Earth Bound Inferno under judicial Christ.

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  1. [Epilogue background]

    Open roleplay. Dante's Inferno Post roleplay. Literate, multi-para to epic novella. Knowledge of movie and game. Basically, it's 10-15 years after the original inferno. Dante and Beatrice are married with a 16 year old daughter. Beatrice is with child with their son, Dante doesn't know. But they don't know that their son is the reincarnation of Lucifer. So he comes to birth, and their son, takes their daughter to marry her, And kill Beatrice. As well as to bring earth into eternal dam nation and start over by making earth the new inferno. Dante has no choice but to once more escalate through the corruptions of Earth, demons and hell. Fighting by Christ's side himself.

    Outside, it was calm and forever known within the realms of the breeze of the false God's, passing through their nasal passages. Drops of dew, kissing and flaking across the gravel and it's ground, each blade of grass bending in pursuit of the ground. But yet, the silence was echoed wrongly.....The weeping cry of a mother's breast could be heard throughout a brick ammunitions building, the splurging of water and blood poured from the table, and then a cry, a screeching cry of a babe, weeping in it's mother's arms were silenced as it's pout lips coiled around the nipple of it's mother to suckle. It's faint blonde locks lay across it's head as if almost no hair was crossed at all.

    The eyes opening to be a cast blue colour, the cobalt echo invading the pale, taught skin. A tear, caressed the cheek of the babe's mother, her blonde locks falling backward from her sweat soaked brow, a linen blanket now cast over her naked frame as it would lay on a small pallet of hay on the floor. Warmth allowing the babe to nurse and fall asleep. The crying from the babe brought memories of pain and torment from the wraths of hell. The firey pit burning in unrelinquished fate for the damned souls which were fought off in torment, to allow his love to prosper. Beatrice, was the blonde that lay in her birthing forum with the babe in her arms. The babe, of Dante. His kin, his daughter which had been born unlike the son he so lost before the valley of torment graced their humble forms. God had granted the two a wish, a privilege as they were both allowed to be human, once more. Granted blood, bone, and human ecstasy wrought within the womb of man. The screaming had stopped, as pale, blue hues adorned her love's happy figure. ....But that, was so many years ago.......

    The same dream... penetrating the mind of the blonde awoken her from her slumber once more. The everlasting dreams of the damned.. Dante... how he betrayed her, but how he had as well saved her, and the things which has been forgotten. Peaks of sun sunk through the curtained window which cast shadows across the room. Her azure hues caressing the walls, only to look over and see her bare chested husband, which lay in the bed next to her. A smile, crossing her lips. The war which waged, so many years ago echoed in her mind as she reached and the sound of child's laughter broadened her ears. It was their daughter, today was her seventeenth birthday. She was becoming quite the young woman; her locks almost as long as her mother's, her breasts, almost as subtle, and her eyes as blue as the morning ocean. But there was news, in which Beatrice still didn't tell Dante.... She was with child, once more. This time, with a son.... Beatrice looked over to the male before her, raising a hand to gently place it on his shoulder.

    Her gentle voice, cooed at him.

    "Dante.... My love.. we're going to be late for church. We have to get Lemora's her birthday."

    Her pale skin rubbed softly against his scared shoulder, from which the unfamiliar pain of the tapestry which was woven into his skin.
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