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  1. Sunday 12th (Today)

    EA: 4:00PM EST
    Besthesda: 10:00pm EST

    Monday 13th (Tomorrow)

    Microsoft: 12:30pm EST
    PC Gaming Show: 2:30pm EST
    Ubisoft: 4:00pm EST
    Sony: 9:00pm EST

    Tuesday 14th

    Zelda Only: 12:30pm EST

    Which of these are you going to watch and what are you hoping to see at this years E3?
  2. Oh, you know. More of the usual.
    • Microsoft & Sony competing over who can have the most clips dedicated to cringe compilations.
    • More nonsensical addon shit shoved into consoles over features people actually want. (Backwards compatibility? What's that? Psh, HERE, 600 DOLLAR VR SETS WOO!)
    • Nintendo living in their own wacky zany fun universe that's 50% cringe and 50% adorable creativity.
    • Star Call Battlefield 11.5: DLC Edition, cinematic trailer.
    • For Ubisoft to lie blatantly and constantly about the quality of their next game in every conceivable way, and for people to be suckered by it anyway.
    • Bethesda promising unlimited quests or some wacky silly shit like that again.
    • Zenimax begging people to remember they have an MMO in a universe so milked that the cow has rotted from nuclear Fallout.
    • For "games journalists" to report about how much they love all the triple AAA booths. Especially Ubisoft.
    • For an invented controversy about violence, sex, gender, or race to appear for no reason at all except that it will allow the creation of dozens of clickbait articles and hundreds of tumblr posts and thousands of tweets everyone will forget about in a month.
    • Being reminded why having a PC is generally better than being locked in with buggy online services I have to pay for with one of the big three.
    • For Valve to announce Half-Life 3. They'll do it this year guys, I'm sure! Totes! Absolutely! There is no way they would allow it not to happen, right??... Right?
    • For Valve to actually announce the addition of hats into Counter-Strike.
    • More stuff about Dawn of War III, the HD retexture of Dawn of War I with only three races for 79.99. And because it's Sega, probably day 1 DLC.
    • For Koei to be painfully cringeworthy as they completely misunderstand their audience. And the English language. And to announce the same game they've been developing for the past like, what, twenty fucking years now? But add a number on the end. (I love me some Dynasty Warriors doe, can't lie.)
    • Bioware will probably announce more stuff about Mass Effect 4. And by stuff I mean carefully edited cinematic clips by EA followed up with lies about how the story will function and the vibrancy of the universe as they'll be trapped to the confines of their engine they don't want to admit exist. Whoo!
    As sardonic as I am, I do look forward to seeing more stuff announced at E3. I just take it for what it is: A massive commercial platform for people to hawk shit at you. Kind of like a flea market, but only slightly more respectable, because the people who throw their stuff at you are wearing suits instead of rags. It'll be good to know what products are coming out so I can keep an eye on the stuff that interests me. But mostly, I'm just gonna laugh at the inevitable cringe compilations that come after. They're always pretty great.
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  3. I don't plan to actively watch E3 at all, only to keep my eyes and ears out for anything of interest game wise to me. Though I wouldn't mind an announcement of a new Legacy of Kain Game(super wishful thinking), Bloodborne Sequel, Armored Core/Super Mecha game(Again, super wishful thinking) and maybe some proper gameplay stuff of NieR 2.
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  4. I honestly have no expectations this year, but Bloodstained is going to have a demo at E3 that'll also be made available to backers, so I can't wait for that.

    I'm hoping I'll be surprised this year, but I'm not holding my breath.
  5. *See's EA*

    Gameplay? Gameplay? Can we have some Gameplay?
    No? Oh... Ok then.

    Why the hell did R2D2 and BB-8 get CGI'd?
    EA couldn't borrow the actual droids for a single scene? XD

    Also, majority sports, again. Can't say I'm surprised.
    Though I'm surprised EA hasn't realised by now that their sport audience aren't the kinds of people watching EA.
    So as successful as your sport franchise is... You're preaching to the wrong choir.
  6. elder scrolls sIIIXxXXX
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  7. This is what I'm expecting Bethesda to mention this year.
  8. I don't watch it but I have friends that do so they will keep me updated. The game I'm looking forward to is coming out in September, FF15, so I don't really have anything else I'm looking forward to, probably Nier: Automata.
  9. More of this:


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  10. Skyrim special edition.

    Still nothing compared to pc.

    All I've seen so far.
  11. I'm excited for today, Microsoft Conference here I come! Or at least I would if I didn't have Orientation today :blah::blah::blah::blah: Still though, I finally get to see more of ReCore! That game has been on my conscience since E3 2015! I LOVE Metroid Prime so of course this game has my attention!
  12. Before Microsoft starts...


    Yeah! Actual Gameplay! :D
    Have no idea why they're bothering to remaster Skyrim though, it's main audience is PC Gaming who have mods to 'remaster' it already.
    Fallout 4's new DLC seems... underwhelming. The settlement mods look better. :/
    Also, never played original Quake so I can't say much for the announced sequel yet.

    But yea, Gameplay = Good, so good on you Bethesda. Hopefully the other 4 presentations today learn from you.
  13. So far... I've only cared about the Fallout and Skyrim stuff. #Totallynotbiased
  14. Only care about 343.


    And cross platform announcements. They say its coming this summer, but when?
  15. Well, time for impressions on the rest.

    1. If I skip a title, it just means I couldn't find much to say about it, positively or negatively. It's just... there.
    2. Prior Iwaku Game thread experience tells me some people here get really emotional/offended/triggered when certain games get critiqued. Be warned I'm not nice to a number of games here, and I won't be acknowledging anyone I find is just trying to pick a fight with me for what my impressions of them are.
    • This continued trend of no gameplay for Battlefield 1 has me worried. Especially considering how Hardline and Battlefront turned out.
    • Another Final Fantasy, that's nothing like the originals at all. They really need to just start a new franchise already (I know FF has the popular name brand, but so many people don't even look at FF anymore).
    • Recore might be decent, but I'm expecting a number of these bots to be very circumstantial and specific in use.
    • Inside... What the hell is this game about even? Like seriously, can't you tell us SOMETHNG?
    • We Happy Few looks interesting, I'll be following this one.
    • Company brags about being independent... Announces a Witcher Card Game. *Slow Clap* Really independent guys... >.<
    • So we finally got gameplay of Scalebound and not Pixar like animation. My impression of this game has suddenly shifted from "Don't give a shit" to "Might be good, will be following".
    • Sea of Thieves looks like Guns of Icarus in the Sea. Assuming this is a 20-30$ title I'd be up for trying this out.
    • State of Decay 2 looks like they might finally be adding a ton of features the first one seemed to nudge towards, but then never deliver on. Will need to follow this one to confirm.
    • Halo Wars 2... Normally I'd throw more shit at 343, but the original one was also Bungie's weakest so I can't give 343 much flak this time... Though the army colours suddenly make convincing looking armies look cartoonish. Seriously, I feel like people will always need to play this as "Covenant = Blue, UNSC = Green" to keep up a decent art style.
    @PC Gamer
    • Oooooooh Shit! Mount and Blade 2! :D
    • Oh, and other titles I can't really remember anymore.
    • EDIT! Dawn of War 3, looks similar to the other two right now... But strategy games have enough going on that I'm going to need to see more than that to know if it's a buy or not.
    • Odd Dance number, though I'd rather of seen something about the game itself.
    • South Park seems to have it's clever writing as usual. :)
    • More Division DLC? Who wants to bet the actual DLC will look NOTHING like what they're showing?
    • Eagle Flight... Ok, you're birds, who fight over a dead rabbit. And you spit at each other? Is this a whole game? Please tell me this is just an Arcade Title.
    • Star Trek, I'd have been really skeptical of this one (still am a bit). But the fact they got Star Trek cast members to try it out who ended up really enjoying it? That gives it some credit at least. Will need to follow this one (even if I don't have VR).
    • Blood Dragon is... Playing as a kid playing with action figures to do... Stuff? I'm completely lost here, can someone try to explain what this game was meant to be about?
    • Watch Dogs 2? Same thing as Division, who wants to take bets it will look NOTHING like what they're showing?
    • And then there's Steep. I imagine EA is filled with jealousy now with how much of a sports boner they tend to have, but then it's Ubisoft who decided to take it to open world. XD I don't really see this game going far, at all... But I like the image of EA freaking out over something Ubisoft did. :P
    • The Last Guardian. Same thing I said for Microsoft's Recore. Might be good, but I can for see a lot of limited use and railroading.
    • Finally got game footage of Horizon. I'm a bit skeptical on this one with it's gameplay seeming so similar to other not so great titles. But the concept seems awesome, will need to follow this one.
    • Detroit becomes human... Investigation and Negotiation game, THAT is a concept I would love to play. Though this style of game is also very hit and miss so I'll likely be waiting for others to test it out first. (Also, first negotiation on the trailer was... bad. "You Sir! You have a hostage and therefore the upper hand! I order you to give up! No don't kill the girl! Shit... Now how did that happen?".
    • Star Wars VR? This look really coo... Aaaand its Battlefront! >.<
    • Farpoint looks like it might be good... REALLY need more info on this one first though.
    • Lego Star Wars? Hey, don't they not talk? Maybe the games story will be better than the movies! :D Oh wait... Lego started talking in recent years, never mind! :(
    • Death Stranding... So we got naked Daryl... With a Baby, surrounded with dead fish and... oil? Is this an environmental game?

    So, over all?
    With the six conferences I'd have to rank them as the following (best to worst).
    1. Microsoft
    2. PC Gaming
    3. Sony
    4. Ubisoft
    5. Bethesda
    6. EA
    I was expecting Bethesda to be higher, and Ubisoft to be fighting with EA over last or second last.
    Buuut... Ubisoft did actually have a few potentially good titles in there. While Bethesda? It was more just DLC and Remaster advertising for them, not really anything new other than Dishonored 2.
    EA unsurprisingly takes last though, they seemed to be the only one's where the concept of showing GAMEplay for their videoGAMES fell on deaf ears.
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  16. HAHAHAHA. No. There are so many terrible Star Trek games with cast members from the various shows, take your pick. Just letting you know as someone who does enjoy Star Trek, the presence of cast members does not necessarily mean it's a good game. As an example: Star Trek: Legacy (published by Bethesda) had Scott Bakula, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Patrick Stewart, and William Shatner. They were all in it to get paid, same as everybody else. :ferret:
    It's yet another title in the "look games are art games are art see games are art" category. The tryhard hipster category.
    Don't let em' fool ya. They fooled people with assassin's creed, they fooled people with watch dogs, they fooled people with the division. They're gonna keep doing it, that's their business model. DON'T FALL FOR THE HYPE!
  17. These weren't cast members in the game itself though, they simply played it.
    Then again, they could have been paid quite a lot to do so.
    That's what I'm expecting. But it'd still be nice to get some explanation on what the game itself is.
    It's just Star Trek and South Park I'm saying might be good here.
    And the earlier South Park one Stick of Truth is actually pretty liked/popular among people.

  18. :p

    As for Southpark? Probably will be fine. So long as Ubisoft largely stays out of development.
  19. I do feel the need to point out there that, it's Shatner.

    He kind of has a reputation of endorsing anything that gives him attention.
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  20. Aaaaaand there were so many games at E3 I forgot about Dawn of War 3! ;A;

    Looks similliar to the other two right now... But strategy games have enough going on that I'm going to need to see more than that to know if it's a buy or not.


    Oh yea, forgot about Console Minecraft.

    They're bragging about Servers that stay up even when the host is gone...


    +Did anyone notice how all the players had unique usernames, except for the girl, who was only called "Minecraft Chick"?


    Adding more stuff that jogs my memory as I watch other critics impressions.

    1. Gears of War
    WTF is Dom doing back? I never played the earlier ones but his death in the third is rather big and memorable across the gaming community.

    2. Elder Scrolls Online
    So they "Improved" it? Is this stuff true? Can anyone whose played it lately (who DIDN'T like it right at release) confirm this?
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