Dystopian Pokemon Trainer RP

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  1. Dystopian Pokemon Trainer RP


    My friend came up with an amazing Pokemon RP idea and mechanic. Though I helped out with it, I still give full credit to them. I shall summarize it.

    The Plot Basically, Team Flare and Team Plasma got together and designed a special sound frequency that turned Pokemon (wild or caught) into Rogues, or Pokemon that attack humans on sight, and broadcast it worldwide. Over the time span of ten years, humans were able to build special domes to keep the Rogues out. But strangely enough, a few trainers (the roleplayers) were somehow able to snap two of their Pokemon out of the trance. They were prepared with all of the necessary equipment and sent outside the domes to try and stop the new Team, but of course, there were too many Rogues. Before their Pokemon fainted, they were knocked out and dragged to an unknown location... Which is where the RP starts.

    The Mechanic Pt.1 A team of scientists have created weapons for use against the Rogues. These weapons are in the form of gloves. These gloves, when in use, form a bubble of energy around the user. The user's Pokemon are then ordered to attack the bubble to "mold" it into armor and/or weapons. Depending on what type of Pokemon it is, and the Pokemon's (really the user's) preference, the armor and weapon will be different. It is advised to have two Pokemon of the same type for maximum efficiency with the gloves. With two different types of Pokemon, you will get armor from one type and a weapon from the other. These will be weaker than armor and weapons from the same type.

    The Mechanic Pt.2 The gloves use the Pokemon's power to work. They can still move and attack, but it will drain your Pokemon faster. The gloves are stronger than your Pokemon, because it gives the strength of two Pokemon in one. The more you use them, the more tired your Pokemon will get. If one of your Pokemon is in danger of fainting, the energy will leave the gloves and go back to your Pokemon. Whichever needs it most, will get the most energy. Legendary Pokemon will obviously have more energy than normal Pokemon.

    The Mechanic Pt.3 The process of freeing Pokemon is complicated. Once defeating the Pokemon, a dark orb will appear around them. The Trainer must go up and touch the sphere. Their mind will connect to the Pokemon's and they will be absorbed into the sphere. Once inside, you will be confronted by the Pokemon's true mind. They will be able to speak to you and you with them. You must make a bond with them to free their mind from the trance. The sphere will then disappear and you and the Pokemon will be free to move, fight, or whatever else is necessary.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me for clarification.
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  2. The whole "humans create a dome to stay away from the Pokemon" bit sounds like Attack on Titan.
    Imagine a giant Titan-sized Pokemon attacking people. It'd be terrifyingly adorable.

    I love this idea, definitely interested~
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  3. Well then... I want to see that now. New crossover!

    And Ok then! We can start now, but it would be better with more people. I'm going to make the Sign-Up post today sometime. Idk when I'll get a chance.
  4. Sweet, let me know when you make the thread.
  5. This sounds really awesome! I have a few questions though;

    1. This bubble of energy is to be attacked by the pokemon BUT its around the user. Would this bubble of energy by far enough so the pokemon don't hurt the user, or is this energy like in a way "engulfed" the user? Like I am just having a hard time picturing this.

    2. Are the pokemon wearing the armor and weapon or is the user? I would imagine the user.
  6. @SunsetBumpkin The bubble surrounds the user. The user commands their Pokemon to "carve" the bubble into armor and weapons. After a while of doing this, the Pokemon will learn to do this on it heir own. They, of course, would be hesitant at first, because they're being ordered to attack their Trainer. The armor and weapons are for the users. I have modified the Mechanic, so take another look at that.
  7. It's up now.
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