Earth, February 2nd, 3672

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  1. Earth, Old Mogadishu, In a Bar

    With the group huddled around the table, the old Russian spacer puffed his cigar one last time before stamping it out in the ash tray.

    “ Alright, this is why I need you for missions. ” The old man placed an old, large laminated scroll on the table and pushed to forward, revealing a heavily annotated map of the solar system. “ Out beyond asteroid belt, on Pluto, there is a Cache of .” he took a pause, as a large toothy grin stretched across his face“ Treasure.” he said with a hearty laugh. “ Advanced technologies, Weapons, other rarities, all ours for the taking. I have commissioned a ship, with FTL, “ he said with a confident nod “ It will take us two weeks time, and we will go through some tough territory.”

    The old spacer pointed at Mercury and Venus with two fingers. “ These planets, and their moons are controlled by the Arclight corporation, you know the famous fusion core manufacturers. Life here is hard, and human rights is nonexistent,” he said with another loud laugh. “ Luckily, we don’t have to go there. We will need pick up supplies for trip on Mars, I have man on Millennium station. From there, I have secured safe passage through asteroid belt because that place is truly a war zone. After asteroid belt we are on our own until we reach Pluto, this is why I need you. Past the asteroid belt is unknown space. Kind of like Wild Wests, yes. Bandits, and god knows what lives beyond the planetary stations we lost contact with those colonies centuries ago. Who knows if they are even alive,” he said with a shrug. “ It is of no consequence to us, we only need to stop at the planets to cool our FTL drive. “ The old man placed both hands on the table as he leaned forward “ I can promise you each a share of the treasure and free room and board along our travels, what do you say?"

    [You already know this isn't going to go as planned. Want to be a part of it?]

    [ This is going to be a casual to advanced RP with heavy realistic Sci-fi themes.]
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  2. Depending on how balanced and ow interesting the other players will be, but I'm very interested.
  3. I mean a little interested, if only because it's sci-fi and I love sci-fi.

    But just checking, you do know it only takes about 5.3 hours for light from the sun to reach Pluto right? So why would a ship with "FTL" take two weeks...

    You say heavy realistic, but you use FTL and odd travel times. That's my only real put off to this. Sorry if I'm being harsh
  4. @FrostedCamel

    Gotta cool them drives homie!

    Also, you would have to drop to sublight to get around the asteroid belt, which would take a while time to navigate. We also have to follow established FTL "highways", cant just jump all willy nilly. Lest we want to collide with a planet or moon or comet, or space junk or other ships. So even at faster then light, travel might take a bit.

    Besides, I wouldn't get used to FTL if you join the RP. You will be spending a lot of your time traveling sublight

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  5. Alright, I mean you kind of make up for it by adding in the fact there are high ways for the FTL like hyperspace lanes but you realize that planets move right (everything moves in space)? So the lanes themselves would be constantly shifting, and the belt it self is a belt not a sphere encircling the inner planets. Space is 3D you could just go up and over or under it no need to navigate it completely which in all honestly would be immensely easy, asteroids in the Kuiper belt are separated by on average millions of miles. They've been there for so long that all of their orbits have stabilized to the point where nothing has been hitting each other since the early formation of our solar system (at least that's what orbital mechanics and observation says).

    So to sum that up, you'd be lucky to even see an asteroid while passing through the belt.

    And another addition space is massive. I mean huge, chances of hitting something especially a planet when you're traveling faster than light are practically zero, the amount of movement a planet would experience when you're traveling FTL would be a fraction of a fraction, traveling FTL all you need to do is point at your target and you'll arrive at it shortly considering the relatively small distance you're talking about here, which even with "highways" you would then know exactly where most large objects would be seeing as you'd have about as set a path as those go in space which really they don't but hyperspace lanes so yeah.

    That's just Relativity which I'm no means any sort of expert in but Google is my friend and the premise of Relativity is easy enough to comprehend.

    FTL is just generally unrefined I guess, likely somethig for the OOC so I'll forgive you on this front XD

    As I said I love me some scifi so I couldn't help but be bugged by that, especially since you said heavy realistic

    Edit: I added a lot to my original post, I'm big into sci-fi, so I just needed to say these things before my brain exploded from holding them in. Because in honesty these aren't even all really sci-fi elements they're just proven orbital mechanics and physics, which would be important to know in a heavily realistic sci-fi setting .-.
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  6. So, you've jumped ahead of me a bit. I would of added more to the interest check if I had known that this would be scrutinised.

    All will be explained in the OOC, I assure you.

    I will explain some of the major themes here though, to ease brain explosions.

    FTL in the year 3672 is very unrefined and rare, requiring you to cool very frequently. They also vary in quality, a top of the line old world warship can make the jump between mercury and Pluto in two 2.5 hour trips. However, most of the vessels you will come across in the RP will have horribly shoddy drives that aren't space worthy or none at all.

    The FTL "highways" will be forever shifting, with some highways being unavailable due to the orbit of celestial bodies or other reasons. In the " inner worlds" ( Mercury to Earth) the lanes are maintained and controlled by their ruling parties. Past Mars however, the lanes are all unregulated and most of those planets have been cut off from the rest of the solar system for centuries. The space past Mars is also the " Wild West"? Raiders, space pirates and maybe even a rogue nation or two will make travel through their space difficult, adding time to the journey.

    The Kuiper belt is and will remain a warzome throughout the RP. Different factions battle for control over the belt on a daily basis on a total war kind of scale. Due to combat, industry, defense and time, the belt has changed. Shattered hulks of ships, fragmented asteroids, space stations, mines and other ( not so friendly vessels) inhabit the area around and inside the Kuiper belt. So yes, there might be millions of miles between asteroids, but in between you can guarantee that there will be plenty to get in your way.

    The characters will down the majority of their time traveling sub light anyway, but I have plans for three tiers of travel : FTL, High Speed ( gotta find a better name for this), and normal ( what I am calling sub light).

    Maybe realism was the wrong tag, by realism I meant realistic characters, play styles and death. This will story will not be progressed by heroic actions and death defying feats ( they may happen though). The characters will work their way through the solar system using luck, guile, intelligence and possibly some not so morally sound choices.

    Lol I should of just wrote the OOC


    One confirmed player and one on the fence so far!
  7. XD

    Thanks for the explanation, it clears a lot up as far as what I was thinking versus what I was reading. I'll keep on eye on this don't worry.
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