Dystopia/Apocalypse/Romance Rp (F looking for M)

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Hello Everyone,

I find myself with no active role plays at the moment and I'm getting ready for a long four day 'Stay-cation". Terrible situation to find ones self in If I do say so.

I'm looking for a dominate/aggressive style male partner who is familiar with a Dystopia/Apocalypse settings to play opposite an innocent southern belle type with a knack for sharp shooting. Other then gender everything is up to you since I don't have a real plot line. Though I would like to see romance as a strong subplot to the story and wouldn't mind making this into a Libertine style role play with fade to black or not as long as it is plot driven and not just mindless smut.

I don't care what happened to our world whether it be zombies, disease, or environmental. I'm versatile and enjoy any setting ... though if its Aliens it better have a good plot in mind to sway me. \


With that said lets talk about whats on everyone's mind.... length.
Though I enjoy longer posts, 5-9+ paragraphs and I would prefer someone who can match, but I'm not going to be a total stickler but I do prefer DETAILS that help set the feel of the world, get a better idea about your characters inner thoughts and self, and help drive the plot.


Here's a link to my current sci-fi rp which I am enjoying very much so far :valentine::valentine: [Departure]

Please PM me, with writing sample or rp link, if you're interested and we can go over characters and hash out a plot. Can't wait to hear from you.


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Are you still interested in this? If so, I'd love to take you up on it!
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