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Eagle Point

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by PhoenixXeno, Jun 13, 2014.

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  1. Parker bummed out his cigarette as he walked along the gated boarding school of Eagle Point.

    He never knew why they would have a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, not that he actually cared. He would just watch the girls go by and flirt with them, seeing who would flirt with him back. It wasn't much but at least it kept him occupied. So, as usual, he stayed by the fence and keeping an eye out for the school girls.
  2. Laurel's first day of school she stared in the mirror at her reflection, the tacky uniform of a white shirt, blue plaid skirt, and tie even was utterly repulsive. How come people wear this stuff every day? It was maddening to look at, and she'd have to look at it all day every day from now on. She looked away quickly and focused on stuffing empty notebooks, binders, and folders in her lightweight backpack, keeping her schedule within reach before heading out the door.

    Nobody wanted to help the new girl. She knew this already, but it was still frustrating not knowing where she was going as she saw the gate to the school come into view. An older boy stood by the side, not in uniform, so she wondered if he'd be the kind of person who'd help her. Only one way to find out…

    "Um excuse me, do you know where the…Alcott building is?" Laurel asked, biting the inside of her cheek nervously as she awaited a response.
  3. Parker glanced at the girl.

    "Alcott building?" he asked. "I don't exactly go here and I don't know where anything at the school is. I just stay outside of the fence." He leaned in a little. "Maybe if I can sneak in, I can help you look for it..."
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.