Dystopian Future: Psychic Wars

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    What I am going for:

    The mind-soldiers wore masks and shiny bright membranes; the armor's purpose was to fend off the terrible psychic beams of modern weaponry. The soldiers carried with them a huge array of weapons. Some carried armor piercing beams, providing weak points in enemy outfits. Most carried brain scramblers and mind crushers. Still others carried ego-emitters or super-ego-destroyers. Those with talent could even carry schizophrenic inducers, disassociation breakers, alzhiemer-creators, personality-disorder-modules, etc.

    Intelligence and mental fortitude was necessary to survive modern warfare's psychic battlegrounds. Fighting usually lasted mere minutes, but the wait in between battles was the toughest. Even those who where not directly hit with a psychic beam still felt residual effects of the weapons over time. Veterans of these conflicts are crazed individuals who live troubled lives inside their own heads, but fight on anyways.


    An on-going psychic conflict in the vast dunes and mountains of the Black Sea (now dried up)


    Let's play a war on LSD!!!!

    Please comment with me with anything. If we got some people who are interested in this sort of thing, we can collaborate to make a great RP. Some finer details of who this fighting works will have to be brain stormed im sure :P

Thread Status:
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