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  1. Welcome to the Earth Inhabited sign-up section!

    This is a Jump in Rp. So Just post your character sheet here and Jump-in!! The IC is already up with information and everything you need to know about the game, but if you have any other questions post them here as well. We can also use this area for plot ideas and other things pertaining to the RP.

    Quick and simple Character sheet.


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  2. Name: Brad Carry
    Age: 27
    Job: Ex- Marine
    Skills: Survival skills, hand to hand combat, weapons training.
    Persona: Straightforward, honest, brave. Not too book smart, Brad gained most of his knowledge from the streets. Quick to act and quick to lead when he feels he has a better grip on the situation than those around him.


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    BIO: Born and raised in Nebraska. Brad left home at 17 to join the marines. He spent the next 8 years of his life serving his country. Most of those years were during war time and in hostel environments. Brad has some definite signs of Post traumatic stress disorder, but with the help of medication he manages to make it through the day. Leading a more or less simple life now, Brad is about as All American as you can get. When he isn't tending to his small farm in Nebraska, he can be found in Church or spending time with family.