Earth, a wasteland and not one human. (Revival)

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Would you like to see a recapturing of earth, or let it rot?

  1. Take it back!

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  2. Let it rot!

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  3. Does not matter to me.

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  1. You can get a lot farther with a smile and a gun than you can with just a smile. - Al Capone

    Canada, Russia, America, reduced to ashes because of the greed of man; these once superpower countries, now nothing more but glorified graveyards. Earth is gone, no longer the primary domain of mankind, but of the mutated versions of said humans. Amongst the ruins and the ashes, all that remains of the Old World are weapons and plenty of them.
    Your story starts here.

    You and many others were placed into cryo storage on space stations before the war, all one of a kind creations. Some from space and others from earth, but despite your differences you all share a common goal --to return planet Earth to it's former glory. Earth has been taken by its last survivors, the mutants and the corrupt government. The last pure strain of humans and aliens that control the space stations have taken you out of cryo sleep. Until earth is reclaimed, you all must live the life of a soldier like every other pure strain human.

    Earth used to be the highest reguarded planet in the Solar system, the planet's name constantly a word on the lips of the other factions. Humans used to be the source of power, a dangerous threat to the other factions, everyone wanted weapons and everyone wanted protection that is, until the collapse of earth. As it stands no one save for the pure breed humans have the right to bear arms. Which has resulted in a stalemate in the war on planet earth.

    Will you help take earth back and receive your freedom?

    Or do you plan something much darker?

    Factions/Units (open)

    Terrans (open)

    The Terrans, the group not seen in over a thousand years. When they were still around they were the most powerful force aside from third shock. Third shock drove them back into the black hole that they came from. They are an alien force seeking to convert every living thing into a cyborg and then use them as soldiers. Even though they have not been seen, that does not mean they are gone. They have secretly been operating on earth for a VERY long time. From humans to others, they have already begun converting every living thing they find and have quite a large army already.

    (A bunch of pictures... I know.)
    Pictures (open)

    Mech (open)

    Soldier (open)

    Terran mark/flag (open)

    Terran fighter/VTOL (open)


    3rd shock reg (open)
    3rd shock reg = The faction of the space stations hovering over earth, they are ready to either destroy earth or take it at a moments notice. "So, you need anything?" The inhabitants of the space stations are aware of the humans plight, and are willing to help in anyway possible. In the past they have helped with settling wars and dealing with other races that would harm the humans. Now, there only purpose is to help the humans retake earth, and stop other races from interfering. The space stations that they use are outfitted with the best defense systems the galaxy has to offer, meaning they do their job VERY well.
    Pictures (open)

    Space station (open)

    Drop ship (open)

    The ship itself is big enough to carry around thirty or so soldiers at one time and two vehicles.


    Earth (open)
    Once the main power in the solar system, now reduced to nothing. Earth has been turned into nothing more than a wasteland, all major powers owning it have long since disappeared. The planet is in a state of nuclear winter, meaning there is little to no light at certain times of the day due to dust and debris in earth's atmosphere. The ground is covered in what looks like snow, but is radioactive particles. The radiation from this 'snow' is not lethal, and at most you will get sick from direct contact to skin. Ships will have a hard time entering and leaving the planet due to the high levels of radiation in the atmosphere, meaning more than one trip is out of the question for most pilots. That being said, the planet smells of death. The more time spent on earth, the reason why the smell lingers will become prevalent.
    Mutant (open)

    Humans = The humans have been mutated to an extreme degree. Some are missing limbs and others have evolved to a god like state. Their technology had become so advanced before the war, and it still all works. They use the tech to their advantage, from mechanical soldiers to jet packs, they have everything except space faring vehicles. The surface of earth has been taken by the mutants, they are very territorial and will shoot trespassers on sight.
    Image (open)




    Cytech (open)
    Need to break down walls, or hijack someones mind? Look no further, as Cytech can and will provide you with the weapons to do so. Cytech, if you have not already guessed, is the main weapon producer in the galaxy. No other company works as fast, or produces quality weapons like Cytech. They work with third shock, producing their defense weapons for the space stations. If someone were to know the owner of Cytech, they could get around the space stations and access earth.

    Things to know:
    • You are free to customize your character in anyway, god mode and things close to it are forbidden. (Meta-gaming included!)
    • Please respect everyone involved in this RP, failure to follow this rule will get you kicked.
    • If you die and have been approved before, just create a new character and jump back in.
    • The mutants are supposed to be OP, no heroics here.
    • Keep any injuries as realistic as possible, we may be soldiers, but that does not mean we are bullet proof! That being said, try to stay alive, but take a bullet every once and a while.
    • To prove that you read the rules, place "For earth" in other.
    • There are no squad commanders, work as a single mind!
    • Some non humans can be in cryo at start. (5 at most.)
    • If non human, you may already be on the planet as an illegal scavenger.
    • Players with a custom race other than human, may create a faction for the RP.
    • Three sentence min in this RP when submitting a reply/starter.
    • You will not know about any of the factions if you are exiting cryo.
    • Must be apart of 3rd shock if human.
    • Listen to your friends, do not listen to those that may guide you away from your true objective.

    Race: (Anything that fits in a sci-fi universe.)
    Preferred tactics:
    Bio: (Not optional)
    Equipment: (Do not spam pictures, attempt to describe at-least one piece of equipment.)
    Custom faction?: (Opt)

    Credit/GMs/Def (open)

    BlackOrchid For helping me piece this together. Also, co-GM.
    Vyork Ashfin GM
    Cryo = Cryosleep is the art of freezing humans for long periods of time in a controlled environment.
    The two GM's in this RP will control the movements of the mutants, some will be harder to take down than others.

    Accepted (open)
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  2. Reserving this spot until I can copy my form ^^

    EDIT: Are hybrid allowed? I was thinking of making a genetic mix between an Alien and human.
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  3. Name: Minami Anguis
    Age: 21
    Race: Xenomorph hybrid
    Gender: Female
    Preferred tactics:
    Minami is often one of the first to be on the field, but she is in no way rushed. She often improvises to the annoyance of her teammates, but it almost always works out well. Minami prefers taking out enemies quick and silently, using blades and sniper rifles to accomplish that task. She will only use loud weapons when absolutely necessary.

    Personality: Minami has a somewhat cold manner of interacting with others, distrusting others when meeting them, due to her being passed from one division to another during her training. She will protect her comrades with her life if she has to and will do anything for people she truly trusts.

    Bio: Minami is the result of a genetic experiment, a splice between an alien called a Xenomorph and a genetically enhanced human. She was the first and only succes after eight failures and was kept in a laboratory for study.

    Minami had been born with mostly human features, which seemed to be the reason she was a succes. Where the other subjects had turned feral and tried to kill their caretakers, Minami turned out as a normal child with certain "quirks". She could already walk steadily at six months old and had exceptional strength and reflexes, but had no aggressive tendencies.

    At the age of three Minami was already subjected to physical training and mental challenges, preparing her for whatever purpose she would be given.
    When she was five the government decided to "donate" her to the Department of Defense, who trained her further and placed her in a Special Operations team when she completed her training.

    Over the years Minami continued to learn and develop her own skills and knowledge of the world as she was allowed to interact with others. She developed a certain hatred as she was shipped off between divisions, usually because of fears her teammates would have when she was around.
    Eventually she ended up at a division that specialized in Assassination and Spying. Minami was satisfied working with the team of somewhat odd people and settled down somewhat in the group. Eventually she was put into cryo-sleep and has slept until now.

    She wears a skin-tight bodysuit that is specifically designed for her and enhances her agility, speed and flexibility. It leaves room for her tail and is made of a special material that adapts to both hot and cold climates.
    Her weaponry consists of mostly blades, both small and large ones. She also holds one high powered sniper-rifle and two hand guns, but prefers not to use the guns unless absolutely necessary.

    Specialty: Assassination and Stealth. Especially good with blades and her sniper. Expert in close-combat.
    Custom faction?:
    (Opt)Other: Minami has a somewhat tougher skin than ordinary people, though it is certainly not exceptional. Her tail, however, is a whole different story. The tough, though flexible, black skin resembles an exo-skeleton and is close to impenetrable.

    Besides her tail Minami has several other physical features that let her stand out. Her eyes are a blazing amber color and reflect light like a cats eye would, making her able to see quite clear in the dark. Her ears are somewhat pointed and she also has an exceptional sense of smell and hearing. Finally she has sharp claws and fangs that make her stand out somewhat if she doesn't hide them.

    Minami's blood is like a strong acid which can burn through stone and steel alike, though it doesn't affect her own skin. This property is both a blessing as a curse, as she will keep bleeding until the wound closes up on its own and can endanger her comrades when they try to help her. Luckily she has a higher regenerative rate than ordinary humans, so her wounds will usually heal up perfectly as long as she rests properly.

    She fights For Earth ;3
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  4. Name: Seamuss (Shay) Monako

    Age: 27

    Race: Human

    Gender: Male

    Preferred tactics: Shay would rather back up his friends from afar than fight in the thick of battle. He's equally good at both, but the he just finds the former more accurate.


    Bio: (Not optional)

    Equipment: (Do not spam pictures, attempt to describe at-least one piece of equipment.)

    Specialty: Shay loves demolition. You need something destroyed, he's your go-to guy. Whether it's by explosion, blunt force, or anything else, he will make it fall... or rise. It really depends on what it is.

    Shay is also a great driver. Well, it depends on your definition, really. He is great at dodging incoming projectiles and creatures, though he normally likes to ram the latter. He can drive any ground vehicle you throw at him, figuratively, of course.



  5. image.jpg image.jpg
    Appearance: Left pic is without armour, and the armour picture has four arms, and is a bit more skeletal and thin.

    Name: Tierth
    Age: 147 human years (Equivelant of being in his late 20's)
    Race: Kratis
    Gender: Male
    Preferred tactics: Support, laying cover fire, and helping out.
    Personality: Kind, but cautious and untrusting, not very patriotic.
    Bio: Tierth grew up on his volcanic home planet many light years away from earth. Now 147 (late 20's), he has bought his own starship and is employed as a mercenary pilot with the 3rd Shock Reg.
    Equipment: Has human-like armour, to keep humans from having awkward moments around him, as it makes him look human
    Specialty: He is a pilot, mostly piloting transport and bomber in-atmosphere ships.
    Custom faction?: 3rd Shock Reg mercenary
    Other: He is supportive of humans and is capable of affection. For earth
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  6. I'm going to reserve a spot if you don't mind ^.^
  7. i actually forgot about this. I'll try to finish my CS soon.
  8. I see one thing everyone is missing, and I was wondering whether I could be a mutant
  9. Yes, hybrids are allowed.

    Did you read the "Rules / Things to know"?

    No problem. :3

    No, mutants are controlled by me and the other GM, (Who may be missing. :3 @BlackOrchid) BUT you can make a race that dislikes the humans.
  10. I finished my form ^^ I hope you approve >~<
  11. I do have one question....are robots/cyborgs aloud in this? should they hate humans or work together?​
  12. Yeah I did read the rules and things to know... Is there something I'm missing? Ohhhh I must've missed the proof bit in there. I'll edit that now.
  13. Accepted!


    Actually yes! Cyborgs and robots are allowed in this. They can have mixed feelings about the humans, hate or love.
  14. Yay thank you ^^
  15. (( new character))

    Hellen Carrose


    Augmented Human
    ( sometimes called a cyborg)


    Preferred tactic:

    Hellen was never a big social butterfly, but she wasn't a lone wolf either. She always could carry a conversation if need be, never wanting to disappoint.

    3rd Shock

    Hellen was raised on the countryside, shortly before the planet was doomed for destruction. She joined a fighting force of her own free will, intent on defeating the enemy and taking back her home which she lost years before. She learned form her friends the art of battle, taking her time in perfecting her own skills and taking on a more silent approach at it, growing into a sneaky and quite excelling soldie, having been nicknamed " Hell's Assasin"
    Carries a tazer at all times and keeps two pistols holstered.
    Hand to hand Combat and ranged weaponry
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  16. Name: ZEKE
    Age: 131
    Race: EXO
    Gender: male?
    Preferred tactics: He likes to charge head first into battle, right into the showering bullets. He uses his robotic strength to conquer his foes (and his shotgun), no matter how big they might be. But sometimes when it comes to it, he can be the most quiet hunk of metal, you wont even see him coming when he uses stealth tactics, as well as when he snipes.
    Personality: very honest, and quick to judge. He can seem brute like, but has an exceeding amount of knowledge. The only thing he cares about is humans, but he's not sure if any are even left from what he has seen. Anything else that comes in his way, will be crushed like a bug.
    First person bio (open)


    My name is ZEKE, I don't know what the name means, but I decided to give myself the name after seeing it on my shotgun. Lets begin where it all started...

    I am an EXO, a project made by the humans for defensive precautions against any threat that would pose against the race. Millions of us were made, but I was the only "unique" one created, I was built the same as the others, every EXO is basically like a exoskeleton for a AI made to be killing machines, EXO for short. We had a arsenal of upgrades that would be used to kill, and all powered by a core that was said to never run out. we were stronger than 20 men put together, and were much harder to destroy than any advanced tank we could produce. We all had a code that basically made sure that the AI wouldn't become an AI who could think, dream, feel emotions, and have opinions. I wasn't made with that code, So I was a superior EXO compared to the others. Now the humans didn't find out that they had created me with such abilities, I kept it hidden, knowing they wouldn't trust me with such capability.

    But eventually they found out... my ability to adapt was to noticeable, they saw me learning. Then I was sent to a facility in which they were going to study me closely, after some studies they decided to shut me down, for purposes that they did not explain. But once my power was restored... several years later to be exact, I had found out there was no humans... they had destroyed themselves. Earth was now a hostile place with mutants and scavengers from other planets. On my awakening, I had come to the conclusion that I had stripped from my arsenal of weapons, I was only left with my body and its strength capabilities.

    the facility I was in, was scavenged in some parts, in others I had to break into. And begin to repair my body to prepare for whatever was out in the lands, I put more reinforced armor plating over my body, equipped my self with micro radio capabilities and some experimental gear, cloaking, it didn't have any affect on humans when it was made, but on some EXO's it was used. My body was created to change and be upgraded, which helped in the installment of the devices afterwards, I put on soldier armor, it covered my body, except for the hands and my head, but that didn't matter. I grabbed what was in the armory, a shotgun, and sniper rifle, and as much ammo that I could carry for each, and began to travel around the lands. killing whatever thing that was ignorant enough to try and engage combat with me. I'm hoping that I will find any kind of human traces...I must know if they survived or not, if not then things are worse than I had thought.

    Equipment: The shotgun in the picture, capable of punching holes through solid concrete. He has cloaking software integrated into his body. his second weapon is his sniper rifle, which he scarcely uses. One of his prized inter graded devices, is his energy shield. It's normally off, as it uses a lot of power to keep running, but the shield is capable of repelling heavy weapons, rockets explosives, he even uses it when falling from a distance. Only on problem. When the shield activates, he cannot move. It locks him in place, only until powered off.

    He also has...

    Short burst thrusters:

    Small thrusters located on several places on his back, on each elbow and knee, his heels, and the palms of his hands. These thrusters are capable of locking him in mid air after a jump to provide support from the air for a short time, or to slowly descend from a drop safely. He has also tinkered with the thrusters to be over charged for a split second without being destroyed, allowing him to dash In any direction, or blow a hole with his hands through an enemy's body when in hand to hand combat. Or to deliver a punch with massive force.

    Ping sensor:

    A constant ping emits from ZEKE's body, can't be seen or heard, allows him to have a sense of his surroundings without needing to directly looking at anything, range reaches 15 feet, allowing him to have an edge in hand to hand combat.

    Hydraulic joints:

    The joints on his body are all hydraulics systems. Allowing him to take massive impact when falling, to giving him increased strength. He has been able to overwork the joints, making the liquid inside unstable, making his movement increase for only a short time, as well as the strength to increase, after that he must cool down, steam will emit from his body for a short time after his systems are increased, something he uses for only the toughest jobs.

    Scanning systems:

    Allows for ZEKE to scan objects and organisms to allow him to know more about them, depends on if he has the information in his databanks. If not, his scanning records the data and if in combat, the more he see's of the creatures abilities and actions, the more he learns and adapt. Making him adapting always.

    Integrating systems:

    Allows ZEKE to use new software that he can find, and program it I to his body, of he finds use for it. Since his body is body is composed of a nanotechnology material, it is easy to accomplish such upgrades.

    Nano material:

    His whole body is made of a nanotechnology that repairs itself, not in the fraction of a second of course, but gradually over time. Such as a human does with wounds. Same healing factor as a human too. Making him almost a living organism...almost.

    A.I core:

    Located inside of ZEKE's head. Similar to a brain. But he can transfer his A.I self to other technological things that can host him. Leaving his body behind if needed be. Something he rarely does

    bey3P.jpg the bullets this weapon uses explode on impact

    Specialty: Using any type of technology to his advantage, gathering information, to corrupting data and hacking other robots. He exceeds in hand to hand combat and martial arts, he's great with his shotgun and rifle.
    Other: ZEKE loves cats and fights for earth

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  17. You seem to be missing something.

    Accepted, please do not spam that shield though.

    We will be starting after three more people decide to show up.
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  18. Don't worry lol, I don't plan on it ^.^
  19. Confuzzled. Mind giving me a hint please?
  20. Did ya read rules and things to know?
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