Earth, a wasteland and not one human. (Revival)

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  1. Space station
    (Hope this is good for a starter!)​
    To be honest, Sky did not want to travel to earth with multiple dullards he had not even met. If it were up to him, he would eject himself from the station, but unfortunately he had to meet up and speak with the new people coming out of cryo. Standing up and stretching, he made his way to the armory and asked the quarter master for his EXO. After retrieving his suit, he made his way back to the outside of the cryo chamber with his helmet in his arms. "Can you let me in now?" He asked one of the guards over a radio built into his suit, only for the door to open. He stepped inside the cryo room and the lights flipped on. Placing his helmet on, a sigh left his lips. Talking once again over the radio, he asked the guards to begin the thawing sequence. Making his way back to the armory he placed the order for equipment that the team would need if they did actually go down to earth. Grabbing his rifle, he made his way into the hanger and sat down on one of the many crates, only to watch as workers hurried by. When the thawing process was complete, a broadcast would play informing everyone to go to the hanger. In-front of each cryo pod was a locker containing an earpiece radio. (If they did not already have one.) And a key-card on a chain to access the entire station. The radio would need to be used to get into the hanger, as large blast/airtight doors were used in-place of normal doors for almost everything, as the station regularly vented certain areas. For those that were already out of cryo, or were not in it in the first place, a broadcast close to the one that played in the cryo chambers would play station wide informing those in the earth program to head to the hanger.

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    If I missed someone please tell me.
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  2. The door blasted open, a humanoid figure stood in the doorway, shotgun in hand. One quick look at it's face and you could tell he wasn't biological. Clearly it was intelligent, the machine was intelligent. And spray painted on his gun, was the name ZEKE in bold red letters.

    What seemed to be his eyes darted back and forth around the room, shotgun tight against his chest. After a short while, He flipped his gun onto his back, and proceeded into the room. It was a rather large computer that he had found. It was a long range radio, capable of sending signals to outer space. ZEKE pulled the lever powering up the screen. "Power seems functional, now to see if it can amplify my radio signal." He began pressing buttons, going through data banks, his metal fingers pressing against the screen. Suddenly the screen flashed red, PICKING UP SIGNAL. His eyes went to the screen, he pressed the play button and suddenly he began hearing faint radio chatter... Something about project the atmosphere. Suddenly he then went back to typing and pressing buttons before speaking "this is....this is a fully functional EXO speaking, please respond!" He spoke. He repeated it several times hoping he would be heard...then the screen turned off, and the room went dark.

    ZEKE froze, then slammed both fists into the keyboard screen, destroying it. Anger, another emotion he had been experiencing lately... It wasn't a pleasant feeling. "Dead radio...need to find another...but how" his hand went to his shotgun as he turned around and blasted a creature that was behind him.

    His sensors picked it up as he worked on the system, it was a wolf in origin. It's genetics and bone structures proved it was once a wolf, but due to the nuclear fallout, it's mutated. Longer canine teeth, and no fur with blood red eyes. It's rare to find a living one, maybe natural selection has taken it's course on the organisms that have somehow have survived the radiation. "Find another priority..." He said stepping over the dead animal and made his way outside.

    Back on the hunt again.​
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  3. Waking up from cryo was an experience that could differ for each person. Unluckily for Kara it was a bad one and she shared the displeasure with her surroundings trough a wide range of curses. Before managing to stumble over to the locker and open it. "Okay key card and radio fair enough" The woman muttered and placed the radio in her ear, after hanging the card around her neck. Cursing again when she found no string for her hair Kara slammed the locker shut and looked around at the others Cryo pods opening.
    "Hmph i hope you have a great wake up like me" The woman looked at a speaker sending the message contemplated for a moment if she should wait for the others and then shrugged making the decision to go ahead instead.
  4. A broadcast from 3rd Shock's Mercenary Handler told Apollyon to meet in the hangar. Apollyon pressed his personal handler, a woman with the codename Nymph, for more information. She told him that the cryo units were thawing and needed to be briefed in the hangar. He also found out that 3rd Shock wanted him there to help preside over the talks since Sky could be stifling and inflexible. The illithid laughed lightly and hit his thrusters, deviating from his patrol pathing and docking with the hangar. His ship, since he was likely to be sent out after briefing, was landed facing the exit and in a spot reserved for pilots prepping to leave. Donning his EVA suit, Apollyon lowered his gangplank and casually strolled onto the hangar floor.

    He had to find the esteemed Sky. It wasn't hard. All he had to do was find the most annoyingly serious and sullen person in the room. The illithid made his way over to where Sky was, settling on a crate a few meters away. Rather than waste energy on telepathy, Apollyon opted to speak directly. "The popsicles are melting according to my handler. It seems we are to brief them on what Earth is like as well as what will need to be done. Think we will be sent down for a mission?"
  5. Sky watched as a ship entered the outer hanger and went through the normal process, only to be allowed into the inner hanger. The hanger doors operated like an airlock, one door opens while the other remains shut to keep the air in. Sky sighed as the ship's gangplank came down, only to see Apollyon stroll out of the ship. Listening to what the Illithid had to say, he rolled his eyes. "I assumed that it was just going to be me briefing those that were new to the program, though some help would be nice." As he finished talking, a radio transmission came through his suit, loud enough for anyone nearby to hear. "There is a newly thawed heading to you now, name is Kara. I have also been told to inform you that we picked up a brief transmission from the surface of earth, almost as if the mutants found one our stations." A smile crossed Sky's face as he stood up and slung his rifle over his shoulder. "They will be sending some soldiers down to wipe the station clean of any mutants, and then will get the transmitter back online if they damaged it. This is important to note because we will likely be the soldiers to do it. As for this Kara, she should be here by now." Leaning against the crate he was just sitting on, he eyed one of the large doors across the hanger.

  6. Apollyon nodded when the transmission came in, receiving one from Nymph shortly after. "Transmission facility. Supposed mutant. Referred to self as EXO. Use that callsign in case it was a sentient and friendly creature. And for the love of all that is holy, make sure that any friendlies stay alive." He patched himself back and responded to Nymph specifically. "Mission acknowledged. Will determine if contact was friendly or mutant. Will terminate if a danger. I will radio when first encounter is made." Turning to Sky, he removed his helmet in its entirety. "Seems we will be working together on this. Nymph told me the communication used the name EXO. Is there any race or person in the database that goes by that identifier?"
  7. Hearing the word "friendly" made Sky laugh. "Yeah, when we go down ill take your weapons then we will see how friendly the mutant is." Tapping the side of his helmet a loud screech could be heard from his radio. He jumped, completely surprised. "Sorry about that, testing systems. Anyway..." Sighing, Sky went on. "Are there any mutants or factions that go by the call-sign EXO?" It took a while for the radio operator to respond. "No, none that we know of at the moment. Would you like me to continue searching?" Instead of answering, Sky simply shut his radio off with a tap to his helmet. "I am telling you, it is most likely not a friendly that we are dealing with. Personally, I think we should just destroy the entire network of transmitters on Earth, so we don't have to deal with garbage like this. The mutants constantly mess up our systems and we have to deal with it."​

    Meanwhile, on Earth
    Valentin stood and watched over the transmission facility from a distance. Seeing someone exit, he turned on his radio to an encrypted channel that not many knew about. "Sorry to wake you all up, but we have work to do. I just found a human, or what looks like one, exiting the south transmission facility. I am moving in to eliminate, be on standby." Valentin set himself up with his rifle on a large rock face that overlooked the facility. Looking through the scope he zoomed in on ZEKE, only to watch the movements of the 'human'. A bright blue glow could be seen coming from the barrel of his rifle, showing that he was ready to fire. He must have been half a mile or so away, there was no way ZEKE would have noticed him, right?

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    ZEKE walked out shutting the door behind him, "another would miles away...transportation is limited...wait" He turned around to see a light in the distance... "human? no cant be, hostile, yes, heavy caliber rifle, mutant? its a possibility, the chance is to low, luck... there is no luck, just chance" ZEKE dashed to the left out of the line of sight, rolled onto his feet and sprinted towards the man at a alarming rate. Through scanning, and data logs, he made a guess that he could take a round without problem, but another round in the same spot would definitely do damage, so he decided to keep moving, and ran like an angry bull towards valentine.​
  9. Valentin adjusted his scope as ZEKE moved out of sight... and towards him? Pulling the trigger as soon as he found his target once again, he missed by a few feet, knocking dirt and rock up into the air. "Damn." Slowly, the rifle barrel began to glow a bright blue again, only for it to disappear as Valentin pulled the trigger, once again missing. It would be a while before he would be able to fire again, so he stood up and turned his radio on. "I need you to move me, when can you get to the southern sector?" He asked the person on the other end of the radio. "Three minutes, give or take." Well, that would not do. The camps were set up in the cities, and he was currently in the middle of nowhere. "Hurry it up, I am about to engage with a possible threat." Tapping the side of his helmet, he shut his radio off. He had no way to defend himself, as his rifle was useless at the moment, the battery would take a minute or so to charge. Without a second thought, Valentin tossed his rifle to the ground and raised his fists, still thinking it must of been some sort of human or mutant running at him.

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  10. The illithid responded coolly to Sky's assertions. "We cannot know the disposition until we make landfall and check it out. Keeping the network up and running gives the remaining sentient and friendly creatures on the planet an emergency fallback. destroying those would undermine 3rd Shock's entire mission for Earth. It has not yet fallen to the point of no return, so we do the legwork and get more people off that rock to prepare for the large scale takeover. To be honest, a better option would be to assign guards to the sites, but they need recruits for that. People are not jumping for this type of work." He glanced over to the bulkheads nearest the cryo chamber. He still didn't see the newcomer. He figured she might have gotten lost, but the crew would direct her to the hangar for briefing.
  11. The machine stayed his steady pace, didn't flinch as the ground was thrown up around him from the blasts by the gun. And once he saw that the life form threw the gun into the ground, ZEKE ran straight for him. And skid to a stop, thrusters in his knees and elbows stopped him from going any further. He pulled out his shot gun from his back, pumped it and a shell flew out of the chamber. His blue glowing eyes rested on Valentin. "I'll give you a few seconds to reply before I end your life, who are you and what do you know about the humans, COMPLY NOW" his voice boomed only a couple feet from the man, his robotic jaw moving with ever word, and a blue light glowed with every syllable, from within what looked like to be a mouth. "I need to find the humans and aid them at any cost..." He growled.
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  12. The hangar doors opened and Kara took a look around. Giving a worker a sharp glare before continuing out on the open area. It felt weird only having the body suit and no armour on it.
    But hell this place was different from what she remember, how much time had passed?

    Crossing her arms the woman stood hesitantly for a moment before noticing the men that seemed to wait for something. Seeing as she had nothing better to go on she began making her way to them.
    " Ensign Kara Trace" she introduced rapidly and eyed them
    " Are you the ones im to be debriefed by?"
    At least it was an attempt to be humble Kara thought trying to hold her temper back not supported by the still crappy side effects from the cryo sleep. And some fucker in this place was running his tool a bit to friskily.
  13. Apollyon responded first to the approaching woman. "Less debriefing and more briefing really. You were thawed for a reason: help us retake the planet. Only so many humans survived or escaped and there are very few alien mercenaries such as myself. So, we need all hands on deck. State your qualifications, specialties, and roles. We will need to form a cohesive unit upon landing." He seemed to perk up for just a moment, his body quickly resetting to its default position. "Ah yes, I forgot introductions. The dour human beside me is Sky. I am Apollyon, an illithid mercenary. We will be the ranking officers on this trip, with Sky giving you most of the orders. I work mostly independent, though I can and will take command of units in a similar role to myself on a case by case basis." Once his little intro speech was done, he motioned to Sky and communicated telepathically to him. Your turn if you want to say something. Be polite.
  14. Valentin
    "Comply? Machine, I am the one who gives the orders around here, but very well." To his surprise, it was a robot, not a human or mutant. "The humans.... where to even begin. They are gone, not dead, but off earth. That station you exited had the capabilities of contacting any surviving humans, so if I were you, that is where I would head right now." Valentin spoke, trying to get the machine off his back. "Instead of bothering with me, why don't you point the gun towards the mutants and do some good." With a smile, he pointed towards the communication center ZEKE had exited only a moment before. "The humans would be more than happy to accept someone new, as they are quite... special." Valentin laughed and looked past ZEKE and into the sky, where he spotted a drop-ship approaching quite fast. "Well, it seems I need to take my leave, you have fun. Keep the rifle, it is currently useless without any charge, maybe you could even give it to the humans?" He laughed again and smiled as the ship landed. As the ship came to a stop, a door on the side opened, and a soldier waved over Valentin. "Now, unless you shoot me in the back, ill be going." Turning around, he made his way towards the ship. His rifle would be useless in the hands of a non Terran, as it was quite complex and required specialized training to use. Valentin reached the ship, only to turn around again and face ZEKE. "I have an idea for you. Why not wait here and see if the humans respond to your call, because we certainly noticed it." With that said, he turned to board the ship, hoping to not be shot in the back.

    "Whatever you say...." Sky mumbled and reached for a pouch on his armor. Pulling out a small data chip, he tossed it at the newcomer, hoping she would catch it. "That contains the correct codes to access the armory. When you retrieve your equipment, come back here and report to me. There is a shooting range if you wish to hone your skills. Other than that, there is nothing else for me to tell you, as Apollyon here pretty much summed everything up." Turning to walk away, he made his way towards the closest crate and sat down. He placed his rifle down, only to speak up again. "Oh, the only thing I forgot to tell you was where the armory is." Pointing towards a door across the hanger, he sighed and went back to messing with his rifle.


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    ZEKE watched the humanoid figure walk away onto the ship, and when he got on, he pulled the trigger. The shotgun shell sending the pellets into the ship, leaving holes in many locations. When he pumped the shotgun again and went to fire...his finger froze, and suddenly he couldn't fire. So in defeat he watched the ship fly off.

    He looked down at his right arm... It started to move around as he tried to give it basic commands to move. But it was stiff. "Malfunction... I need to fix this before someone arrives..." He looked down at the rifle, and began to do readings on couldn't be fired by his hands, but it could be charged by him...maybe he could do something about his arm and that gun. With his left arm, he placed his shotgun on his back then picked up the rifle.

    Inside the radio tower sat ZEKE in the control station. Using what he could find, he took his arm apart using only his left arm, difficult task yes, but it can be done. The rifle Valentin had, was in pieces, the charging battery and its blaster system were still intact. The machine was examining is arm when suddenly he felt shock...a now new emotion. "This arm was meant to hold something...but what, fire arms?" He looked over the the blaster system. His power supply could easily charge that. The inside of his forearm was designed to take some kind of defensive devices, but somehow that device was missing and was replaced with system that was not made for his arm, which explains why it had stopped working.
    "Modifications must be done" he spoke to himself.

    After sometime, and wiring, he modified the blaster for the rifle, and had it inside his right forearm. "Power to right arm reboot and reprogram" He spoke, and suddenly power to his arm was restored, the blaster device was now glowing a dim blue. He then hooked on the armed playing to his arm, and the exo shell back to his forearm. He then moved his right arm around, feeling that it was back to full functions. But he then extended his arm, and his hand split open from his palm, his fingers then went up to his wrists and a barrel for the blaster extended from where his hand once was. Suddenly his arm emitted a short charging sound before firing a pulse of energy into the wall. Blasting a hole into the metal plating of the wall, nothing like what his shotgun could do at close range. But it had more range, and didn't use ammunition, only the power from his body.

    The barrel then receded back into his arm and his hand went back together, his moved around his fingers to check that everything was stable, then clenched his fist. " I wait... Like he said, humans will be here no doubt, but it is possible that they might see me as a threat..." He spoke softly walking up to the smashed controls, propped his shotgun against the floor and sat next to it, his legs arched up, his back against the controls, and his arms on his knees, while he was staring at the door, counting the seconds as they went by.​
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  16. Apollyon watched Sky essentially give nothing new and just point the newcomer to the armory. He moved his attention to the newcomer and addressed her telepathically. Since he seems keen on sitting about. I'll take you to the armory if desired. I could use something to occupy my time anyway. He made his way into his ship for just a moment, coming out with his PDW and flail. The flail was coiled around his one hand, the PDW carried casually. He walked right past Kara for a few seconds and turned to face her, giving her the obvious chance to say anything she wanted and follow him if desired.
  17. Riker made his way across the lengthy hanger of the station. His armored prosthetics clinked as he walked. Having just changed shifts for orbital defense monitoring he was eager to get moving. He had heard they were thawing the humans in cryo for more hands. He intended to volunteer to help get them up to speed.

    Riker dodged a launching shuttle as he made his way over to Sky . He came up behind him. "How many have come out of cryo?" He asked in his deep, metallic voice. It would startle most.
  18. Well that man was a sunshine, heck even her mood felt better than his. Karen was taken aback by the flow of things and their relaxed attitude compared to before she went to sleep. "Ah yes" she responded.
    A telepath? never saw many of those around before. She thought.
    "Yeah that is appreciated. And to answer the previous i specialize in spec ops" The woman took a step forward hinting that they could start moving. She felt naked without the armour and with good reason to. The damn cryo suit was meant act as a protective layer and she could barley feel it.

    "So you are a pilot i presume?" She asked looking at his ship for a moment, taking in the design and usefulness.
  19. Sky jumped as a voice boomed behind him. Turning, he noticed the voice came from Riker. "We have had only one show up so far. We are just waiting on a few more then we will be given the green to head down to earth." Standing up, he picked up his rifle and once again slung it over his shoulder. "I have to tell you now just in-case... Command may send everyone they can muster down to earth just as a precaution. It is bad enough that everyone is waiting for something horrible to happen, but now we have just received a dead signal from earth. I would recommend you grab all your gear and wait in the hanger for the call."
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  20. "I see. Dead signal is always a trap. I wonder what clever idea the mutants, or Terrans, came up with this time." He would have sighed if he had lungs. He walked turned on his heel and walked towards the armory to retrieve his equipment. He walked at a slightly faster pace than most and passed Karen and Apollyon on his way to the armory.

    He received his equipment from the quarter master and began meticulously prepping it. Calibrating his HUD, charging his rifle and testing his plasma cutters.
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