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Just another quite Sunday in middle America. The sun is shinning away as a family sits down to a nice breakfast. Everything is business as usual.

"Can you pass the milk?" says little Billy Johnson over an issue of his favorite comic. A short pause, then again. "Um, Dad can you pass the mil...."

Little Billy looks up from his comic just in time to see the top of his fathers head detach from the rest of his body, there is no blood, only a hole where it once was. A silent scream is frozen on Billy's face as a creature emerges from his dad's body. It emerges, but at the same time his dad's body Becomes the creature, almost like his human form is morphing into it. His arms hit the ground with spikes protruding from them and his legs sprout an additional digit at the knee. It has long, curved blades of bone running down it's back and a narrow head that looks impossibly thin for such a large creature. The shell of skin and bone that used to belong to Mr. Johnson is now laying on the ground like a used banana peel. The beast let's out a screeching roar as it closes in on little Billy.

An alien invasion has began on earth, but it is nothing like the brains in Washington predicted. Instead, it turned out to be a plan that had been in the works for years, maybe decades. A parasite was sent to earth to infest the human race, then devour and hatch from their bodies. At this point it would execute stage two, which is to kill all those left on earth. This parasite was sent by an intelligent race, living light years away from our galaxy. The most frightening part about these parasites is that they are virtually undetectable until its too late.

Anyone can be a carrier at anytime!

Thursday June 16,2011

North Platte Nebraska, USA

About the time the creature was having Little billy for breakfast, Brad Carry had just finished his mourning chores
. The hot mid morning sun, which seemed almost unseasonal for this time of year, was beating down in strong steady waves. Sticky sweat ran down Brad's back as he sat down in the shade of a giant Oak tree. Although it had been years since his time in the Marines, somedays he still got the feeling that he was under fire. A light touch of PTSD, he thought. Not a bad trade for all the killing and violence he had seen over there either.

He rested his head on the Oak's thick stump for a moment before getting up. Across the street where the Johnson car usually sat was empty, not at all strange, but the fact that Brad could see into the window was. Against the drawn shade Brad picked out the form of something, a huge dog? Maybe a bear? No, there hadn't been any bears here since they put in the strip mall and Walmart down the road, whatever it was it certainly did not belong in the Johnson's living room. It was hunched over in a very particular way. In an almost, unnatural way. In fact, It would have been totally unimaginable had Brad not been looking at it with his own eyes. In all his 27 years, Brad had never seen anything like it. Then again it was too far away to really tell. Never one to back down, Brad ran into his house and grabbed the Mossberg security shotgun off the rack. It was already loaded with nine slugs, he cocked it and turned towards the Johnson house.

Brad got to the front door, barley winded, but his heart was beating like a kick drum in his chest. He licked his lips and slowly turned the handle to the Johnson home. He stepped back and let the door swing open. While he was shocked at what he saw, he wasn't shaken. In his direct line of sight into the Kitchen was a creature, yes that was the only word to describe it, as the word 'Aliens' had yet to make it's entrance in the land of possibilities. It was on all fours and neck deep in what Brad knew must have been Mrs. Johnson. The entire kitchen was covered in crimson and gore; Sprayed over all the surfaces and counters like someone loaded a water pistol with red paint and went to town. Brad took three steps towards it and unloaded five rounds into the creature. The first three hit it in the body, the last two in the head. It collapsed to the ground, unmoving and dead. Brad stood in utter shock for a moment. Then went to use the phone, not sure what he was going to say to the police, but sure that he had to call someone.

Either out of a knowing sense of fear or curiosity, Brad flipped the radio in the Johnson's living room on. At first there was gurgled static, and then this:

...there is no insight on what they are, only that they are "Not of this earth"


Locate your nearest disaster shelter we cannot guarantee anyones safety at this time
, but we can hope for safety in numbers. The white house has fallen, all major branches of government are inoperative. Most divisions of public transportation have halted. We estimate that half the total population is dead, a mass breakout of an unidentified being has taken over earth, from what we can tell it is a parasite of some sort. There is no insight on what they are, only that they are not of this earth.


Our earth has been inhabited

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