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Diapers and Street Racing and almost anything
Main Appearance/Main Appearances:Untitled.jpg

Bio:Earl is the loving and caring father of William Sanchez. He Works out all the time. He is a prison guard in prison Island. He loves his job. He loves his daughter the most. People call him Crazy Man cause he was once falsely put in the insane asylum for the criminally insane but in Lucario Kingdom everyone has the right to a fair trial. He also has lost all his potty training over the years due to his age. He lives with his Daughter and Wife. His daughter is soon to be married and he will be attending. He also loves to read words and write poetry. He is also a calm man for his age. He loves loud noises. He can never get deaf no matter how loud he listens to something. He is immortal which he passed onto his wife and daughter.He also able to run very fast despite his old age. He also loves playing scrabble. He can still get injured or sick but can't really die. He is also quite welcoming. He believes everyone can change. He is also the best snowboarder,skiier,and winter sports competitor in the world. He should've been a professional snowboarder.
Picture of most things of what is in his Inventory:dasdasdadsa.jpg
Other Items In inventory(Text only depending on picture space):Picnic Basket with enough pampers cruisers to last his entire shift,baby bottles filled with baby formula(Inside Picnic Basket),Baby food(Inside Picnic Basket),Rattle(In hand),Pacifiers(Inside Picnic Basket),Cell Phone(In pockets),Bibs(Inside Picnic Basket),and Bullet proof Shield(In hand)
Wears(Text only depending on Picture Space):Pampers Cruisers,Pacifier,Baby Bonnet,Prison Guard Uniform,Prison Guard Belt with Prison Guard Equipment,Socks,Work Shoes,Wallet with ID and other things that are smart to have in your wallet and cash,and car keys(in pockets.
Job/Profession/Jobs/Professions:Prison Guard
Favorite food:Medium Rare Steak
Least Favorite Food:Baby Food
Mum:Jenny Hanson(Deceased)
Dad:Bobby Hanson(Deceased)
Character Likes/Loves:Playing with his daughter,Hanging out with his daughter,Singing,Making Music,Eating,Watching TV,Playing Video Games,Drinking Beer and other Alcohol,His Job,And Working out
Character Dislikes/Hates:Prisoners,Bad Behavior,Negativity,Being treated like a baby,Being old,Having Nightmares,Having to wear diapers everywhere he goes,Violence,Anything boring,and wearing or doing anything girly(He'll only play girly stuff with his daughter and no one else).
Character Hobby/Hobbies:Playing with his daughter,hanging out with his daughter,Drinking alcohol,going to bars,driving
Children:William Sanchez
Nicknames:Crazy Man(By everyone in Lucario Kingdom)
Other Aliases:(See Nicknames)
Arch Enemies:Vector and His friends
Regular Enemies:Prisoners and Criminals of any kind
Crush:Natalia Sanchez(Wife)
Best Friend/Best Friends:William,William's friends,Leo Thompson,His Wife,His Wife's Friend's,and Prison and Jail Guards of all kinds
Regular Friends:Anyone who is not in prison or a criminal in general.
Other Appearances:earl_by_rootthelucario_dehkgbv-414w-2x.jpg
Vehicles in Possession(Text only depending on picture space): 1995+Ford+Escort+Cosworth+RS+-+Imperial+Blue-14.jpg Birth Nationality:Singapore
Home Country/Nation:Lucario Kingdom
Home County:Jared
Home City:South Bahamas
Location:South Bahamas, Lucario Kingdom
Character Theme:Get Low
Singer:Lil Jon
Credit:A lot of the artwork and pictures are not created,published,or done by me. Credit is given with the upmost respect. I do not know who owns or created these pictures and artwork. If they feel like they do not want their artwork being used in my posts they may contact me for automatic removal.


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