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  1. We'll start with the "poems" I have available, and then I'll post one of my drunken writings.
    Fear; It is that which holds us back
    Fear; It makes us susceptible to the enemy's attack
    Fear; It is the weapon of the weak
    Fear; It is enforced by the havoc and destruction they wreak
    There is but one weapon that sets us free
    The only thing that brings fear to a knee
    Love; When it's perfect, it dispels all fear
    Love; Unconditional, like the fawn has for mother deer
    Love; We spend our entire lives searching for it
    Love; It's always there, but in the giver's eye doth we usually spit
    If the love does not come from the source we seek
    We frown and cry, it shows that our hearts are weak
    "To obtain, something of equal value must be lost."
    One must give in order to receive. Give love to receive love.
    Make it pure and unconditional, for conditional love is tactless and selfish. Love yourself, for you are indeed worthy. If you cannot see this truth, how can you expect to see the love that others do give you? Focus on the source of all love, He whom loves you more than you could ever understand. He whom loves so much that He sent his son to die so that you might live. Do not spur the ultimate love, do not spit in His eye, meet his embrace head-on. Once you embrace His love, you will begin to see it everywhere. Your search for love will be over. God is the truth of love.
    Lost in the darkness, we wander round-and-round
    Trekking through the mud, with no hope of ever being found
    As morale wains, so too does the memory of purpose
    Growing more lost, as life spirals out of control like an untrained circus
    Focus shifts from our purpose to finding a purpose
    We look to be great in everything we do, hoping to make something of ourselves
    The more we try though, the more we place back on our shelves
    As these shelves fill up, we begin to feel like failures
    When it comes to this endless despair, where are the remedies? Where are the cures?
    Darkness itself becomes our air and we begin to suffocate
    Take heed though, for eternity in darkness need not be your fate
    The Lord God is there
    Seek him out, he'll pull you from despair
    Focus your eyes on Him, he'll set your heart on fire
    Faith in Him will grant your heart's desire
    The road is hard, as it's not the beaten path
    With every step you'll grow, His love washes over us like water in a bath
    With each step, your happiness will begin to show
    You've found a purpose in God
    Be blessed and comforted by His rod
    Zuru zuru zuru zuru
    We wander aimlessly from place to place
    Zuru zuru zuru zuru
    We're in no rush, quite slow is our pace
    Zuru zuru zuru zuru
    Making excuses all the time
    Zuru zuru zuru zuru
    We allow ourselves to be covered with grime
    Zuru zuru zuru zuru
    We carelessly sin as if it's fine
    When will we heed the truth?
    When will we heed the warnings?
    When it comes to our deaths, there will be only mourning
    Zuru zuru zuru zuru
    Flying through the sky with our wings spread
    There is naught that we should dread
    Our hearts still pure, how long can we endure?
    Remain a child, in faith and heart
    Growing up brings only pain
    As life goes on, our spirits drain
    The enemy is drawing near
    Like a lion, he'll pounce from the rear
    He seeks to devour all that he may
    With the Lord at your side, speak "Not today."
    The rich man seeks to increase his fortune
    The poor man treasures all of his wealth
    The rich man measures value in dollars
    The poor man measures value in love and friendship
    The rich man whom acts as the poor man is wise
    The poor man whom acts as the rich man is a fool

    Time for the drunken writing! Yay! I made sure not to edit anything after sobering it, it makes it more fun. Hooray for drunken grammar and spelling!

    "To arms, to arms!" Shouted the dirtied young man. The village folk turned their attention to this stranger, who was he to make proclamations of battle?
    "Are you all deaf? You have been called to arms, the Beast is upon us!" A dark cloud had been creeping upon the horizon, and at the man's words, the blood seemed to drain from the villagers' faces. Many of them dropped their tools and rushed towards their homes. Males of all ages emerged, a sword at their side. Some had armor, but many had none. Within the span of a few minutes, the darkness had overtaken the village. The ground began to quake, moments later it ripped asunder. Many dropped to their knees, but none were swallowed up into the Earth's abyss. A cloud of steam shot forth and the heat of Hell was upon them. The Beast could be seen shooting upwards from a crevace in spirals. As he reached a height from which the entire village would have him within their sight, his wings shot to his sides. The Beast stopped moving and a great dragon could be seen. Fear gripped at their hearts, which felt to be within their throats, was all they could hear.
    Then, the Beast spoke "Fear me not, pathetic mortals, for I bring news of your existence. For those of you that have lusted, it was I that satisfied you. For those that have murdered, it was I that first gave you the desire. For every carnal desire that each of you have gone through, I was there. I am the Lord of Sin! I am your God, worship me!"
    There were many who cowered in fear and many that fell upon their faces in worship. The Beast reared its head back, drawing air into its lungs. As it began to exhale, a firey cloud in its mouth, a cloaked figure emerged from the shadows. A pillar of flame shot forth from its' maw. The cloaked figure did nothing more than raise a hand at the point of impact. However, the flame did not burn him, nay it did not even touch him.
    Reading that the next morning made me cringe so hard.