwise break them(such as when her sword clashes with another object).
    Other: Cobra is not mentally stable after losing the only person she had ever grown close to, and loses all logical thinking when she see's an Evlopod, descending into a state of rage in which she will kill(or at least try to) everything around her.


    "Life is like our fossil fuels. Every unit is so cleverly crafted and created in their own, unique code.Every unit having their own unique, feeling-evoking story to tell. But alas, it all ends up to only be just that, a unit, a resource. To only be spent on the ever-hungry desires of society and power..."
    Name:Akaro Fulari
    Planet: Neo-Terra
    Current Residence: Neo-Terra
    Race: Spliced Human (Class II)
    Type: N/A
    Age: 22
    Rank: Colonel(?)
    Specialty: Psychology y Psychological Warfare
    In essence, Akaro is good at manipulating the underlying greatest fear in every sentient being, and that is the fear of themselves.

    Akaro is very good at making brother fight brother, father fight son, oneself against oneself, and so on and so forth. Sure, robots and hive minds are a little bit trickier, but that's the fun in difficulty! After-all, why waste time making weapons when the enemy already holds the greatest weapon one can use?
    +Surgical Precision: Death by Akaro's hand isn't a task, but an art. His vast knowledge of the bodily structure of beings is Akaro's only saving grace in combat. He knows where and at what angle stabbing a guy would do the most damage. He also doesn't particularly use this kill people either, since dead people dont give useful information;)
    +Quick-Thinker: When things get heated, Akaro is quick to cool it down, this could imply he is a great compromiser, an argument-defuser, or a weasel of danger
    +Strategic: He's gotta have some sort of prowess in something to be a good leader. And obviously he isn't a good fighter, so instead he shows off his skill and prowess in another way, through strategy and tactic. He proves thus far that he has been resourceful and quite tactical in his position, and hopes to continue being a wonderful asset to the forces of Neo-Earth.

    -Not very strong: It could tie up with his laziness, but whatever the case, he cannot win a wrestling match to save his life, or win at arm wrestling, or overpower an enemy at all, if it weren't for his knowledge of were to cause the most damage, he would lose every confrontation with any person, ever.
    -Lazy: It could be that he doesn't care, or it could be the donuts in the office. Whatever the case, Akaro is lazy, and less likely to be good at 'active' things, such as being on the field of battle, being strong-willed, or battling in general.
    -Dishonorable: Akaro will do anything to ensure that he wins, whether it's morally right or wrong, or if it pleases or displeases everyone, it is of no matter. He is not loyal to any single person, and is fair-weathered to all. In the end, he will only do what's right for him and his people, and say "screw everyone else."

    /Eccentric: Akaro is sickeningly self-centered. If there isn't a room with a portrait of him hanging around, he'll cringe at the horror. He likes to be well-known, to have every conversation about him. Heck! He wouldn't even have me use this picture without his name on it!
    /Nihilist: Now this isn't a religion or anything, just his view on life and life's future: pointless, meaningless, everyone is a gear toward a higher power. It doesn't, mean he is a pessimist, either. He intends to make the most of it, even though it will never be anything in the end.
    /Musical Enthusiast: Akaro thinks that war is an orchestra. He uses music as an element to help him stay focused and concentrated on a subject at hand. Or perhaps it's an addiction, and very detrimental to his work. (Pretty much expect some songs when an Akaro post comes along.{And when Nue stops listening to Japanese school girlsXD})

    Akaro started his life as one of several children to some very wealthy parents, who valued education and genetics more than anything else, this was also not limited to their children either, as proving that one wasn't properly intellectual in this family environment meant that one was in for a lot of abuse and neglect later on down the road. Akaro didn't fail to please, and this meant that he got to indulge in some pleasures that other children didn't get, such as perfected gene splicing into that of his favorite animal, access to higher education, and higher rank enlistment (In such a time as the war with Earth Started). This also caused him to have the personality and views he had, as nurture was seldom seen in the family enviroment, and was more of a 'sink or swim' kind of thing, such an environment was the underlying cause for Akaro's tendencies, his hopeless view on life, and his dark views of Neo Terra as a whole. He distanced himself as far away from his family as possible, determined to stay in the university for a very long time, get the highest possible degree while spending as much of their parents money, as a form of neglect towards them. His family over time became fractured, with the death of his mother and the wealth distributed unfairly amongst the children. The father, enraged, went to the most irrational belief that his children was the cause of her death, and that it was his children, Akaro included, that has to die.

    Luckily around this climax of an otherwise dull and grey life, another catastrophe happened, that being the newly discovered alien world of Earth being the most hostile thing Neo-Terra has ever seen. As such a war started on an intersolar scale, and forced much of the planet, and it's citizens, to take up arms and go to war against Earth. Akaro used this as his advantage to escape the wrath of his father and start doing something productive with his education.

    He used such knowledge and wealthy background to get into and outof Neo-Terra's most prestigious officer academy, climbed the ranks to the highest he can achieve, and specialized in Psychological Warfare. To this day Akaro fights to stay away from the battlefield, his father,and the destruction of Neo-Terra.

    Quote: <"What quotes are there for those who cannot speak for themselves?">
    Planet: Neo-Terra
    Current Residence: Bastion City
    Race: Drone(Dragon)
    Type: (Dragon)
    Age: 30 (H.Y.E)
    Rank: Private (rankless)
    Specialty: CQC

    +Medium Range Weaponry:Simply put, Dako knows how to use a gun, preferably some sort of assault rifle, and he knows how to use it well.
    +Toughness/Vitality: Dako is tough both mentally and physically, as pain is something he does not experience. Only total failure of bodily function, and until such time as all of his body ceases to operate, he can and will continue to fight.
    +Mobility: Dako has been granted with strong wings that are able to make him leap towards his enemies and is even capable of flight, to a degree. this is to balance out and make up for his heavy weight and horrendous dodging skill.

    -Not very agile/precise Being all big and muscly means one cannot dodge things easily, one is simply too heavy to do such a feat, he makes up for that in mobility with his wings, however.
    -Drone(Warrior)Dako, like everyone else in his species, was built and bred to be nothing but for combat, not for shopping, or anything else, just guarding and combat, specifically close-quarters combat. anything else, from doing math to even smiling, he is incapable of doing, the lack of sentience giving him no such feeling, no such empathy, no such ability, so on and so forth.
    -Long ranged weapon skill: Drako was never very good at using sniper wasn't what he was built for using anyways.
    (Pshh, what history?) He was created as a growing need for warriors came to Neo-Terra after the war has started, He was one of the relatively new member of his species-which were designed to be aesthetically pleasing guards and strongmen for those that could afford such a force. Now, he does what he was made for-guarding those of a higher power and are WAY more important than he could ever be.

    Picture: Reference Image!
    Quote: "Our powers combined could have changed this universe for the better... A shame we use it trying to destroy one another."
    Name: Kaiser Riekholm
    Planet: Neo-Terra
    Current Residence: Neo-Terra
    Race: Class 2 Spliced Human
    Age: 28
    Rank: Non Commissioned Officer ((Gunnery Sergeant in human terms))
    Human Research- Kaiser has dedicated almost every woken hour into studying the humans and their technology. He can talk like them, use their equipment, and at times when he is given the luxury to do so he can also use their vehicles ((which takes a long time if the vehicle is unfamiliar to him))

    Quick and Agile- Kaiser focuses on speed, agility, and reflex. He tries to survive to find vulnerabilities, then exploit those vulnerabilities to his advantage. While everything isn't calculated in a strategist's standpoint, it can be as accurate as anything else when it comes to a combat scenario.

    Human Technology- Keep your weapons away from him humans! He reviews combat manuals that have been recovered over the course of the war and knows how to pick up a gun. You'll soon find yourself feeling like you are fighting one of your own if he gets his hands on the equipment in order to do so.

    Stubborn- One of the few traits to save him from being frowned upon by Neo-Terra's military arm. Kaiser sticks to his comrades to the bitter end. If they are to withdraw, he will do his best to ensure nobody is left behind... Unless he is dragged away by his fellow teamates that is.

    Merciful- Kaiser is a voice of reason when it comes to times of war. If the intended target is in a position where violence is not needed, he will try that approach. Keep in mind he is an active combatant: If they are hostile then it's open season. This weakness will really branch out if he has the upper hand in things. ((This might trigger some differences and arguing between Kaiser and Akaro [[@Nue]] XD))

    Light Weight- Being one of speed and agility means he isn't necessarily a heavy fellow. Anyone with average strength will find they can physically stop and overwhelm Kaiser if they can get their hands on.

    Reckless- Whenever outside his lab and in the field he tends to do reckless things for the sake of research or his mission. Each time he does so it is a gamble that could easily fall out of his favor.

    History: Prior to the incident that plunged his people into a time of war Kaiser was someone of very little merit. Each day he spent reviewing their own bio technologies and ensuring that things continued to live and run like they were intended to. He was simply put an engineer in the eyes of many, but when the Displacement occurred the engineer found purpose once more.

    Just weeks ago they hadn't seen such mechanical curiosities, and now here they were; face to face with a unknown enemy with an entirely different way of life. Time had passed and after persistent nagging Kaiser was able to find himself filling the shoes of a researcher with the charge of deciphering the earthlings' technology and way of life. With the elder's permission he was able to establish a research center in Bastion City, and although it was sizable and meant to house an entire team only one person occupies the building; Kaiser himself.

    Overtime Kaiser found himself becoming a cauldron of cultures. He occasionally wore human clothes in his lab and used their technology while still holding onto his way of life. Everything that was recovered from the war would eventually pass his hands, and in most cases he would keep things rather than destroying them. Where his loyalty lies nobody knows, and there are whispers to stop his research, but until that time comes he will press on hoping some day good would come from all of this.

    Kaiser's research area / lab / home- Kaiser's lab is his home. He eats there, sleeps there, and lives there when he isn't deployed to the front to further his research. When one comes in they can easily settle into the Neo-Terra foundation it had been built upon, but soon they are exposed to a variety of earthling things. There were weapons, pieces of human furniture, and even a music system that is constantly playing classical tunes. Kaiser has really gotten attached to a variety of human made songs; specifically songs from one specific legendary musician.

    Now, for the thing you have all been waiting for, the rules!

    1. There will be absolutely no godmodding.
    2. No OOC in the IC, please.
    3. Don't auto hit another character please. No one likes that.
    4. Posting order may be required when there are a lot of people in one area. Other than that, not a problem.
    5. Vulgar language is allowed.
    6. No sexual content, this ain't a libertine roleplay. You're free to have a couple implications, I guess, but nothing explicit.
    7. I can't think of anything else, so have fun.

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  2. Earth:

    Earth, Red Cordin: Control Room

    Quiet beeping was the only sound in the empty room. The lights of the mostly inactive computers continued their steady flashes. Voices muttered, coming from the speakers, relaying pointless streams of numbers that no one was present to hear. A single glowing figure stood upon the hologram pedestal, staring at the screens that had the ever changing sequence of numbers. Most importantly, the status of the distress beacon still pending and the maps of the cities that had been pinged.

    The digital construct narrowed the red orbits that constricted like irises of the humans she was modelled after. The holographic image flickered as she tilted the head forward. Waiting was not something that bothered the Artificial Intelligence. She has waited a long time as it is... Only a bit longer... None of those Neo-Terran creatures will harm the people in this city. She has all defenses active and the scanner going to analyze incoming life forms. Whether they are human or not. If they aren't... Reflection plans to blast the hell out of them.

    Mars: Council Room

    "We've got to do something. Why haven't your scientists come up with something yet? Aren't they supposed to be the greatest minds of Earth?"

    The grim faced man demanded as he looked at the equally grim faced group. His cold grey eyes narrowed upon the faces of each council member, his gaze showing the gravity of the situation.

    "Every time we make progress on the Evlo virus, it evolves!"

    A long faced man spoke in what could only be described as a weasly tone. But despite the look, the Commander General knew that it wasn't because he was trying to make excuses. No one knows what to do. The Commander General sighed heavily. This whole meeting only puts them back to where they knew they were.

    They don't know how to negate the virus that is wreaking havoc, and at this rate, they will have to completely abandon their home planet. Although evacuations had already been in order, no one had wanted to ever admit the possibility that Earth... might be lost.

    "We shall give it our every attempt. The Neo-Terrans don't know of Mars. We have hope for survival. Earth is not lost."

    A youthful voice spoke, far too tired for his young age. Jeril turned his blue gaze to the screen with the statistics.

    "I have all evacuations underway. As we can, every human will be removed from Earth and relocated safely. Commander General, I do have a development. The Evlopod movement has stopped. We no longer track an infection expansion."

    The older man's eyes widened, then narrowed.

    "I'll expect the report immediately, Kümberbach." Came the brisk reply. They have no time to waste.

    "Yes sir."

    With that... the meeting was over. They have more things to focus on than talking. With that, the council disbanded from the meeting that had lasted several hours now. Chambers has better things to do with his men that actually helps people.

    Moon, Purge Station

    As usual, things were a little tense within the quarantine area. The rubber lined building held people in steril cells, awaiting the news that they were clear of the dreaded virus. Every person within the Purge Station had come from Earth, whether man, woman, child or soldier, it didn't matter. They had all been on the planet they once called home, the place that now held a dreaded enemy.

    Those outside of the Station had been cleared, having been held in quarantine for the required amount of time, or maybe even a little longer just to be safe. They had all been tested of any of those detested Neo-Terram pathogens that might spread and/or kill members of society. So despite the fact most everyone was fearful, all accepted the required time to ensure that they won't have to be shipped back to Earth, in that current warzone.

    Even the soldiers from Mars were taken to the moon before they were shipped to Earth, as an extra safeguard to prevent the Neo-Terrans from discovering Earth's other and final stronghold. So besides the evacuees from Earth, there are also those who may never return waiting for their ship to take them to Earth.

    The main structure besides the Purge Station on the moon would be the colossal moon prison. This building is currently under lockdown with skeleton staff, as almost all of the guards have been rerouted to fighting the war that is currently being held on Earth.

    Earth, Undisclosed Location

    Hunger... Desire.... That was all that the One could think of despite her great intelligence. That drive. To spread the change to all of those creatures that are not a part of the Hive. The One could feel their breathing. All of those in the Hive. The life, the chortling of their cries, and most of all, their movement. All like one living organism with the One as the central control.

    Currently, what frustrated the One was this resistance found in the hard creature that resisted her. A creature that resists the change, and is unlike any other creature. The technology that challenged the Hive will stand but for awhile.

    The Others were anxious. Wanting to follow the scent of those creatures who were not of the Hive. But they obeyed the One's orders. They cannot choose otherwise, after all. But the Others must be patient. Soon enough, they will continue the change. But until then, they must satisfy themselves with those foolish organisms who step into the city in which the Hive has gathered.


    ~Outskirts of Bastion city~

    The Old one stood up slowly, patiently. It looked at the place it had rooted itself the previous month. Nothing had changed, remarkably enough. Though another big tower was at the edge of the city. It could only smell Neo-Terra from the winds coming from it, so there was no need to legitimately attack it. Besides, a bystander actually gave it a cookie. No human would do that. It looked for the scents of pollution, long since abandoned but ever present, and set out into the direction. Humans were easy to find as well Neo-Terrans

    ~Bastion City~

    "But you can't do that!" Some idiotic peasant screamed in outrage as Narn'He confiscated his goods. Agriculture in Earth proved surprisingly successful, and many of their local crops were already good enough for production after a few minor tweaks involving growth time and extending the productivity of it's photosynthesis. Narn'He had estimated that this Earthern sun is about ninety percent as strong as his former sun. A minor, but critical adjustment, which he had to explain to every man, women and child delivering crops "You can't give your one twelfth anymore. It's simply not enough. Humans have an archiac thing called a tithe. I find it perfectly proportioned for this climate" He turned and walked away before the peasant could argue more, his Intelligent Drones ordering his Military ones to "Encourage" The man to stick to the Overseer's choice.


    ~The Invasion Point~

    "Major! Report!"

    The giant pelican saluted the General and explained "Bastion City is secure, Sir. However our scouts sent into the Eighteenth City haven't returned yet. We can only suspect the Evlopods overran the city and subsequently our scouts"

    General Lisuuj only gave a sigh "Expected as much. Have a contingent of Antibio drones try and exterminate the city. If that doesn't work out, we'll just gas the entire thing."
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  3. Kaiser's Facility, Bastion City

    The building that had been handed down to Kaiser was a building that stood silent in a developing city that was active and loud with it's everyday business. It was a complex that looked to have no signs of life aside from the rotating guard that ensured nobody entered the area without permission from the staff or the Neo-Terran's government arm. One would have to cross a small path and navigate around the cracked weathered fountain that had been a reminder of the earthling's historical footprint once they got through the outer wall before they came across the building that had been erected in the name of research and investigation.

    Inside was dimly lit with a tone of blue that came from the light sources carefully positioned throughout the room, but even with the lack of significant light one could see the array of human made things that had been delicately placed on tables or hung on walls in a manner that was only familiar to the staff of the facility. The staff, being the lone researcher Kaiser himself, stood leaning over a table that leveled his current project off the ground; a human made holographic pad that had been recovered and sent his way for analysis.

    Reading human writing wasn't no longer the difficult part, for the stacks of journals and data pads had shown the wolf's understanding in such a manner. The difficult part however came with restoring this piece of human technology. Every step was tedious from fixing the screen on a tablet to trying to get a holopad to project it's data like it had been manufactured to. The data these things held though were bountiful.. Not only could you find military records if you were lucky enough, but it seemed every tablet had a story to tell, as if their previous possibly deceased owners were giving the world one more statement before they dissipated in the pages of history.
  4. ~The Invasion Point, In the city~

    *press play*
    The music strummed quietly in the background of the large, hollowed-out room of the furred Lieutenant General Akaro. He sat down, looking out of the huge, singular window that covers the front wall of his room, casting a beautiful scene of the planet Earth, that we try so hard everyday to conquer, appearing to be poked and prodded by the tallest spires of the city, casting a warm, golden underglow. The Earth itself looks a little beautiful, aesthetically, but for the sake of the war, it is mainly what is inside that counts, and, from what he has heard, it is far from achieving that, and it makes him ponder whether or not conquering Earth is really worth it for us. We spent many-a-life establishing one settlement, one, and it's very well the only one we may have for awhile, given the apocalyptic state of the Earth...

    Nonetheless, if Neo-Terra sees life in it, who is he to complain? Wartime is what brings out the best in technological advancement anyways! An example of that being the Oculus, a creature of intricate design and a virtual biological supercomputer: It uses a very complex and expansive nervous system to send things to and fro with the tip of the hat and the wag of a finger of the user. Akaro's Oculus, specifically, is used for observatory purposes. He uses it to observe and assign commands to those under his control, who in turn, relay reports and statistics back to him to update his front of the war and effectively command his forces from a safe location.

    It was currently nighttime for Akaro, although one couldn't really tell around here since the once purple skies of Neo-Terra became shattered by the forces of earth (as such being so near The Desolation.) as well being in the shadow of Earth from Earth's Sun, leaving a scene of space, stars, and Earth for all in the Invasion Point to see, all day everyday.

    An officer, of the lower degree, rings himself to the Lt.General, asking to come in, to which Akaro accepted. The wolf slowly turned himself to the officer, his hands clasped together, pressing his index fingers to his face, trying to look very concerned. The officer was a spliced human, class II, of the marsupial variety. She was someone whom he never met before, nor cared about to meet.

    Akaro, in a disgruntled, yet concerned voice, asked the officer what she wished to relay to him, after all, that's all she was placed here for anyways...
    She replied equally disgruntled yet without concern or much care that Akaro was needed in an emergency meeting with the Council of Generals and that his presence was requested immediately, before walking out briskly, probably to tell the many other Lesser Generals the news.
    Akaro swung back around in his chair towards his Occulus, to inform those currently in the field and not dealing with this council shenanigans. It's not that much of a burden, as it is a much better fate than, persay being burned alive by Humans. It is more like an unnecessary chore to fill out. If there's something that we need to get done, why hold a session of debate about it? when it's the War Council that will eventually have their way with everything in the end? Other than the fact that these meetings are an exertion of the Council's and, by a small extension, Lisuuj (granted he is even coming to this thing), Akaro sees little use in these meetings. The relay officers get the information and opinions around just fine, and we don't need to do their tasks for them.

    After telling everyone the 'news', the wolf gathered what things he needed, stuffed it under his arm, and casually but hurriedly walked his way to the meeting, giving his large room, the music deafened and the room lit only by a small fireplace now, a small glance before hurrying past his guards and moving on.

    His guards weren't much, as he didn't expect much from his investment of personal protection. Unlike other General expenditures, Akaro put more effort towards the technology and comfort rather than manpower. He has two dragon drone/guards, new and inexperienced, they show no sign of sentience, and do their job of watching that door just fine. Being desolated for large amount of times spent in that room, he grew fond of them, and even named them: Dako and Doka. Although not creative, it was simple and easy to remember, and that's good enough for him.

    He looked at them briefly at said guards, who merely stood back at him blankly. He gave them a small tilt of the head for their service and walked to whichever meeting area they requested his presence for. He looked for a place where he would least likely be noticed, (given his position, he is largely ignored most of the time anyways.) to sit down, setting down his gathered items as well. He clasped his hands on his lap, waiting for remaining Neo-terran leaders to arrive to most joyously talk about all things war-esque and deathly...
  5. Lisuuj came walking in, as did five other General advisors that "assisted" The man in making decisions. Bloody useless the lot of them. They all swore on their dying breath that the previous city, Lisuuj believed the proper name was something like Holywood, wasn't overtaken by Evlopods. Now they uselessly wasted several good, intelligent scout drones and quite the resourceful officer. He sighed, looking at Akaro "You mind taking over these guy's jobs?" He laughed at the both concerned and envious looks coming from the council. They all changed their forms to reptilians, much like his, in the vain hope that he likes them more. He sighed, sitting down as a few local leaders from the Invasion point trickled in. He looked Akaro up and down apprehensively during the time. Though frowned

    "Akaro. Get that crazy human lover out of his hole, would you? He might have found something interesting yet."
  6. Akaro watched as the great Lisuuj and his other reptilian advisers strode in, becoming rather surprised that they came to the meeting at all. It must be something real important then, having the overlord of all Neo-Terran military personnel being invited to partake in this event. The general then proceeded to do something even more surprising...bat his eyes at Akaro, who, to be frank, was not high at all on the totem pole of generals. He was a Lieutenant General, sure. But he was one that was merely in charge of psychological warfare and outside interventions...hardly something useful currently, especially in the case of hive minds. Even in the case of his own army, it's not really 'his own', and he is merely there to advise three Lt.Generals on the field on how they should deal with their armies, they could or could not take it, it is entirely up to them.

    When asked if he were to take the jobs of the advisers, he merely gave a small smile and a giggle, for Lisuuj couldn't possibly be serious about that. What he was serious about, after thoroughly studying Akaro quietly, was that Akaro rings up a certain human lover into the council meeting. Immediately, he knew who he was talking about, but he was a whole planet away. He tried to ring him up in order to call him here, granted the telepathic capabilities of our biological communications devices could even reach that far....
  7. Kaiser over time found the tedious task to have more dead ends than progress during his little restoration project. It was... Aggravating to say the least and the same image that he had been looking down upon was now taking its toll on him. It eventually brought enough stress to convince the wolf to step back, a sigh escaping his maw as he slumped back in a chair that had been erected with the use of biotechnology that neoterrans were known to have mastered. The soft bark was enough to challenge the human's cushions, and its familiarity made Kaiser more comfortable, giving him time to just focus on his projects. Ever since his transfer they have been the only thing on his mind. There was soo much to explore from history to science, every bit being uncovered with every waking hour he invested into researching these humans. They were Interesting creatures. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two from them.

    His train of thought eventually came to a halt when he noticed a nearby altar illuminating a blue glow. While there were other ways to get a hold of someone, the meditation practice was the best way to get a hold of the researcher. After neglecting the call from the one known as Akaro for a good while the wolf eventually stood and approached the altar and knelt down before it with his right palm resting on it's glowing material.

    Are you summoning me again, sir? I am rather occupied in my studies here.
  8. Akaro was rather surprised, actually, that the device was inter-global, and happened to reach the other wolf (After a looong while of waiting), but that surprised behavior was easily suppressed when he replied in a somewhat annoyed manner.

    Are you summoning me again, sir? I am rather occupied in my studies here.

    Akaro cocked his head to the side, starring at the white-furred wolf in confusion. "Mr.Riekholm, I haven't been able to speak to you in weeks, much less summon you...anyways, I see that you're busy, but you'll have to put things on hold for right now and make your way back to Neo-Terra to these requested seems that you have sparked the interest of High General Lisuuj, and he, as us all, wish to see what 'busy' work you have done down there."

    He briefly waved at him and hung up, sending him the coordinates briefly afterwards. Akaro gave Lisuuj a small 'thumbs-up' and looked away, frowning and pondering to himself. He questions how much time he actually spent talking to Kaiser, and if the amount of time is unhealthy for the both of them. He really appreciates Kaiser...even though he IS a human lover. Aside from his views on those pitiful humans, Kaiser is a real calm, intelligent, and caring young wolf. He is very patient and can manage to deal with Akaro's...odd personality. He respects him most for that, and one of the few people he can consider trustworthy with Akaro's personal issues.

    Since he has no family to come back to, Akaro's line of work has been rather, desolate, lately. He receives no letters from the civilians, or that of the military, thanking him for his service. Aside from those two draconian guards Dako and Doka, there is nobody else to thank him for his service, nobody else to tell him "Hey, you're doing the right thing here." while he slowly tears his enemies lives and morals apart...

    He sighed and looked at his feet, now that I think about it...talking to kaiser would be most appreciated right about now...