Earth, a wasteland and not one human.

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  1. Gear up, we are going to war! A large amount of soldiers have been drifting through space in cryo sleep waiting for orders, you are one of them. Recently earth has fallen into a state of war, all factions are against each other and the main power has decided to call you in. As you were being taken out of cryo, earth was nuked, all factions launched orbital missiles at the same time. You and the other soldiers are the last pure humans in existence, the earth is now covered in mutants and they have weapons. All uninfected humans live in space, and they have decided it is time to take you out of cryo, will you fight for them and take back earth? Or do you have your own plans? I am going to remain loyal, but do not blame you if for some reason you defect. The odds look bad for us and it seems earth is lost to the mutants, they have more ammo and resources than we do in space. We are being sent to earth in squads, the first unit leaves soon, so grab your gun and meet me in the hanger!
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  2. Ryan adjusted the sights on his rifle and sat in the space station hanger. He had been siting there for hours and could not sleep, it was just fear that had been keeping him up. His fear was of the surface, what would they encounter, or better yet, what would they acquire? Ryan pulled on his helmet as a radio transmission came through from a small drone floating beside him. "The rest of your squad is heading this way, gear up and show them the combat drones." The drone said, obviously being controlled by another engineer. "Would you shut up Vak? I would rather not have them know that im here, I have no plans on heading down with them. My life has been focused around tech, not getting shot in the ass like the soldiers." He slung his rifle over his shoulder and sat behind a crate, hoping his squad would leave him. The drone was a dead giveaway to his position as it floated above the crate talking to Ryan. "Would you just grow up and fire your gun alongside them!?"
  3. Dimitri sat next to his EX0 gunship as two engineers worked around the interior attempting to repair the damages that the previous user had recently received and who had died moments after landing it back onto the station. Been a long time since I've seen one of these. He thought to himself. And it's a damn pleasure. He stood up from the box he was sitting on, moved the side of the cockpit and patted it twice.
    He left his new best friend to the engineers walked to the relatively close man talking to a floating drone. "Hey, not getting shot on the ground like a pig is my favorite position too." He said, interrupting the two, his remark aimed more at the drone.
  4. Aiming his rifle towards Dimitri and lowering it a few seconds later, Ryan let out a somewhat silent scream from fright. "You cannot just sneak up on someone that is armed." His rifle clearly had no mag in it and would not be harming anyone like that. "I could have shot you!" The drone spun around to face Ryan and made a sound, upon listing closer you would probably be able to hear a laugh. "Do not mind Ryan, he is a little more than scared, this is his first mission in the action with the soldiers." The drone turned and then said to Dimitri. "Oh, would you just shut up already Vak!?" Ryan lifted his rifle and smacked the drone, destroying it in the process. "Now, since the annoying drone is taken care of, lets get back to how you scared and armed man!"
  5. Dimitri stared at the rifle pointed at his face then looked up disappointingly, with a slight smirk, to Ryan. "Do not mind Ryan, he is a little more than scared, this is his first mission in the action with the soldiers." The drone said to him. "Are you kidding me?" Dimitri asked, but the before the drone could reply it was knocked from the air. "Now, since the annoying drone is taken care of, lets get back to how you scared an armed man!" Ryan said. I am so betting on this guys life first chance I get, Dimitri thought. "Well first off you were far from what I'd say armed." Dimitri said. "And secondly" Dimitri tapped his flight suits chest "this suit is made of knotted endumax. Stupidly heavy, but can withstand any small arms fire. We wear it to protect pilots from burning alive or from kamikaze shrapnel."
  6. Ryan laughed and placed his rifle down, his hands were clearly shaking and he slowly pulled off his helmet. He reached for his wrist and pressed a few buttons then faced Dimitri. "Are you the pilot for this mission?" Ryan asked and continued fiddling with his wrist computer, as he spoke the drone he smashed earlier beeped and deactivated. "Just try to drop us in a location without mutants, I hear all these stories about them being causing problems with tech. The anti armor guns I need to repair on the surface are already torn apart from them." He placed his helmet back on and continued looking at Dimitri. "Take the two and put them together, emplacements that can take down the fleet, and add power hungry mutants. Good thing they do not know we are up here yet or there would be holes in the station." Picking his rifle back up, still shaking, he turned and walked towards the middle of the hanger and looked out of the blast doors and towards earth. Ryan flagged Dimitri over and pointed at a glowing dot on earth where the drop site was.
  7. "Are you the pilot for this mission?" Ryan asked. "For this one yes. Most of the time I'll be keeping you covered from the air." Dimitri replied. Ryan continued talking for a bit before moving to a pair of blast doors overlooking humanities home planet. Dimitri followed pulling out his pants crotch a bit, and massaging his shoulder. "Is that where we're headed? Looks like fun."
  8. Listening to the conversation near her, she was thinking about what had happened since she had first left earth, her rifle in hand, pistols clipped to her hips. She was thinking about how she would handle seeing Earth after so long. The gravity would probably take some time to get used to again. Thinking about things like that instead of tactics she soon zoned out and her selective hearing drained out the talking around her as she struggled to hold on to the fragments of what family she once had back home. Of course, she knew they had died long ago though she often still thought of them.
    being pulled back into reality when an alarm sounded, her signal to head into the transport pod that would send them to earth. Looking towards the door that was slowly opening before her she glanced back at the rest of her squad.

    " Hey! Let's go ! "
  9. "Yes! it is going to be fun! Mutants, monsters, or what have you! Today gentlemen we will witness the next step in evolution and perhaps even get to kill it too haha almost a shame!" The sound of high heels knocking on the solid cold metal surface of the hangar echos with each step. For anyone familiar with her labs the only reason why they would hear that sound is if they were going to be under the knife or she was coming to give the bad news sombody died. Mandy, or Dr. Valtez entered the hangar doning her usual white coat that draped over her white dress that came just short of her knees and was open at the front showing her busty cleavage. Her face hidden behind the surgical mask, and none can recall ever knowing what sort of face was behind it. With her one good eye, she looked the others over with a cold stare like already she was sticking pins and knives in them. She had that look like she'd open anyone up just to see whats inside. She'd pushed hard to win herself a spot on the group that would be going to earth, she could not pass up such an educational experience.

    "Well, I assume you've all had your physical exams, so you can all relax..for now. I do hope to find samples of our new enemy..oh and I suppose am here for you all aswell. I hope you don't mind I have brought along a little luggage." Would then plop down a pair of huge black bags that land with a metalic clank. There must be enough in them for her to set up her own urgent care.
  10. Dimitri turned at the appearance of most of the team, and although his eyes were covered by his large reflective face-plate he looked them all head to feet, stopping to stare at the doctors...bags before regarding her actual medical luggage. "You can take your bags to the bumbling grease monkeys repairing my new gunship." Dimitri said After lifting he face plate. "Don't worry your pretty little head, they'll be safe in there until launch." Dimitri turned back to Ryan.
  11. Watching the bag hit the ground and hearing the clang of metal on metal she scrunched up her nose in frustration.

    " If you lazy bums are going to hang in here because I'm going with or without you..."

    Her boots clicked on the metal plating as she walking into the large pod that would shoot her down to earth, with ot without her tema. She was already on edge and she hated to wait on other members.
  12. Turning to face the doctor, Ryan shook his head and tapped the side of his helmet. He poked Dimitri and chuckled. "If I am shot, mercy kill me please. I would rather not be cut open and experimented on in the name of science." The engineer whispered and turned to face the blast doors again. "That is the only place we will not be going to, it is a radiation zone after all. Unless we were to wear special equipment, that zone is off limits. No one has explored that zone in years, it has become so dangerous that it is now considered the mutants homeland. We are to meet with a squad already on the surface of a safe zone, I have been speaking with them and the area is already cleared and camp has been set up."
  13. " so what are you saying? Are you saying I am not qualified to go down there alone? Or is it because I'm a girl?"

    she huffed as she turned to face the one who had spoken, unsure if it was directed towards her or someone else, responding all the same. The Earth below did look different from the rest, it looked sort of brownish whereas everywhere else was a dark green or a blackish blue.
  14. "Haha don't take it personal princess! war is hell no matter your age or gender. Yep welcome to hell...and I am the devil.." The last part she utters under her beath while giving Ryan a cold stare at hearing his remark. Then slung one of the bags over to the so called grease monkeys their pilot had mentioned before. "Now put those where they can be easily reached and careful-careful! If something breaks it comes out of your pay or your health! So don't look at me when your dying and I can't fix you because you broke the defibrillator! Well everyone I couldn't agree more lets go.

    And without another glance at them Valtez turns and boards the ship finding a comfortable place to hunker down until they are landed on the hostile and mutant rich planet that was once their home.
  15. "If I am shot, mercy kill me please. I would rather not be cut open and experimented on in the name of science." Ryan whispered to Dimitri, who replied with a hint of intrigue "I don't know, but if she's doin' it I might be into it." He barely noticed the other soldier stamp off until she turned around angrily. Dimitri looked and took a step toward her "Hey, I already got our way down to the surface, and it'll be a hell'f a lot nicer then that meteorite." He finished his point by gesturing towards the launch pod. Just then the crazy doctor chimed in and left for Dimitri's ship. Dimitri then gestured to his ship waiting on Ellen to board.
  16. Once situated on board Valtez would open up one of her huge black bags and take out a bunch of small green and brown camo design bags with red crosses on them. Getting up and going around would make sure to give one to each member of the team even Dimitry their pilot. Then would raise her voice again to get everyones attention.
    "Ok! listen up my darlings! I can't be there to kiss you boo boos every step of the way so I've taken the liberty of packing your lunch boxes for the trip. Inside you should find your basic first aid kit which should have everything you need to bandage your basic field dressing, along with extra tools you might not need like clamps, scissors, and a scalpel. Theres also disinfectant wipes so keep clean earth is a sick place now.
    Also! you will find this!" She holds up a red needle with a black cap over it and pulls the cap off to expose it. "This is adrenaline, not that you'll need more in your system once your being shot at but if you think your about to die and got something really important to do before you croak then inject this into the left side of your chest and press down at the cute little pink end to inject. Side effects may include a sudden jolt, gasping, jitters, the world moving very slowly, and saving your god damn life."

    "The last item is a bottle of pills. Like I said earth is a sick place now days and if you wanna keep your lunch down or the boogers from coming out like a river take two of these anti-biotics daily. No you won't die if you don't have them but you'll feel like me when I got swine flu back when that was an actual epidemic." Without further ado or a word more would turn to dmitry and under her mask would smile, for a moment he probably coulda sworn it but her eye winked at him.

    Once everything is back on earth there would be a lot for Valtez to do. Setting up the medical wards, putting things in order, making sure it was camouflaged from the ground and air just in case. The lab would need assembling, patient wards set up, and her office of course. She also had to go over the forms for each team member. It was important to know their stats, blood types, or any limitation that may become a handi cap. It was going to be a busy day, and likely to get more busy once bodies start piling in.
    There would also be a great need to find a way to hide her files from anyone but her eyes...eye. Whoever wins this fight will win the earth, and whomever they are will likely establish governments and parties. She would likely have information on both sides at that time, and if the wining side wasn't who she favored she wanted to be sure the information died with her...but who's side was that? She almost wasn't sure herself. She felt conflicted while studying the teams records, she didn't believe in the status quo, but in the progression of life. Perhaps humankind was out of the band and a new race was meant to come, classic Darwinian theory. But looking at their files, and then at their faces was a huge difference. Perhaps behind her mask, and not just the surgical mask, was the face of a person who actually cared for these people.
  17. Ryan laughed and shook his head. "Someone hand me the phone, because I called it!" He joked and quickly made his way over to the ship, but froze as a call came in from his wrist monitor. There was quite a bit of shouting and a few gunshots here and there, only to be cut off by an explosion. "Someone take the phone, I am bailing." He sighed and entered the ship, only to make his way towards the front where he sat in the co-pilot seat. He peered out the window and towards his team. "And to be honest, the lot of you are going to have to deal with that." The engineer looked down at his rifle and hand cannon, he slung the rifle over his shoulder and holstered his pistol. He examined his wrist monitor and attempted to get the signal back, he did get it back.... but the person that responded was not human. "Put that down and step away from the contact screen, I do not want your mutant hands all over...." Ryan was cut off by the mutant smashing the monitor. "For fu..." He stood up and stormed out of the ship to face the team. "Lets get going, the camp is gone, and I would rather not have to wait to set one up at dark." Without waiting for a response he moved over to an armory crate and tore it open, he grabbed a magazine and loaded his rifle then grabbed a drone pack.
  18. Koda sat up right away as he had just been let out of Cryo, the man let out scream with the name Marina slipped out of his lips. Right before he had been put into Cryo his love Marina had been shot through the chest, which didn't let him have any grief about it. Koda sat up and climbed out of the chamber, he was dying inside but he was the type of guy who would keep their emotions built inside. When he sat up he noticed that he wasn't on the ship, but on planet earth. He had his armor still on, with everything still in check. He looked on his wrist at a monitor and began tampering with it trying to get a signal to the ship, he then heard a voice, someone he doesn't know. "Send back up to planet Earth, my name is General Koda i have been in Cryogenic for many years, i need your help" He was then stopped by yelling, Koda turned around at two Mutants running at him. Koda took out his primary weapon and shot two of them, one in the head and one in the chest.
  19. "well I suppose if the camp is gone I may need one too." Going over to where Ryan is would lean over the edge of one of those supply crates and pick up an extra riffle similar to his. By the way she holds it, looks down the sights with it, and then loads a mag into it, it would seem she knows how to use it despite not being a combatic type. After slinging it over her back would turn to Ryan and come close to him, almost so close that she bumps into him. She stares down at him with her one eye coldly as if thinking about something then touches her mask where her lips would be and leans down close to him so when she speaks only he would hear. "Listen, Ryan right? You don't look like someone who likes to be close to the action and you probably won't last long on the front either, plus those drones are more useful to us if you keep your distance. I'll make you a deal: stay close and protect me and my medical team till we can get secure in a new camp and I'll put a word in requesting you stay close to my unit. But don't think your getting off easy I still expect some support if am in trouble or you may resent me more than the mutants. Let me know what you decide." After backing out of his face would return to her seat in the ship and begin to read over the files and what little information they have on the mutants while waiting patiently for take off.
  20. After some moments when Ellen didn't make a move, Dimitri walked away "Fine, take your time." He said over his shoulder as he moved to the gunship. "Lets get going, the camp is gone, and I would rather not have to wait to set one up at dark." Ryan yelled across the hangar. "Just gimme a second this pilots suit almost weighs as much as your mother. OH!" He replied back, feeling that the comment may have been misplaced at this time "Too soon?" He said as he passed Ryan. It did take him a while to shuffle over to the ship, regretting that he put his suit on so long before take off. He entered and moved to a little passageway that connected the main hold to the cockpit, and turned around waiting for the group to enter the ship.
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