E.P.I.C. - an advanced multi-dimensional superhero game!

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EPIC stands for Every Plot Is Connected.

This a game about a crime-fighting agency made up of superheroes.

Their job: To hunt down inter-dimensional villains and thwart their evil plans.

How it works: The team start in the agency headquarters then jump into a random dimension. The world is determined using this generator.

So for instance, the generator produces this plot, which is pasted into the OOC:

This is a road trip tale. The story is about an incoherent wanderer who seems insane. It starts in a manufacturing city in Eurasia. The issue of pollution plays a major role in this story.

The players then describe this world and how their superheroes bump into its characters and witness its events. They decide in the OOC how it will work, e.g. will it be a steampunk world full of smog? Or a fantasy world where Necromancers have blocked out the sun? Will they be on the road trip themselves? Or do they start in the factory?

After 1 week of roleplaying, another player uses the generator to show the next world that the superheroes jump to.

This happens 4 times, and at the end of the month, one player has to introduce the Super Villain who is behind the events happening in the 4 worlds.

So, for example, if these are the 4 worlds....

1) This is a road trip tale. The story is about an incoherent wanderer who seems insane. It starts in a manufacturing city in Eurasia. The issue of pollution plays a major role in this story.

2) The story is about a spendthrift peasant with a chemical dependency. It takes place in a military outpost in a lost police state. The critical element of the story is a misunderstanding.

3) This is a story about deceit and the need for intelligent analysis. The story is about a calm chemist and a student. It starts in a village. Genetic engineering and its side effects is a major part of this story.

4) The story is about school teachers. It starts in a morgue. The story begins with the passing of a test, climaxes with an apocalyptic event, and ends with someone moving to a new dwelling.

....then the player could invent a Super Villain who uses chemicals to create zombies. The peasant from World 1 and the wanderer from World 2 are test subjects. He has stolen these chemicals by deceiving the calm chemist in World 3, but the teachers in World 4 have been studying bodies at the morgue and have discovered his plans to unleash a zombie apocalypse. The Superheroes defeat the villain and then help the teachers move to a new dwelling.

And that would be the end of Episode 1. The Super Villain would be locked up at the agency and could one day escape to cause further havoc.

Then Episode 2 begins, with the jump to 4 new worlds and a new Super Villain's diabolical plan...

The roleplay will be light-hearted and mad, a cross between a cartoon and a surreal comedy (think Men in Black, Austin Powers, Scooby Doo, etc.)
If I may be honest, I think I'm as cynical about non-chat Iwaku RPs as you probably are about my posting rate.

But this sounds too good to be true. So it's only fitting that I show up to keep the theme going.

By the by, I saw someone attempt something like this before on another site. It was back when I was a newbie, pre-Iwaku. It had an all-star cast of very good writers who cheated us all out of a good show by taking the thing too seriously and killing the game early.

I was too starstruck to do anything but lurk back then. I wonder how I'll do as a participant this time? Will history repeat itself? But sort of different?

I call second world!
Hell, I think you've got me interested Amso. Blast you.
This premise has so many opportunities for completely nonsensical plotlines. Sign me up!
The members of this organization can be some sort of genre-jumping meta agents who investigate interdimensional crime scenes. However, they are barred from physically entering the dimensions they are investigating, as it could cause some form of cosmic anomaly blah blah blah science blah. The heroes working for the organization project their consciousness into the bodies of the heroes of each world that they visit.

Quantum Leap style? What do you guys think?
Ziggy says, "see your sig." :P

Both takes sound interesting enough for me.
Hmm. I might just possibly take you up on that Tegan. And it wasn't anything bad about Amso getting me interested, it was just how the thread was. -Shrugs.-
Hmm, yeah, that might be better considering we have a limited amount of time to get into each plot.

Okay, so Quantum Leap but with a few powers which we are allowed to carry into our hosts.

Also... cats.

We can jump into cats.

And rabbits.
Just a thought, but what if the characters jumped into alternate versions of themselves in every dimension? That would help keep things consistent while still allowing for plenty variety
Not as much variety though.

I like the idea of jumping into all sorts of people, from opposite gender to random kids to household pets.