Earth and Fire

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  1. Wren was out in her front garden, watering some of her flowers. "There you go!" She says cheerfully and smiles. Recently she had got into gardening and was do interested in it... She was always so interested to try out new things. She had already got seven books on gardening from the book store and was looking through one. "Okay, so all I need to do now is wait! Then you'll all grow and be so beautiful, maybe I can grow some other this in my garden beside flowers... Maybe tomatoes and herbs? That'd be so cool!" She then realised she was talking to herself and giggles, flopping back on the grass. It sure was lonely, living by yourself. But she was used to it! Sometimes a couple of animals stopped by to say hello as well. Speaking of animals, she scented something nearby. Then she noticed a tall figure coming closer, it was a deer. "Hey there!" She called out. The deer hesitantly made it's way over to her and stood beside her. Wren reaches out and then stroked the beautiful animal before her. "Aren't you a beauty?"
  2. A big jump over red, glowing lava... this was Emmets comfort zone! He had no idea why his friend, Fredric, had dared him to jump over a small pool of lava, buthe didn't mind. It was dangerous, and involved fire: excactly what Emi lived for! Without a second thought, he leaped into the air, not looking down. Freddy laughed at his friends 'stupidity', but you couldn't blame him for doing so. To be fair, Fred didn't know about Emmets fire powers - he could create fire and not burn when it is touching him.
  3. Wren fed the deer and then watched it wonder. She yawned and then scented a fire nearby. Maybe someone was camping? Then she heard laughing. Usually there wasn't any visitors around except for the animals so the sound of laughter ringed through her ears and she fixed a bright smile over her face. She began to walk towards the scent and the glowing of fire came a lot more closer. It was a pool of lava.
  4. Emmet landed safely on the other side, his feet firmly on the ground. "Told you I could do it," he shouted to his friend, smirking. He stopped when he saw beautiful girl approached. "Wow, Emi. You just did something that only a total weirdo would do," Fred joked, looking across the lava. Emi gave him a look that told him to shut up. "Why?" Fred asked in confusion. "There's a girl coming," Emi explained, halk whispering. Fred frowned and turned around, catching the eye of a young maiden. "Oh, hi," he said, awkwardly.
  5. Wren was smiling and goes over to them, careful of the lava.

    "Hi! Do you come here often? The only visitors you get here are the animals" She says cheerily to them both and then looks over her shoulder to see the deer staring at them. She point at the deer. "See?" She says.

    She then looked over at the lava and then edged back a little bit.
  6. Emmet smiled and walked around the pool towards the other two. "No, not really," he replied, before Fred butted in. "We were just playing truth or dare, and I dared Emi to jump over some lava, 'cause why not? And-" Fredric had always been too hyperactive for Emmet's liking, but he had gotten used to it. "I knew there was a small pool of lava here," Emi finished, ignoring Fred. Fred exclaimed, "Hey! You interrupted me!" before calming down fairly quickly.
  7. "Instead of jumping of dangerous lava why don't you help me with my gardening? I'm pretty new to gardening and everything and it's be nice if I had an extra pair of hands to help out. You don't mind soil do you?" Wren says and then smiles at both of them, pointing towards her house that was in the distance.
  8. Fred smiled and nodded excitedly, however, Emmet wasn't so sure. Last time he went gardening, things didn't go so well. Let's just say his hands and plants don't mix well. If he remembered it correctly, the plant burst into flames and his neighbor (he was gardening with her) ran away screaming. Still, he didn't want to disappoint the girl... "O-ok, we'll help you," he said with a smile.
  9. Wren smiles, suddenly she saw an image that was in his thoughts. He was burning the plants. She hesitates, but then showed them where she lived and then gave them gardening gloves. She looked over at Emmet and then hesitated, not wanting the plants to burn. "Wanna do something else, maybe?" She asks him.
  10. Emmet felt as someone was watching him, on the inside. As if someone was looking deep into his thoughts. But he took that idea out his mind and followed the girl, even though he still didn't know her name. She lead him and Fredric to a beautiful garden, filled with colourful flowers. "Wow!" Fred exclaimed, "This is amazing!" Fred took the gloves without hesitation, smiling. Emi wasn't so sure. "Wanna do something else, maybe?" the girl asked him. Emmet nodded with relief. "What else is there to do?" he asked. At least he wouldn't be burning plants anytime soon.
  11. Wren smiles, then giggled at Fredric's enthusiasm. She watched him for a moment and the thought about what Emmet could do. "Maybe something that won't cause a fire?" She suggested, but in a whisper. "What do you want to do?" She asked him.
  12. Emmet gasped. Had she looked into his thoughts? It all made sense now... she was a mind-reader! Was she an elemental like him? Perhaps water? No, water was excitement, thrills... Air? No, that was power, the rulers of the world... Fire? No, Emi was fire and he couldn't read minds... She must have been earth. That did make sense, with how she loved gardening and lived in the forest. Also, he was pretty sure some earth elementals could read minds. "Y-your an earth elemental? A person with powers of earth?" he whispered, half in shock.
  13. Wren giggled and clapped. "Well done! You guessed right! I am earth" She giggles. "You're fire, aren't you?" She asks, glancing at his fiery red hair. "When did you find out that you had the power you have today?" She whispers. She was standing beside him, curiously.
  14. Emmett looked at Fred, who was looking around the garden excitedly. "Shall we talk someplace else?" he asked, not wishing to let a non-elemental find out about the elementals.
  15. Wren nodded and lead him inside of the house whilst Frederic was out gardening. Everything was very beautiful and calming. She went into the kitchen and began to make them both some drinks. She handed him a mug. "Tea?" She asks him, smiling warmly.
  16. Emmett followed the girl in without hesitation. "Yes please," he said when she offered him tea. "Oh, I'm Emmet, by the way," he added, holding out his hand to shake.
  17. Wren handed him the mug quickly and pulled her hand away, she watches him carefully. Since he was fire she had to be careful that he didn't burn anything. She decides to shake his hand, being polite towards him. She have him a warm smile and shook it.

    His hand was warm, not a burning warm. It was just warm. "Wren" She says and introduces her name to him as well.

    She leans against the counter and sips her tea whilst she looked out the window to see Fredric still busy gardening. She looks back at Emmet. "So, how did you get your powers?" She whispered, even though Fredric or anyone probably couldn't hear her.
  18. Emmet had to be careful not to accidently summon fire. Luckily, he didn't. "Nice to meet you, Wren," he said with a smile. Fred was still outside, not even looking for the other two. "I found out I had these when I was 5, at a picnic. I was just playing around, being a 5 year old, when my hands burst into flames," he explained. He took a sip of his tea. "What about you?" he asked. "When, how did you find out that you could use powers of the earth?"
  19. Wren was looking down at her mug of tea. "I was just out one day and I saw a deer, I could hear it's thoughts and I could talk to it and it spoke back to me... It was super scary at first! But it started to get normal after a while" She shrugged her shoulders and then went out to check on Fredric.

    "Wow! You're doing such a great job with the gardening!" She said, "You can take a break whenever you like"
  20. Fred smiled, waved, and continued his work. Emmet just smiled as he thought about her gift. Talking to animals? That sounded fun, but that didn't matter for now. Fire was his world. The only other element he could cope with was Air, but all elementals could do that.
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