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  1. Name: Faline Xiphos
    Age/appearance: Around 22 years old, is about 5'3" and has a toned athletic build. She has auburn hair with semi-wavy locks streaming down her back to just above her hip. Has emerald green eyes.
    Lunaris: Element is Lightning/Electricity. Takes form of a creature from the Felidae family, specifically a cheetah. It looks like a cheetah with lightning sparking and jolting around its body, a bright yellow and slightly purple color.
    Kaiser Form: Level 2. Colors: red, yellow, black and purple. Prefers to stay in Level one armor and summon her Lunaris by her side most of the time, but will transform into Level 2 armor when she needs more physical power for fighting.
    Quarantine Case (QC): A diamond shaped case about 10cm long and 6cm wide embedded into her right shin, with metal plating covering the infected flesh underneath. Looks like she has a steel almost knee-high boot on her right leg.
    Specialty: Speed and agility, usually uses her legs as weapons with lightning fast kicks or lightning charged kicks.


    The huge lizard virus stood before her, growling and lashing its tail behind it. It was three times her size and was well armored, with several fleshy bits exposed and rotting. This creature was once a normal lizard, but now...it had been infected by the virus and had become one. Insane blood red eyes glared at Faline as it roared and charged towards her again.

    Faline had dodged the creature several times and with each dodge she managed to land one quick hit on the lizard virus' armor, chipping away at its plating, exposing the rotted flesh underneath. It was about time she ended this fight. She transformed into her Level 2 Kaiser Form, the full armor version. She stood in an offensive stance, raising her right leg, the QC on her leg glowed a faint purple and yellow. She was waiting for it to charge again. The creature roared again, angered at being toyed with by this puny human. It charged at full speed towards Faline. She held her ground until the creature was about 3 feet away from her, then she leaped into the air, the QC on her right leg suddenly flashing bright yellow with purple sparks and formed what looked like a scythe extending from her calf.

    She spun in midair and brought her right leg on the creature's neck, the sound of sparking metal echoed in the silence of the desert. She flipped away from the creature after delivering the blow and stood in a defensive stance, right leg raised slightly. The lizard virus stopped moving. It just stood there, its eyes slowly getting dim. Then suddenly blood started to spurt out of the creature's neck and it was clear that Faline had sliced through the creature's neck, lopping its head right off. The head rolled over several feet, while the body slumped to the ground with a loud thud.

    Faline let out a sigh.
    "It's done." She spoke solemnly.
    "Good job. I'll deliver the credits to your account." a male voice echoed from her helmet. The visor started to flash and showed several numbers before displaying the words "Mission Complete".
    "Thanks." Faline stretched her body as her Kaiser armor started to dissipate and slid back into the QC on her right shin, "Anymore hunting logs around this sector?"
    "Nothing at the moment," the voice spoke, this time the sound came from a device that was attached to Faline's right wrist, "You should return to the city and get yourself checked for maintenance."
    "Maintenance? Why?" Faline asked as she started walking towards the direction of the city.
    "You've been in Kaiser Form Lvl 2 for a total of 48 hours in a span of 5 days." the voice spoke in a worried tone, "That's cutting it a little too close."
    "Come one," Faline let out a soft giggle, "It's only level 2, not level 3."
    "Still!" the voice replied, "You need to rest. You don't want to get corrupted and turn into a virus yourself now, do you?"
    "Of course not." Faline sighed, "I'll go get checked. Thanks for the aid."
    "No problem," the voice replied in a lighter manner, "You owe me a date."

    Sector NW3740-6...what used to be the North Atlantic Ocean before the world war was now a vast desert. In the center of this sector was a fortified city. One of the last remaining civilizations of the new infected world. The Earth never looked the same again, not after the fifth world war that almost wiped out everything on the planet. 500 years later, man managed to pick up the pieces and continue to survive but not without obstacles and dangers. The human population was now scattered, most humans would prefer to stay within the safety of their fortified cities and metropolis. No one wanted to venture out into the 'wilds' as they would say. Not with those creatures, the 'Virus' running around. Creatures which were once animals transformed into mutated creatures that just want to kill. They're usually dumb, but over the past decade, the virus have been showing signs of intelligence. It was evolving and that was bad news for the human race.

    Enter the 'Infected', individuals who either were infected by the same virus 'Lunaris' or those who were willing to be turned into an 'infected', but amazingly didn't mutate and transform into a full virus killing machine. They were still sane, they were still human but they had special abilities. No longer normal human beings, these individuals can transform into an armored form to combat the virus and these were usually the ones who would leave the cities either in search of adventure or for research, helping the scientists back in the labs of the remaining cities, to find a cure for the infected and the virus, before mankind succumbs to it.

    Faline reached the outskirts of the city, known as Atlantica, a huge sprawling metropolis in the center of a vast desert, huge steel and stone walls covered the perimeter of the city and a huge glass-like dome covering its skies, keeping the radiation to a minimum and filtering the air. She approached the main gate and pressed a few buttons on the device on her wrist. A panel appeared from the wall and she placed her hand on it.

    "Scanning..." a computerized female voice spoke as the panel flashed, "Identified. Welcome back Faline Xiphos."
    "Thank you." Faline grinned as the door before he opened with a hiss. She walked in and was inside a decontamination chamber with a door at the other end.
    "Preparing decontamination sequence..." the computerized voice spoke. The main door behind Faline closed shut and a conveyor belt beneath her started to move. Several laser lights shot out from all directions, scanning Faline. Once she was halfway through the chamber, the ceiling above her slid open and a gun-like machine dropped down from it. It sprayed Faline with decontamination liquid before scanning her once again to make sure she was clean. Once near the door, another gun-like machine dropped from the ceiling and dried her with a beam of light.
    "Decontamination sequence successful. Enjoy your day." the door before Faline opened and she stepped out into the city.

    It was a bustling city, people were walking around without a care in the world. It seemed like a more high-tech version of New York and Tokyo. She looked at the device on her wrist and keyed in some coordinates. The device on her wrist was a comm-link. It comes in various shapes and sizes as well as different styles and colors, but Faline opted for the plain and simple one, which made it look like she was wearing a metal tennis wristband. But then not everyone had access to the comm-link. Only those who ventured to the world outside were given one, because the comm-link granted them access to all the remaining cities. And the comm-link usually has the same lifespan as that of the user. Once the user dies or become corrupted, the comm-link will stop working as a safety precaution.

    It was a sunny day today and Faline didn't like the idea of going to see the scientists on such fine weather. She could probably go for maintenance tomorrow, for now, she wanted to get something to eat. Ice cream sounded good, especially after spending so much time in the desert heat.
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