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    Science couldn't explain it. Twenty five years ago every inch of land that wasn't within twenty miles of a body of water ceased to produce any life. Food began to grow scarce and the rich saw it as an opportunity to become even more so.

    The rich came together and created the Corporation led by Chairman Doug Hargrove. Hargrove had a two hundred foot wall built to keep the Corporation's interests safe. This who could afford to purchase land on the coast were allowed to live in continued luxury. While this who could not were for Ed to live in small communities usually led by corrupt men who use power and intimidation to control the people.

    Society inside the walls stayed the same except that the Corporation was the government now. Scavengers (the people who belonged outside the wall) were killed on sight if they managed to sneak in.

    Outside, society crumbled. Without law or rather those to enforce it, murder, rape and every other monstrous deed has become normal.

    She is a scavenger living in one of the worst towns in the outlands. She has had to sell her body just to help her sick mother pay for their right to live where they do. She has even become the personal plaything of The self proclaimed Baron.

    What happens when a stranger arrives in town and begins to cause problems. Will he be the answer to their problems? Will he free this town or more importantly, will he save her?

    Pm me if you're interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.