GROUP RP PLOTTING Dystopian Future Type Deal


Duke Ferret

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A dystopian future where society accross the world has broken down completely, sending humanity back to the stone age if you will. HUmanity has been trying for 30 years now to slowly rebuild the broken pieces of its excistance that it has lost. Out of the rubble of humanity arose Guilds. Guilds which warred for power in different areas of the world for supremacy. We will focus on one Guild in particular, no name for it yet, and don't rightly know where it will be headquartered yet. However, the story begins with the players being initiates and potential member to this guild. However their final test is now upon them. They will be placed somewhere in the world and let alone. They have free reign over what they do from there however heres the catch. 1) They mus never be caught 2) They have a Rival, chosen at random from their peers. They must kill this rival, without letting the rival kill them. From this pair only one must live, and the survivor, is accepted into the guild as a full fledged member.

I havent got any more then this yet.... Like I am still working out the whole. AFTER the roval kills the other off. BUt it will prolly start with a freeplay section at the begginning for characters to get to know each other and make friends and bonds. Rivals wll be chosen at random by myself most likely through a dice roll or some other nonsense like that.
I would RP this and maybe later you can introduce another guild where a war will start between them
I was playing with that Idea actually. Like starting this rp, then starting anothr one of one of the other guilds, then merging the two together in a third game as a warbroke out between them.