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  1. If he was going to be completely honest with himself, today was not a good day.

    Sighing to himself, the young 17 year old, Foster, trailed around supermarket in the nicer part of the city, leaning heavily against the cart as he stopped beside the vegetables. The only reason he was even shopping in a half-decent store was for the fact his father had come into a little cash after winning a small amount on the lottery, and while he had wanted to spend it all on going out with his wife -they were each only thirty three after all-, but Foster had taken things into his own hands by stealing a few notes and doing what he thought best for him, his twin sister and younger siblings.

    They needed wholesome food, not constant takeaways given half-heartedly because they were cheap, with no real insight into buying food because of the benefit of a home-cooked meal.

    But obviously his father had flipped when finding out, hence why Foster currently cradled a sore cheek. It had been purely accidental, for his parents would never purposely hurt him, but it was enough to make him scamper out and head to the nice part of town. He didn't really fit in that much, and didn't feel comfortable among 'normal' people - he did have an irrational fear that they all would just notice that he was from the poor area, and he was used to being discriminated. His school was in that poor area, so that was fine, he wasn't bullied for that, but being bipolar? He was constantly chased for that, not seen as being nice because he just happened to have a disorder. If they knew about his shapeshifting abilities, he knew he'd be hunted down as a freak - his parents had sent him away for five years because of it.

    As of the present moment, the teen was in one of his tired moods, only really managing to trail around with the helpful support the cart gave him. if not for that, he had no doubt he'd just collapse there and then with tiredness - it had happened in the past, met with ridicule by his classmates, rather than support. Finally growing upset with himself for the constant worry people were judging him for being in the store, and that the prices for everything did seem far out of the price range, even with the fistful of dollars he had, he wearily peered around for somewhere to dump the cart. He couldn't just leave it in the middle of the aisle, could he? Never having actually been to a store where it was clean, and not down-trodden, he didn't think many people just shoved the carts away and headed out like they did near him, and for that, he was stuck, standing in the middle of the vegetable and fruit aisle like a complete fool.

    Biting on his bottom lip, he fiddled with a strand of his floppy brown hair -mostly always styled over his forehead, though sometimes gelled up if he had time- and looked around for help - though how stupid was it to ask what to do with the cart? It was only at loud, oncoming chatter that he really did freak out, inwardly and erratically breathing as he adjusted his hoodie and attempted to act normal. Pretty hard for a bipolar and socially difficult shapeshifter.​
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  2. "What about that guy over there? He's cute, a little muscular. I can't imagine he's bad in b-."

    The 18 year old incubus stared his mother directly in the eyes, looking intensely done with the older woman, "Again, I'm not interested, mom. Can you stop please?" "But..that guy is pretty handsome as well..." Bellamy Grant scowled as the succubus that he called his mother continued and only made him roll his grey eyes at her attempts. He loved her, but she could be too much sometimes.

    Out of all the places she would be trying to make him go out with some guy, it happened to be at the supermarket. It was certainly the place to find boyfriend material. They rarely came to the nicer supermarket, since the farmers' market would be cheaper to get food from usually. But it had been closed for the day by the time they got to it, and they came to the second best choice. It was decent enough as it could get, and he had to resist the temptation to grab a few sweets. He could see why his mother refused to bring along his younger siblings, since they would end up spending all of the shopping money on candy. He would just have to buy some later.

    As they would make their way to the vegatables, the woman would only get worse and worse with every possible suitor and rated how good or bad they'd be in bed before he landed his gaze on a male with floppy brown hair and a...scent he'd never smelled up close before that he had possibly the worst idea he'd ever had, he blurted out to her whispering, "That's my boyfriend," She stopped talking and looked at her son in surprise, "He doesn't want to anyone to know about..us just yet, okay?"

    Bellamy dared to walk forward and closer to the male, nervously brushing his fingers through his dark brown locks and watched the woman in the corner of his eyes and saw her start moving away out of shock, but not completely. As he'd stepped in front of him and just noticed how completely freaked out he seemed over something, he kept his voice calm just in case, "Hi, um. You don't know me, and..I don't know you that well, but you go to the high school yeah?" He did recognize him a bit, but not fully enough to make connections, "Nevermind that. I may have told my mother..that we are going out and she's watching us where she thinks she's 'discreet' but she can't hear us. I'm really sorry about dragging you into this, but can we just pretend like we at least know each other? Maybe? And secondly.." His brows furrowed out of genuine worry, asking him softly as his tone became a little more quiet after explaining his situation and more focused on why the other seemed to be freaked out, "Are you okay?"
  3. This was brilliant, just what he needed. This typified his life completely.

    He had wondered about asking for help with the cart, because he couldn't well just keep going around and around the aisles continuously for the rest of the day, but how odd would it actually be to ask what to do with it? And besides, if he wanted help, it was from someone who worked there, and yet he was approached by a teenager - admittedly, a rather cool looking teenager, but anyone cool to Foster just made him all that more self-conscious.

    The cool people were often popular, and those were the kids at school who were the more crueller.

    Having to stare up at him through those ice blue eyes when he began to talk, every inch of his being felt shock - really? A fake friendship or more just to deceive his mother? Did it mean that much that he would come up to a stranger - well, seemingly not a total stranger if the incubus recognised him a little. On the other hand, Foster didn't have a clue who he was, and didn't really intend to get to know him when he recognised the scent.

    He was unfortunate enough to have met an incubus before, when he was thirteen away at boarding school, and that hadn't been the nicest of experiences to watch some sixteen year old kid flirt with anyone that came his way. Not Foster, luckily, but most guys and girls anyway, even teachers, and for Foster, physical relationships weren't his thing. He didn't want to date people; he just wanted to be accepted and to have a friend, if anything-- but this guy was an incubus, and he didn't really trust them that much.

    As shy as he could be, and as tired as his mood was (as well as how embarrassing it was to see the other boy look worriedly at him - that much have meant he looked idiotic worrying so much over a cart), he immediately rolled his eyes and did what he often did - swear. "Oh, fuck off, I don't care what your Mom thinks. How dumb are you for telling her you date me?" He huffed, surprising himself with how confident he was - usually, he'd cower away from anyone that wasn't family and come across as a shy and painfully awkward teenager, but he had stood up for himself... for all of four seconds before he grimaced. "...If you... tell me how to put the cart away, I'll go and introduce myself for you. Only because I need help with... this, otherwise I'd tell you to piss off and go find someone else. i don't mix with incubi."​
  4. His eyebrows rose in amusement, but at the same time he backed up a little to give him more space and he told him, "You don't have to care what my Mom thinks. Seeing that you know what I am, you should know succubus, such as my mother, are persistent about their children being in relationships and getting married and so on. This entire time we've been in this shop, she's pointed at every possible guy I could date. Even a seventy year old. So excuse me for wanting a little break."

    Bellamy reassured him rather quickly, remembering just what exactly his species was known for after a few moments, "It's not like I'm going to do anything, seriously. I might be an incubi and we have..various needs, but I attend to those needs pretty well alone. I promise. Besides, if you really don't want to help me out, you can just yell at me and 'break' up with me as loud as you can. At least for my mother to hear and make her think I'm going through a heartbreak. Or she might try and set me up to make me feel better..damnit."

    The dark haired male sighed and fiddled with the choker around his neck before he'd managed a smile as he led the teenager down the aisle as he told him, "I'll show you where to put the cart either way." He pointed towards the front of the shop where there was these small rows for carts to be nearly lined up and smiled softly, "That's where they go. There's even one outside and some in the parking lot, so you have plenty of options as to where you can put the cart back at. It's a nice place, but there's too many places to put your cart and it gets confusing. The farmers' market is nicer, y'know. And it's cheaper with healthier foods. It's closed today though so."
  5. "I'm not going to bring attention to myself, alright?" He moodily grumbled, appearing more sullen and grumpy than he really ought to be at the prospect of fake-dating someone he openly admitted was cool. Wouldn't that get bullies off his back, if he could tell them he was dating someone like... well, he didn't know his name yet, but he would. Then again, Foster was far too nervous to even talk to the popular kids at school - he'd tried before, and just got laughed at, so honestly, they wouldn't believe him anyway, and there was hardly a chance of seeing this guy in school if he hadn't already. "I'll go through with it today, then just tell your mom we split up if she asks, got it?"

    He mumbled under his breath after that, probably some more swearing, until the other spoke of being an incubus, and naively -cutely, really- he stared at him under his hair. "You deal with it alone? How can you... have S-E-X by yourself-- Oh. Oh, I get it-- Oh, that's disgusting," he suddenly cringed, painfully innocent when it came to things like that, evident by how he couldn't even say sex. "Oh god, you're awful, that sort of thing is sick, you know. I'd never do it, nor would I even make love or... ugh. No thank you." He stood with hands in pockets as he silently observed him put the cart away, albeit with a peer over his shoulder in fear they were doing it wrong - another flaw of his, anxiousness and paranoia.

    "Okay, thank you," he sighed, rubbing his temples hard at how surreal it was. All he wanted was to shop - now he was roped into this with an incubus, just to shut up his mother, a succubus. Brilliant. "I'm... Jake," he quietly lied - he was hardly going to give his real name. "Can we just get this over with, please? Bloody hell..."​
  6. "Whatever works for you, alright? And deal." Oh god, he was just going to avoid his mother like the plague after this for a while before it seemed like a good time to..'break up' with someone. Unless she wasn't going to stop pestering him. Which then, shit.

    Bellamy had laughed softly as the other male seemed grossed out over the whole idea of masturbation, "How is it gross? It's natural and doctors say it's healthy. Gives you extra years to your life. Which might as well be true because it's a necessity for me to live. Besides, it's not like I'm making you do it something. It was easy enough to put the cart away and saw that he still seemed paranoid about the whole situation and reassured him, "This is how people usually put their cart away, it's the nicest way of doing it. Common curtesy, really."

    "Jake, huh...? Well, I know that's a lie, but I am going to be honest with you in return," He smiled softly, "My name is Bellamy. And you don't have to give me your name, Jake. But thank you for not letting me have to come up with something. He gently put a hand on his shoulder and guided him back through the aisles until he found his mother and a smile appeared, "Mother, meet my boyfriend, Jake. Jake, this is my mother." The older woman beamed happily at what her son called him and squealed for moment happily, "Oh..my son has a boyfriend, a cute one at that." She looked at the other boy carefully and asked carefully, "I do hope that my son has been treating you right?" Bellamy stopped himself from rolling his eyes, pursing his lips in embarrassment.
  7. Quietly, the other shrugged his hands away and decided wisely not to comment on the whole 'masturbation' talk, considering it did disturb him a little - he had a young brother who was now 15, almost sixteen, and he had no doubt he had done something like that from overhearing him talk to his mates about something along those lines - it was fair to see he and his brother were polar opposites.

    His brother, Cole, was popular for one thing, and liked. He was tall as well, and handsome, spending most his time playing sports. Foster, on the other hand, always revelled in books and hated socialising - he locked himself away most the time, fearing that people would just make his life hell.

    Sighing to himself at finally being nudged to stop in front of a rather smiley woman, the cute teen lifted his eyes from beneath his hair to peer across at Bellamy. At the moment, he didn't much like the boy for picking on him to do this. If he knew him, he'd realise this wasn't helping Foster's anxiousness problem. With a quiet smile, igniting deep dimples in his cheeks, he politely extended a hand to be shaken - he learnt that trait from boarding school. Everyone had been posh, and they always shook hands as a sign of greeting, so it seemed appropriate. however difficult this was, he didn't want anyone to be let down, so he decided, as much as Bellamy annoyed him with his confessions, he ought to help him out. "It's a pleasure to meet you-- oh, he treats me great, yeah. He's a... real gentleman." He smiled, even if the only relationship he had witnessed was his parents', and his father didn't seem like a gentleman. Was it gentlemanly to just go out drinking and getting drunk with his wife? It didn't seem like in the movies, anyway - his only other reference point of relationships.

    But he wasn't interested in the. On the contrary, relationships disgusted him. The thought of being intimate and sharing personal details with someone repulsed him, and wasn't his cup of tea at all-- but pretending was easy. It was just like acting. "He's a total sweetheart, yeah~"​
  8. His mother was pretty short at 5", just a head and a half shorter than he was. Apparently he took after his father, whoever that was. Not that he was keen on finding out, but at least the man had some height to him. But he still needed a stool to reach for things on the top shelf. He was certainly not complaining, all the same.

    Her hair was dark brown and full of ringlet curls and her smile was so genuine and lively and she seemed like a cinnamon roll too pure, too innocent for this world. Those were Sabrina's, his other mother, words, not his own. Her eyes were dark brown even, another trait he didn't get from her. He'd gotten plenty of her personality though, that was for sure. Minus..most, of the flirty part. It was way too awkward for him, usually. Which was weird, considering his species. But he did get plenty of attention nonetheless.

    Bellamy noticed more and more, despite the fa├žade he'd put on for his sake or maybe even for his own, how uncomfortable he seemed, but didn't show it. His eyes widened slightly at the smile that appeared on his lips, fake or not, and flushed softly. He made sure not to touch the other in any way and smiled fondly as they'd shake hands. His mother, Caryn, knew boundaries, so she wouldn't push too far, "Good. I didn't raise him to be anything other than that. You just tell me if he makes you uncomfortable and I'll get a hold of him and teach him a lesson, alright? Say, would y-"

    The male cut his mother off with a kiss to her head and tugged lightly on 'Jake''s hoodie, "Me and Jake are going to go out for a walk, is that alright?" His mom smirked slightly at him, "A walk, huh..? Go ahead, I've got it. I have to stop by the pharmacy to pick up Liam's ADHD medicine and could you pick up Lucy from speech therapy? They said she's making process and she's been missing you." "Ew, mom, no. And really? I'll go get her on my way back then. Tell the kids they need to stay over soon at my apartment, I have some more of those Japanese candy kits that they liked last time." "I will, I will. Go have fun with your man, baby."

    The dark haired male nodded as he led the other out of the supermarket without distinctively touching him until they were out of her line of sight. Bellamy ducked his head some and began, "I'm really sorry for dragging you into that, ah. I owe you, honestly..."
  9. "You owe me big time," he muttered, jerking as far away from him as was possible without making too much of a scene, running his hand tiredly through his hair. He couldn't diffuse the fact that the other's mother had bee delightful - she might be overbearing, but Foster didn't see that really as some huge problem.

    It just meant she wanted the best for her son, and for him to achieve happiness. Foster couldn't say his mother had ever done that for him, worked for his happiness. She claimed sending him away was to make him happy, but he knew it was to stop his shapeshifting with his friends, and make them all grow up without him around and ultimately forgetting all about him. It had worked, for hen he arrived back, his closest friend had become his bully, so he could hardly see what his mother and father had done as a pursuit for his happiness. It had all but achieved the opposite.

    "Your mother's lovely," he admitted, not wanting to really talk to Bellamy for any longer than was necessary, but he couldn't just dart off. He may dislike people, but he didn't want to be rude, not really, even if he came across rude half the time. "...And you have a brother and sister, do you? You said ADHD... that must be tough, I mean..." He said softly, his eyes lifting to peer at the other boy - he wasn't going to admit to him being bipolar to a complete stranger really, and he didn't intend on getting to know Bellamy any further.​
  10. The male flinched at his answer and nodded, feeling guilty, "Of course. Whatever you need, alright?" It hurt a little to watch him jump back as far as he could away from him, but it was understandable after all. So he would keep his distance, shoving his hands into his pockets. As it would stay quiet, he figured that..Jake, would run off at some point.

    So it did come to his surprise whenever the brunette kept speaking. He smiled softly as the male told him his mother was lovely and said, "Thank you. I think my other mom will agree with you." He chuckled softly at his own words, before looking sheepish over them. That comment was probably unnecessary, wasn't it?

    Whenever he brought up what he heard about his brother, he perked up and looked back to him as he nodded, "I have four younger siblings. Yeah, ADHD can be horrible, but I can handle it. My sister has autism though, it's..worse, but it's nothing any of us can't deal with. We love her, both of them, more than anything. They're really sweet kids..on a good day." Bellamy shrugged slightly and smiled genuinely to himself as he thought about his siblings.
  11. "You have two mothers?" He blinked, that being slightly unheard of in his neighbourhood. He was openly gay, and so was obviously not going to judge - he was all for same sex relationships and equality for people, but had ever actually really met anyone outside his family that was either gay, or bisexual, or whatever sexuality his mothers were.

    He wasn't bullied primarily at school for his sexuality. It was more his general personality, being bitterly quiet, or what personality he adopted depending on his bipolar. Given he had refused lately to take his stabilisers, it did tend to play up more and more. But his sexuality? Luckily nobody really bullied him for it, just chose to make little comments that he took as playful teases rather than insults.

    "That's cool," he said after a moment, not wanting his hesitation to come across horribly, like he didn't know what to say. On the contrary, he had just lost himself in thought, as he usually did. Pulling his hood down over his head, he managed a brief smile with an awkward shrug. "I'm gay, I really don't care, so... yeah, that's pretty cool... and having siblings with problems... it doesn't matter either, so... I'm not judging, seriously. It'd be hypocritical," he murmured ambiguously, giving a nod towards the fact he had a condition, but not outright declaring it to this stranger who had roped him into a fake relationship - Bellamy was cute, and he knew most people would jump at pretending to date him just to get his mother off his back. But not Foster. He detested the very idea. "I... hmph... I guess to make it up to me, you could buy me a milkshake at school. You said you knew me from there, so just buy me one on Monday."​
  12. Bellamy nodded in response, "Yep. They've been together since I was a child. And I'm androsexual..which.," He sighed and scratched at his neck as he paused over explaining it and decided that it wasn't worth caring about at all, "Most dumb it down to that I'm gay, so good enough. I guess.."

    At school, the times that he would just walk straight in and no one could even try to give a shit about it happening or even see him lurking about the school giving people sweets. How the hell was that not suspicious? At all? Come on now. Oh well, at least he could get away with it. No one really knew too much about him, but he was usually referred to as being cool and strange and other days, they ignored him, usually whenever he stuck around his siblings.

    He nodded and smiled softly as he would tell him that, "I'm glad that you don't care, I understand what you're say. Thanks." As he finally said what he wanted in return and his eyes widened slightly before his smile broadened and he nodded, "Okay. What kind of milkshake do you like? I can stop by an ice cream place next to my work and stop by the school during my lunch break? If you'd like something special? If not and if you don't trust me, I'll just meet you in the school and buy you one there, that's cool too."
  13. "I don't trust you. I'd rather you buy me one at school. I'll be in the library at twelve, so come find me with the milkshake then," he murmured. He always ate lunch away from the canteen for several reasons: he hated the noise, he never found a seat, the people gave him stinking looks and above all else, he just didn't like any of them. So eating in the library was fine by him - technically, eating in there wasn't allowed, especially hot food, but given he had formed a strong bond with the librarians there, they did allow him and only him to eat, offering the special permission as long as he continued his work in the library in his spare time.

    Sometimes, the boy did have an urge just to shapeshift into someone else. Someone who looked cool and could be popular in seconds - it was possible and easy for him to do that, but it would also mean compromising everything, and above that, it wouldn't be himself. He'd be playing a lie just to achieve popularity, and that in itself wasn't him. He knew to stay true to himself, and that meant not shapeshifting, no matter how easy it would be.

    "I'm gonna go now," he muttered, seeming far more happy at that prospect than he had been the entire conversation with Bellamy. As nice as the boy was, Foster was hardly going to be his best friend after seconds. In fact, he didn't feel he needed anyone but his siblings. "So remember the milkshake and we'll call it quits. You won't have to communicate with me after that, I don't want you to."​
  14. The brunette huffed lightly and gave a shrug as he murmured, "I figure that you didn't. Okay, I'll be there at twelve with your milkshake then." It was easy enough for him, his siblings stayed in the library themselves, rather than outside or near other kids at lunch. It was easier to do their homework, they claimed. They had permission to eat in there as far as he knew, and he remembers that the librarians had a soft spot for him whenever he had been a student and wouldn't get on to him if he came by with food.

    They were smart kids, seeing they were going to both graduate early while Liam's twin, Loryn, was getting the normal experience. He wasn't seeming to complain about it though. Sabrina happened to teach in the high school. While, yes, she lived in the human world, but she was a vampire. Her hair was deep red and her eyes were a dark grey, close to Bellamy's, and her skin was olive toned naturally. She didn't burn up in the light thanks to certain jewelry she held on her purpose and she was fine with the lifestyle of drinking blood out of blood bags and eating normal food. Her children were half-breeds, so they could stand to live off of human food. Lucy had a darker complexion that was closer to Bellamy's than Caryn's, and the twins both sported Sabrina's deep red hair, but their eyes were a nice rich brown. His youngest sibling of them all was two years old now and not that last, but Caryn had her. But she held a mix of them, for her hair was gradually turning brown and her eyes were a shade of grey.

    It kind of did hurt whenever he noticed how happy Jake was whenever the conversation and them meeting was coming to an end, but he couldn't blame him at all. "..Gotcha. I'll bring you a milkshake and that'll be the end of it. Okay. See you then, I guess. Thanks." He managed a polite smile before walking ahead, planning to go and get Lucy as quick as he could before she'd get irritated.
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  15. And by the time Monday came around, for the whole of the day leading up to lunchtime, Foster hadn't necessarily worried too much about the looming delivery of the milkshake. He knew from passing Bellamy a few times -he had time to recollect and, mostly with talking with his siblings, realised that they had all passed Bellamy frequently on their way into school- that he was a rather cool person, and yet Foster didn't find himself freaking out about him visiting him.

    On the contrary, he didn't much care for it - he just wanted a milkshake, in all honesty, and even if Bellamy was the one bringing it to him, it didn't really matter. He was just some guy, right? Though Foster's twin hadn't really shut up all weekend about it - the moment Foster explained why he had come back without food, his siblings had all reacted. His twin sister, Grace, had reacted with clear excitement. She often had crushes on several guys at a time, and even despite the fact Bellamy didn't go to the school anymore, she had a crush on him as well as a few other boys-- even if she didn't believe Foster when he told her he was androgynous. Foster's younger siblings hadn't reacted like that, thankfully. His fifteen year old brother Cassius had claimed to not really care, and his twin Lily had simply smiled and shuffled off - like Foster, she was painfully shy.

    So knowing that, Foster did invite her to share lunch with him. While he had no friends, he did have his siblings-- Grace was often with her gang of giggling, girly friends and Cassius was the popular jock-type character so wouldn't be seen dead in a library, but Lily? She was sweet, shy, kind. Much like Foster in every way, so he was usually sat with her, such as that day as they sat with their lunches. They had free school meals, luckily, otherwise they would hardly afford a sandwich between them all.

    "Is Bellamy going to keep pretend-dating you? It must be nice, I guess. He doesn't see like a jerk, from what I hear," she murmured. The thing about the girl was that, while she was quiet and friendless like Foster, she did have gossip on everyone and anyone through simply overhearing things unintentionally.

    "I dunno, he's a talker. I don't like people, Lily," he reminded, hunched over his food with a small smile, hiding behind his flicked hair. "People just... are jerks. He could be one, for all I know, y'know?"​
  16. Bellamy came into the school at lunchbreak as he said he would, meeting up with his little sister in the process after having her and the twins over for the weekend. She was quiet as she walked with him, and he'd press a kiss to the top of her head and she wouldn't mind. He'd ask her, "Do you want a milkshake?" Without hesitation, she nodded eagerly, "Liam too." "He's coming?" She squinted at him in frustration and he chuckled softly, "I got you, I've got you."

    So he would buy them four milkshakes and he juggled them three within his grasp while Lucy happily skipped her way to the library so they could meet with Liam. They had their own lunch boxes even though they were about to get free lunch as well, but Caryn was determined to make sure they were fed for and always had something. Bellamy was dressed rather femininely, wearing dark red lipstick and eyeliner that made his eyes pop and also leggings and a loose, floral print top. They'd walk into the library and be greeted by Liam as well.

    Looking around for a certain person, he finally saw him and what seemed to be his younger sister and smiled weakly. As he hadn't noticed him yet, he handed his own and the one meant for Jake to his sister, telling her, "Can you go give that guy his milkshake and give the girl mine?" At least he hoped she could have it, since he didn't need his. He could always buy another later. Lucy nodded eagerly at her task and took them before as she rush-walked over to them, a shy smile on her lips as she managed out as she gave the male his and the girl her brother's that he hadn't touched, "Milkshakes."

    He'd known that she wouldn't have said much and knew Jake wouldn't want to talk to him either, so what was the point of bothering him? Lucy ran back over right after Bellamy would go up to greet the librarians quietly and happily so, since he would also spend all his time in the library when he had been in school. It was brief though, for he walked to his siblings' table and sat down, giving a small wave over to them and smiled weakly before starting to help his siblings with their homework as he usually would do. He was going to do his best not to bother him.
  17. "Have you upset him? Why didn't he come over?" Lily pondered quickly, holding the milkshake with a shy, appreciative smile over at Bellamy - one that Foster didn't share and indulge in. Instead, the boy hunched over his food with a distinct scowl, not touching the milkshake kindly brought over to him by Bellamy's sister. Lily, however, did show the girl her thanks - she had seen her a few times in the library and shared a few smiles, so it wasn't that awkward an occurrence to smile at her and see her on her way. "Foster? Don't ignore me. What's wrong?"

    "Nothing, fuck off Lily," he grunted immediately, causing her to shut up. Not because she was intimated or scared, far from it. Instead, she was wary. She knew that this must be a depressive mood he was going through, and that he was easily annoyed and irritated in this mood, to the point of becoming hysteric and suicidal - he self harmed pretty badly, she knew that, but she didn't knew the extent of it just yet, and would be horrified if she did. "He's just a jerk, like everyone, end of. He doesn't even dress right--"

    "I don't think you should judge him, really," she whispered under her breath, a wearily smile appearing as she sipped shyly at her milkshake. "You're a bipolar shapeshifter--"

    "And he's what? An effeminate incubus? That's so much better," he muttered. His siblings were all normal human beings, but knew of their brother's species and of other inhuman ones... but didn't go blabbing about it, fortunately. "Look, I don't care what he wears, that's not it. I'm just tired and... I don't wanna do this, not today."​
  18. As he had noticed the smile on her lips, he returned it gently before it fell slightly as he noticed the way Jake was acting, or rather as he'd just heard out of his sister, Foster and Lily, as they were known as. Of course it hadn't been his real name, as he knew that much about him besides his species. God, Foster must really hate everything about him, it felt like so.

    He couldn't truly understand just why, but it was his cross to bear in the end. He'd done something wrong, whatever it was. The brunette did his best to focus on his siblings' work and helped them out with it in the best way he could. It was fairly easy for him to do, on the plus side. It felt awkward now for him to be in the same air near him.

    Bellamy worked quickly without intending to with them, and both the time he'd realize that, they were putting up their homework to focus on eating. He blinked several times in confusion before his stomach would growl out of hunger and he'd ignore it with ease. Planting kisses on the top of their heads, he mumbled out, "Maybe it's best if I just go back to work for today..."

    He got up from it quietly so right as a deep red haired women would appear shortly after and kiss him on the cheeks motherly before going up to her other children to check on them as he would fiddle with his fingers as he'd leave.
  19. Yet, Foster remained rather... well, indifferent to the effect and uncomfortable situation he had placed the other in by openly speaking of him and making his dislike known so much so that the incubus had heard and opted to leave. It wasn't that Foster hated him, per se, but more like the fact that he generally didn't like people, and nor could he trust the, so why extend the olive branch and change how he had been when it wasn't how he was, and worse still, could just get him to trust somebody who wasn't worth trusting.

    He didn't like to stereotype, but incubi were bad news generally, and he really didn't want to get involved with one, not even on a friend-to-friend basis. He had helped him with his mother, pretended to date him, and that was something he would never dream of doing usually, so wasn't that enough now? He didn't need to pretend to be nice to him, end of discussion.

    Choosing to leave his milkshake and most of his food untouched, he got to his feet to wearily pull on his scarf and thick coat - he was someone who get sick easily, and needed to keep himself wrapped up when heading out into the cold. "...Let's just skip, and go home," he murmured to his little sister, who, being someone who loved school and was predicted to finish before anyone else and skip a year, was horrified at the suggestion, though nodded when seeing just how tired her brother was. If she could prevent him doing anything stupid because of his depression, that was better than staying in school was. "...Come on then, I guess we'll have to."​
  20. Even though Bellamy could be seen as cool to plenty of people, there was still some people out there that just...didn't see that the same way. Especially with the way he was dressed now. He ferociously defended his siblings if people dared to even bully or insult them, hurt them in any way for whatever reason. But it was another story for himself. He could hear a pair of boys talking about him behind his back easily as he steadily made his way to the exit.

    It escalated all too fast, and all because he chose to ignore them. One had yanked him backwards by his wrist and let him hit a wall. He'd stay quiet, ducking his head slightly as he refused to look up at them. One would knee him in the stomach and another would punch him in the face right as he tried to move away from them, ignoring their insults. It was only whenever one of them did finally make an insult about Lucy to get on his nerves did he take the chance to kick one of them in the back of their knee and make them fall over stunned.

    The brunette sprinted off as quickly as he could, wiping up the blood coming from his spilt lip. There was no reason to bodily injure either of them, but he got away before he would be given a reason. As he finally made it out the door, he hutched over on the sidewalk against a while and gave himself a moment. Wiping his eyes and pressing his hand against his lip, he muttered out weakly to himself, "Fucking..high schoolers." Sure, he could technically be one himself if he'd stayed, but even so, his point still counted.
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