Dystopian Pokemon RP (Sign-Ups)

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  1. Dystopian Pokemon RP


    The Plot Team Flare and Team Plasma got together and designed a special sound frequency that turned Pokemon (wild or caught) into Rogues, or Pokemon that attack humans on sight, and broadcast it worldwide. Over the time span of ten years, humans were able to build special domes to keep the Rogues out. But strangely enough, a few trainers (the roleplayers) were somehow able to snap two of their Pokemon out of the trance. They were prepared with all of the necessary equipment and sent outside the domes to try and stop the new Team, but of course, there were too many Rogues. Before their Pokemon fainted, they were knocked out and dragged to an unknown location... Which is where the RP starts.

    The Mechanic Pt.1 A team of scientists have created weapons for use against the Rogues. These weapons are in the form of gloves. These gloves, when in use, form a bubble of energy around the user. The user's Pokemon are then ordered to attack the bubble to "mold" it into armor and/or weapons. Depending on what type of Pokemon it is, and the Pokemon's (really the user's) preference, the armor and weapon will be different. It is advised to have two Pokemon of the same type for maximum efficiency with the gloves. With two different types of Pokemon, you will get armor from one type and a weapon from the other. These will be weaker than armor and weapons from the same type.

    The Mechanic Pt.2 The gloves use the Pokemon's power to work. They can still move and attack, but it will drain your Pokemon faster. The gloves are stronger than your Pokemon, because it gives the strength of two Pokemon in one. The more you use them, the more tired your Pokemon will get. If one of your Pokemon is in danger of fainting, the energy will leave the gloves and go back to your Pokemon. Whichever needs it most, will get the most energy. Legendary Pokemon will obviously have more energy than normal Pokemon.

    The Mechanic Pt.3 The process of freeing Pokemon is complicated. Once defeating the Pokemon, a dark orb will appear around them. The Trainer must go up and touch the sphere. Their mind will connect to the Pokemon's and they will be absorbed into the sphere. Once inside, you will be confronted by the Pokemon's true mind. They will be able to speak to you and you with them. You must make a bond with them to free their mind from the trance. The sphere will then disappear and you and the Pokemon will be free to move, fight, or whatever else is necessary.

    Choosing Your Pokemon When choosing your Pokemon for the RP, keep in mind that you will be playing a normal Trainer. That means no Legendaries/Mythicals. Having Pokemon of the same type will make your armor and weapons. Giving your Pokemon a nickname can help as well. Other RPers might have the same Pokemon as you and calling them all by their names could be confusing.

    Other You may only have two Trainers at most! You will collect more Pokemon along the way so you will need to be prepared for those.

    Just keep in mind that this is my first RP, so it will be a bit disorganized. Thanks!

    Character Sheet (open)
    -Picture- (If you have one.)



    Age- (Must be 15+)


    Pokemon- (You can only have two Pokemon at first. Having two of the same type is better.)

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  2. What Character Skeleton would you like us to use?
  3. Vanna, Red


    Name: Vanna G Crose

    Gender: Female

    Age: 26

    Personality: Determination, Passionate and Fierce is as basic as Vanna will have it. She could care less for complex things, but with the whole mess going on she knows she has no choice. Vanna is a passionate woman towards those she care for or children but the moment someone steps their line she becomes a scary woman. It can be hard to avoid stepping over the line with Vanna as she is known to be hot headed. But in the end, the only thing that matters is that she is determined to have things back to normal.

    Pokemon: Garchomp and Krokorok

    Garchomp Lvl: 50
    Moves: Dragon Rush/ Sand Tomb/ Dragon Claw/ Crunch

    Krokorok Lvl: 36
    Earthquake/ Dig/ Crunch/ Dark Pulse

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  4. Picture- Profile Picture

    Name- Nick

    Gender- Male

    Age- 16

    Personality- I have a very short fuse and I make rash decisions. When it comes down to it, I'd rather die than allow someone to die for me. I also care more about others than I do myself, leading me to make plans that include me sacrificing myself.

    Pokemon- Darkrai and Yveltal (Who knows, it could happen)
  5. do you want us to also include the moves they come with?
  6. I think the moves list would be a good idea. I am actually doing a second tab on my CS of optional information that I also think would be important for the RP. The GM can decide if they think it's good for other CS's if they wish.
  7. I understand but there will be moments where pokemon do if the energy is too low or whatever the case may be. Even if the moveset isn't used often; I believe it will help players keep an balanced fighting style without over powering things. That is up to you though, I did it anyways for fun ^,^
  8. If their energy is low, they will be too tired to use moves... Whatever. Just go ahead and put moves.
  9. Sorry. I'll hush yeesh
  10. Um... Okay... I was saying that putting the moves is a fine. O-o
  11. Reserved~

    I'll make my character in a bit.

    Done! Finally!

    Name- Leah Lewis
    Gender- Female
    Age- 17
    • Kind hearted -- She generally is an upbeat and sweet person.
    • Scatter brained -- She can be a bit spacey at times. Some might call her a bit of an airhead, but she just enjoys daydreaming.
    • Nuturing -- She cares a lot for both human and Pokemon alike, never wanting to cause harm to a living thing.
    • Skittish -- She's very frantic when under a lot of stress.
    Pokemon- Burmy and Kricketot (Both bug types)


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  12. Picture- [​IMG]


    Age- 18

    Personality- Calm, Min hardly lets anything distract him, or get him down. He prefers rationality to quick thinking, and rarely shows genuine surprise or emotion. Tries to be friendly, but finds that his quiet nature often leads him to be forgotten...even by his own mother and father one time.

    Name: Andrew
    Species: Salamence
    Type: Dragon/Flying (Will be using Dragon.)
    Nature: Timid
    Level: 46
    Moveset: Hyper Beam, Dragon Claw, Fly, Fire Blast
    Ability: Intimidate

    Name: Servatius
    Species: Sceptile
    Type: Grass (Will be using Ninja Grass.)
    Nature: Quiet
    Level: 46
    Moveset: Giga Drain, Dig, Cut, Aerial Ace
    Ability: Overgrow

    Hope the levels balance out with using two different types.

    Are the armors and weapons static? As in, they don't change, and can the pokemon swap, for example I use Sceptile for defense and Andrew for offense, can I switch them for greater versatility or am I confined to one form?
  13. @CrystalScorpion96 Since you have two different types, you can choose which will be armor and which will be weapon. Once you create a form for armor or weapon for a specific type, they will not change, unless there are special circumstances.
  14. Thank you all for coming! We have enough to start the RP now. I will try to put it up today, but I can't be sure. I'm busy today. I'll let you know when it's up!

  15. At the moment, I do not have long enough access to anything to put up the IC post. I will inform you all once I post it.
  16. Picture:

    Name: Divinus

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Personality: He is always thinking, which gives him a facial expression that makes him seem unfocused and into the distance. May not even notice that he is doing it. He is about making sure that he knows what he is going to do and trying do things as effective as possible. Has always been a fan of jokes. Likes to help and interact with people. Dislikes unnecessary noise and people who can't take orders or are impatient.

    Pokemon: Ralts and Wynaut
  17. I will join! Let me just get my character sheet up~ ^^
  18. @EternalMusic @Franco

    Thank you for joining!

    The IC post will be up later today if everything goes as planned. As well as my own characters!
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  19. Picture-

    Name- Evangeline Kalypso
    Gender- Female
    Age- 17

    Evangeline is a very happy girl, incredibly shy at first many can think of her shyness as irritating but as she gets comfortable in an environment she becomes more outgoing and friendly. One thing is a habit of hers is to have headphones in her ears wherever she goes and she listens to music humming, sometimes a little too loudly. Music is the one thing that will always bring her out of her shell, it is something that she has always loved.

    Pokemon- Spritzee and Togepi (Fairy type pokemon~ <3)

    (He has blue eyes, this is the only thing that he and his twin sister share)

    Name- Adrian Kalypso
    Age- 17
    Adrian can be rather rude when you push the wrong buttons but if you push the right ones he shows a more gentle kind side to him that would not be expected. Outwardly on a daily basis, he tends to have a scowl on his face not talking to anyone but his younger twin sister. More of an introvert now, Adrian spends time either outside drawing or inside a library reading a book.
    Pokemon- Poochyena and Absol (Dark type pokemon~)
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