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  1. This was initially a comic plot of mine, but I got too lazy to draw it out in its entirety and thought it might make a neat group roleplay. Right, I will now try to explain to the best of my abilities what the story is all about.

    It's been 500 years since the fifth world war that nearly wiped out the entire human race. The fifth world war lasted for about 100 years and during that time the earth has been ravaged by all sorts of weapons to the point that a great rapture happened and broke the continents into several sectors. With all the radiation floating about people and animals started transforming into monsters called "Virus". As time went on, the virus evolved from mindless killing monsters to sentient and intelligent killing monsters, although the large majority are still dumb, dumb but dangerous.

    Now there are two types of surviving humans, the "Infected" and the "Pure". The infected are those who somehow managed to fuse themselves with a virus, which in turn transforms them into "Kaisers", a mix of bio-techonological human-sized mechs. The scientists realized that these Kaisers were good against the virus so they developed the technology and soon bred a new kind of Kaisers, which could also evolve and be more powerful to handle the more powerful and elite viruses. But there is a side effect, those who aren't fully in tuned with their virus will eventually go mad, as the virus will take over them turning them into a mindless killing machine. Scientists are at the moment working hard to find a way to reverse this.

    The pure are just ordinary humans who have survived the war and choose to live their ordinary lives in the safety of the fortified cities or sectors. Also, pure humans can choose to be infected on purpose so that they can get their own Kaiser forms and venture out of the safe confines of the city sectors. But this comes at a risk as studies show that the chances of a pure turning into an infected still sane of mind is about 70-30% where the latter percentage is the success rate.

    The world is divided into sectors that are given numbers and levels of danger. Some sectors have a sector city or a sector town, but the latter usually gets destroyed by waves of rogue viruses. There is still a part of the earth that is not explored due to the fact that it is near impossible to reach that side because there is a huge, huge, HUGE gaping hole where part of the landmass is floating gingerly above it. What holds it up there, no one knows but rumors are spreading that the floating isle as they say, is the only place on earth not affected by the virus and has no infected. People also believe that the remedy to transform the infected and viruses back to their original forms in somewhere hidden in that floating isle. So there are plenty of hardy adventurers trying to find, either for fame, fortune or for someone they care for they want to revert back to normal.

    Ah, the Kaisers...this is gonna be a bit confusing so bear with me. The Kaisers are made from a certain kind of virus where it lays dormant until the human (infected) user summons its power. It's like having a familiar living in a part of your body, usually inside the Quarantine Case attached to a person's chest, wrist, neck, back, etc. At level 1 the Kaiser Virus also known as Lunaris will remain in the Quarantine Case and after each transformation with its infected human, it'll return back into the case. It isn't strong enough to sustain itself outside of its carrier. When an infected transform into a Lvl 1 Kaiser, the Lunaris will solidify into metal and protect only the head, area front and back of the chest, forearms until the elbows, the section where your genitals are located (hee hee), and you'll get long metal boots that stop at your knees. All the other areas where there is no metal, is instead covered with a skin tight suit like material which is flexible and breathable! (Kamen Rider of sorts).

    For the Lvl 2 Kaisers, the amount of metal covering them can increase as well, meaning covering more of their body parts, and the protection provided is definitely stronger than Lvl 1. As a bonus, your Lunaris can sustain itself outside of the quarantine case and solidify into an animal familiar of the species its DNA is from. I've thought about 3 family species types so far - Felidae (cat family), Canidae (dog family) and Aves (bird family) - but planning to add more, after my research is complete. Some Lvl 2 Kaisers prefer to have their armor similar to the Lvl 1 version but have their Lunaris familiar stand by them. When this happen, the Lunaris familiar will be somewhat transparent and ooze-like with several parts of its body covered in metal. There is a chance for corruption as a Lvl 2 Kaiser the longer they use are in their Kaiser form. For example if they don't release themselves from Kaiser form for a whole month, likelihood of corruption can start happening in the months after.

    For Lvl 3 Kaisers, the body can be fully armored from head to toe and an effigy of the Lunaris familiar will be present somewhere on the armor either as a living shoulder pad or helmet. Also at this level the Lunaris is powerful enough to manifest itself outside of the quarantine case and look like a bio-mechanized version of the animal species it takes its DNA from. Some Kaiser users would only merge with their bio-mech Lunaris when they really need to and most time they would make their manifested Lunaris fight for them (like Pokemon!). Also the rate of corruption on a Lvl 3 Kaiser is very high and once fully corrupted, they cannot revert back to normal and become a Virus that needs to be hunted down and annihilated.

    All Lunaris levels can be summoned and returned to their Quarantine Cases (like Pokemon!).

    So yeah...I think that's about what the story is about. Thanks for reading the long post. Here have two (imaginary) muffins of your favorite flavor!
  2. i want a muffyn-flavored muffin [;

    on a less sketchy note, i would love to roleplay this. in fact, i already have the bones of a character arranging themselves inside my head. perhaps we could talk more over private messages?