INTEREST CHECK Dystopian Steampunk Pirate RP?

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  1. Well I had this idea just recently so it could do with some fleshing out, but I think I've polished it enough to presentable, hopefully.

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    It's been years since the flood. People have adapted and have become accustomed to their new watery terrain. We humans have built cities on the water, created villages on the few pieces of real land we have left and as old habits return humans have found yet another reason to fight each other.

    Around thirty years ago, some of the surviving scientists had discovered an odd blue ore that floated up to the surface of the water, this ore being actually capable of turning their world to normal. But when the scientists tried to tell of their discovery the recently establish government labeled them revolutionaries. Saying that they wanted to disrupt the newly found peace and eventually banishing them to the ocean, taking the ore as well.

    Those scientists, given just one ship casted off, wandering for days until they hit a land-mass undiscovered as of yet. They moved there, slowly trying to build a life for themselves and eventually set up a small village. On their time on the island they had only one plan, to somehow get back their mysterious ore. The scientists eventually used their smarts to modify their scrawny ship, giving it armor and weapons to see if they could force the government to listen.

    Renaming the ship into the Revolution, the kids of the scientists, grown strong and smart on their home island set off to help finish their parent's dream and return the world to how it was before.

    Yeah that's pretty much it. The ore would be explained a little bit more the farther into the RP itself (that is if this garners enough attention) The reason it would be considered "Pirate" is because of their animosity towards the government and the people foolish enough to believe them often resorting too anything to help their chances of win. Our characters would be the kids of the now developed Scientists's village/and or their friends met along the way.

    I don't know if anybody would be interested but I might as well put it out there. lol.
  2. I would like to give it a try i haven't been in many role-plays but this sounds really cool.
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  3. Very interesting idea, I'd be down to try it. I'm a bit rusty, but down nonetheless.
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  4. Yeah I'd love to try out this rp. It sounds like a great story.
  5. Awesome, thanks everyone~

    I think the minimum we would need is around five players, maximum seven or eight so yay!
  6. Awesome! I'll keep tabs on this thread and when you think enough have said they'd be into it, we can start the topic. :D