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    The premise: In the year 2015, a way to achieve inter-galactic space travel is discovered. As nations of the world rush to perfect this new technology, new inhabitable planets are found and colonized. The second Space Race begins.

    50 years pass, and the nations of Russia, China and the United States continue to colonize planets, establishing trade and military defense within their controlled systems. As the competition between the superpowers grows, the rising tension foreshadows a future conflict.

    Despite a number of successful colonies, space exploration remains a dangerous, expansive task, reserved only for the most daring of adventurers.

    Game Mechanics: For the most part, this will be a regular, character-driven roleplay. Like most pen and paper games, this one will have a Game Master, who will decide the outcome of some character actions. The GM will control and write out the world and the non-player characters, while everyone else will be in charge of their own character.
    How this will work: Occasionally, the GM will create an encounter for the player characters to overcome. Depending on the character decisions and their known skills, the GM will then announce the outcome in a post.
    Because of this, the format for posting your character's action should be along the lines of "John swung his fist, attempting to hit the pesky mime in his jaw" rather than "John punched the mime in the jaw"
    This will be called an action, and should be colored red. You don't have to do this with everything your character does. Only something that the GM will have to decide the outcome of. Things like combat, dodging lasers or avoiding asteroids while piloting a ship.
    Things that require a reaction to will also be highlighted red in the GM's posts.

    The GM will be me, of course.

    Note: Because a GM is involved, things may not always go the way you planned. Something like character death could even happen if you make enough bad choices. Of course this will most likely not happen, as the GM's intentions are to make sure everyone is having fun.

    Brief Example:
    GM's post.- The aura of evil filled the air. Not a sound could be heard as the mime tiptoed across the steel floor of the ship, making everyone around him uncomfortable with his seemingly useless talents. The mime lunged at John from behind, in a mute flurry of aggression, his silly hat swaying deviously.
    Player's post.- John sensed the impending doom behind him. "I hope there are no mimes on this space ship", he thought to himself, reaching down into his pocket to touch his lucky coin. He made a grunt as the mime attacked, turning and thrashing about in attempt to shake the evil creature off.

    GM's post.- As John tore through the invisible rope, the mime was thrown into the adjacent wall, unable to hold on.

    Note: No dice or number system will be used for deciding the outcome. The GM will simply consider the character's relevant skills, as well as the practicality of the selected action.

    Story: A major corporation has hired 5 individuals for a mission to collect the data on an un-named inhabitable planet.

    Players: A this point I will accept 5 characters only for this campaign. The team will need a pilot and at least one scientist, the other 3 characters can be whatever you want (within reason).



    Professional Skills: Come up with 2 of these. If a character is a pilot, combat piloting will be one such skill.
    Secondary Skills: Choose any 3 you want. These could be anything from hand to hand combat to cooking.

    Country of Origin: Include known languages.

    Background: This is optional.

    Feel free to submit a character or discuss stuff in this thread. Once I have accepted the 5 players, I'll make the campaign thread.
  2. Name: Marie Grey
    Age: 22

    Height/Weight: Six foot, 150 lbs.
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    Profession: She's mainly a nurse, but she knows enough things about a ship to work as a stand in engineer. Fixes the crew then turns around and patches up the ship.
    Professional Skills: Graduated with a degree in nursing and emergency medical treatment

    Secondary Skills: Basic engineering know how, Learns things almost abnormally quick, Great aim
    Country of Origin: United States, English, Spanish, and bits and pieces of other languages

    Background: I might get around to it.
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