EA secures exclusive rights to make Star Wars Games

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  1. Dice making Battlefront 3 I can get behind.

    But you know I've played KOTOR recently and y'know what it is kind of Bioware bland. And TOR seems like another expensive flop of an MMO. And you can point to a lot of the problems with Mass Effects 2 and 3 and see where they were caused by EA.

    All I'm saying is that there's a reason everyone loses their minds because it's labelled under EA, after all EA apparently can't make money despite how huge they are.
  2. I imagine after the clusterfuck that was The Old Republic EA will be handing the reins to Visceral and/or DICE long before they give them to Bioware again. And hey, I'm okay with that; I think that DICE makes excellent multiplayer games, and so I'd be excited to see what they do with it all (Battlefront 3 Battlefront 3 for the loving of all that is good in the world make Battlefront 3).

    EA's a shitty company, sure, but I can't help but think that everyone's kind of jumping the gun on freaking out about this. If and when they fuck it up, sure, let's jump aboard the rage train all the way to Angerville. But fuck sake, guys, even EA deserves a chance to get it right.
  3. EA itself is a soulless wench of a thing. And this seeps into the companies underneath its thumb in many ways, often seen in customer service and glitches/bugs. The minds behind the actual games, though, the individual development companies? Those tend to make marvelous things, especially since they have the money backing them of the large company. It's a mixed bag.

    I personally love Bioware. That said, I don't think that their style is right for what fans are hoping for from a new Star Wars game and I'm not even sure I want them at the reins anyway. Plus they're busy with the new Mass Effect thing and DA3. Which I want them to make, so I think they're mostly out of the running for it.

    I think, with what I've seen from Visceral, they're the best bet for getting to make this game and that excites me. :D
    Besides, who would you want in charge of Star Wars, if not one of those, anyway? Meh. Though come to think, it would take Rockstar a decade or so, but they'd be an amusing choice for a version of the game where you play as a bounty hunter or something...
  4. I have already seen how EA can screw up a franchise, so I am not having high hopes. Then again, I have not played too many Star Wars games, so I guess this does not affect me as much. If the game they make looks good, then I might buy, if it does not, then I am leaving it alone. It has worked out for me quite well so far.