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  1. A secret is hidden in this town. Everything and everyone was stranger here. Only the warm muggy air and the twinkling stars were there to witness. For in Eagleclaw High, is the reason the small town is so odd. This is were supernaturals, wizards and witches went to school.


    Eagle High.



    My eyes fluttered open groggily. I was greeted by a white ceiling and bright sunlight that filtered into the room through the open window. Squinting, I buried my face into a pillow and groaned, getting myself more tangled into the bed sheets. My mother, was already in my bedroom at seven o'clock in the morning, just like every day. The fan's low humming filled my ears like the sound of a dozen flies. I'd left it on all night, not that I needed to as I was a demon and could change my body temperature easily. My parents of course didn't know this.

    "Lux, get your ass out of bed or you're going to be late for the first day of school!" My mother yelled in her bossy tone, not that she cared. She has kind of disowned me because I just don't care anymore. She walked over to the fan and shut it off, silencing the humming. Groaning again, I kicked off the heavy bed sheets.

    "I'm up, I'm up!" I growled unhappily, standing up. Already, she'd moved on to rummaging through my wardrobe, searching for my uniform that I had to wear. Naturally, she throws my clothes on my bed with a satisfied look. I rolled my eyes, my mother made her exit and I sighed a breath of relief.

    I was out the door by 7:55am, walking to school alone like per usual. I eventually got to school and stared up at the familiar building. It loomed over the little town, blocking out the sun. It's boarded up windows were dark and eerie. Paint was chipping off of it, and cracks had sprouted everywhere. An intimidating iron gate surrounded the whole property. Yet no one suspected a thing.

    I almost jumped out of my skin when the bell rang through the halls. The halls were a flurry of students racing to get out of the jam-packed area. I am a shy character compared to everyone else and I don't really speak much anyway. But sometimes my hair colour grabs a lot of people's attention. I wasn't sure about meeting this terms students.

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    "ALEX IF YOU DON'T GET YOURSELF DOWN HERE IN THREE SECONDS I WILL GO UP THERE AND DRAG YOU BY THE EAR!" That's how I am woken up most mornings. I am a wizard. It's pretty ironic that my brother is called Harry. He's perfect. Golden boy. But he doesn't go to school. Graduated. I still drag myself to hell every morning. "I'm coming!" I screamed back just to see how she liked it. Turns out, she doesn't like it.

    I arrived at school earlier than the other kids, as usual. My mum wakes me up unnecessarily early. I began practising my spells before school, twisting fire from my finger. It went out. I was not going to pass my classes. Last term I flunked. I just can't reach the high expectations.

    I reached into my locker. Perhaps this was the term I changed? No time to think, the bell rang. I noticed Luxana. She didn't notice me, and if she did, she didn't show it. Don't really care anyways.
  3. I had collected my books for the day and pushed them into my messenger bag. I plugged in my headphones and started playing my favourite song. The best way to survive in this school was to zone out and keep your head down at least that's how I survive. My eyes were glowing a green fire, if someone looked into them they wouldn't leave them alone. They're like a cake, they have many layers. There I go going off topic.

    In this school if anyone looks at you they either want to kill you or take your homework. So I don't really interact with anyone. I mean I would like to but I personally don't trust anyone. Not just yet. Especially since it's a new term. The doors opened to all the classes and I hurried inside trying not to get trampled on. I'm small anyways you see.

    Not moving my headphones I realised what class I was in, my least favourite, magic. I didn't understand why they make other supernaturals learn things meant for wizards and witches. Demons can create curses and charms and they use some magic but they don't carry spell books or wands around with them. I'm very passionate about hating school and being labelled. I sat down at my desk my eyes blazing. I could feel myself getting tense. It didn't help that my teacher hates me. I obviously didn't let any of my emotions show because that would basically be social suicide. Instead I just kept my mouth shut because I knew if I opened it I would speak my mind.
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  4. I arrived at magic hesitantly. It was typical I'd sit next to Luxana on the seating plan. We hadn't exactly been best friends last term (but honestly, magic is harder than it seems. I didn't mean to set her book on fire. But even one letter can change the spell completely). This was just my luck. On the plus side, she was listening to music, so I wouldn't have to talk to her.
  5. I looked up and mentally sighed. It was Alex, the one who hated me, I don't know why he thought I was pissed at him in the first place. He was doing me a favour if any to set my book on fire. Okay I was a little bit angry but who wouldn't be. I was sent to the headteachers office and blamed for the whole thing. I didn't really care, because school won't ever understand me. I realised I was staring at Alex and reminded myself to kick me. I quickly looked down pretending to be interested in the subject and 'revise'. The evil, immoral, iniquitous, peccant, reprobate, sinful, vicious, mischievous, sneaky, wicked teacher walked through the door at just that moment and I pulled my headphones off leaving them round my neck.
  6. "I'm sorry I set your book on fire, by the way," I decided was the best thing to say as the teacher came in. He was a tall, bald man who had a pretty high voice that he'd bark with. Basically, he was annoying in a scary way. She'd been staring at me, which was never good, or maybe I'm just paranoid. I still hadn't apologised for my failure...and she'd nearly got suspended for it. I wonder why nobody had snitched on me. And I still can't get the spell right, I thought to myself. "Hello class, and welcome to the first magic class of the term!" the teacher began. With his bark, he didn't sound at all welcoming. "We've got a busy term ahead!"
  7. I snapped my fingers so a neat gold writing appeared on his book in just enough time to read.
    'Why are you sorry about it?'
    Okay, so I may not personally like magic but I never said I was bad at it. Actually it was one of my top subjects I just found it pointless. Sometimes I even pretended to struggle just so I could watch my satan of a teacher try and teach me.

    I rolled my eyes at the teacher, he was trying to sound nice but it was a pathetic attempt. I had been in his class way to long to be fooled plus he has denied several letters of me asking permission to quit the class. I tugged on the end of my pastel green hair not paying attention to what he is saying at all.
  8. "Well, I did destroy a reference to a class with a strict teacher..." I replied, shrugging it off. If she was over it, I was over it as well. I had to give her credit. She knew exactly what was going on. She was a girl version of my brother, but slightly more down to earth. "Alexander, are you listening?" the teacher asked me as he turned from the whiteboard. Nobody but him calls me by my full name. I think he does it on purpose. I nodded quietly. There was no point in correcting him because he wouldn't pay attention. "Good, because failure is not permitted in my class. Twice." I'm surprised he hadn't kicked me out last term. But I'm not complaining.
  9. I seriously couldn't take the teacher any more. I rose my hand waiting for him to notice me.

    "Hmm. Luxana Grace. What would you like to share with us?" He cackled full of himself.
    "Oh I just wanted to say that you need to be a better teacher, because if you were then no one would fail. A subject isn't a life skill, it's just how well you are taught it." I replied calmly smirking.
    "Luxana Grace! How dare you! Come here now!" He gasped in pure horror, I looked down trying not to laugh. I was almost positive that he was going to send me to the headteacher. At least I'll make my mother proud.

    I casually walked to the front. "Yes Sir?" I said innocently.
    "You need to be kept in line. I don't quite know how yet..." He said a pitch to high.
    "I'm so deeply sorry sir. But I believe you can take classes for better teaching, I'm sure." I said walking back to my seat.
  10. I'm officially losing it. She just sticks up for me like that and disses the teacher. Does this count as me nearly getting her suspended again? I'm not sure, but it's good to watch his face go blood red as he lectures her. I'm still laughing my head off. He's still giving me death stares. I calmed down after he finished speaking because the next thing I want is to get in trouble again. "That was too funny..." The teacher is still glaring at me. "When you're done, Alexander, we can continue the lesson." Which means, shut up. I did as I was told because the guy gives me the freaks. The mean freaks but still frightened the hell out of me.
  11. I didn't do this for anyone. Certainly not for Alex. If I did it for anyone it would have been me. And it was I'm sure of it. I didn't have any feelings for Alex. Not even friendship so it couldn't be for him. Right?



    The bells dismissing the day rang through the halls. The class was a flurry of students racing to leave but before everyone could run out of the classroom, the teacher reminded everyone, "Remember ladies and gentleman! School has just started. Get those grades up, and keep them up!"

    The room filled with groans and everyone flooded out of the room. Except me. I remained in my seat, packing my bag of all my supplies. I didn't care if the teacher came over or not.

    I tugged at the collar of my shirt, feeling too restricted in it.

    A cool breeze swept through my hair. I sighed in relief at the sudden rush of cool air. It felt reviving in a way, and I smiled to myself, feeling less tense about how the day went. The cool breeze unfortunately was short lived, and soon it was gone. I was left to the warm sticky air from the classroom.
  12. I begin to pack and get moving off. "And your homework is to revise!" I hear him screech as I leave. My next class is Healing. I like the teacher but I hate the class itself. She's gentle, with a soft voice.

    I'm thinking about Luxana. She's quite cool. Interesting. Maybe this term we can be friends. My phone vibrates. Hey Alex, want to practise in the library? It's my friend. Sure, I reply, before entering class.
  13. I eventually stood up and left the class. I felt like I should just ditch the rest of the day but my next class was also Healing. I didn't really want to arrive on time to the class so I was deciding where to hide out so no other teachers found me. I realised the teachers wouldn't look for me in the library, once I arrived at the library I climbed a ladder going to the second floor of the library that no one went to. I sighed and sat down on the floor leaning my body against a bookshelf. The top half of the library was like a creepy attic. I ran my hand through my hair and sighed again.
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  14. The class began. I don't really pay attention much to who is present in my class, which is good, because if I did, I wouldn't turn up. There's quite a few idiots. I bring out my book and take notes as fast as possible. It would be helpful if my brother could help me when I get home. And I don't want to get in trouble with two teachers in one day. Especially not on the first day back. Luckily, the teacher doesn't talk very fast, and I can write shorthand and copy up later. I glance across the room and see my friend that texted me. He mouths after this class. I nod.
  15. I glanced at various books that stated true stories. Why did people in EagleClaw believe stupid stories like that? I scoffed, reading the blurb of one that was so obviously not true. I saw the imfamous story about when the school used to be a mansion the family that lived there- a wife, husband and their two kids. In the middle of a autumn night, the town had woken up to the mansion set up in flames. When the fire was put out, the house was miraculously still standing, but there was no sign of the family. Not even corpses. That was over a hundred years ago, and yet people still believed the school is haunted. Which is probably true but the main story didn't sound believable.

    Shaking my head, I realised I had to get to class, there wasn't long left but I still have to go. Once I was back in the halls I quickened my pace to class and opened the door.
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    I had just slipped into class a few minutes late and had settled down when a girl with brightly coloured hair, Luxanda, I think, opened the door. My gaze flicked towards her with mild interest and I flashed her a smile, although I doubted that she would return the expression or even notice me; people often over looked me.
    My name is Dinah Moore, named after Alice's cat in Alice in Wonderland, and I'm a witch who attends EagleClaw. I'm pretty small and slim, sort of delicate, really, and people usually say I look like a doll, it gets annoying. I guess the only thing that makes me stand out is my bright hair.​
  19. When I entered the class I saw a girl observe my hair. I smirked and changed my body temperature low so the ends turned a bright blue then turned it high so the ends turned a vibrant colour red. After making my body heat neutral, the ends changing back green, I took a seat next to the girl as it was the only spare one in the class. The teacher questioned why I was late and I gave her a basic answer of that I was held back.

    My eyes flickered around the room, I bit my lip and looked down at a plant obviously wilting on the desk. I brushed my hand over it and made two small movements with my hand and the plant looked like it had just been grown. I didn't really need to know anymore on healing. That's for sure.
  20. My eyes widened in surprise at the girl's hair, but I lowered my gaze after a few moments, realising that I had been staring; where had my manners gone?
    "Hi," I whispered to the girl as she sat beside me, a little nervous for some reason, "I'm Dinah, by the way."​
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