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  1. Does anyone have any interest in the game or history of DW or ROTK and would like to plan a rp with me?
    This is probably a long shot though.

    The Dynasty Warriors RP OOC/Signup is officially up.
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  2. What ideas do you have in mind?
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  3. I'm interested in this RP, so what's it going to be?
  4. this would be interesting , this was one of my favorite games , and i assume you played the ps2 version i think it was 3 where your fighting and all you hear is ITS ...ITS...ITS LU BU! and at that moment you know your in deep S**** . But any way experiencing that in an RP would be great.
  5. Well I was thinking of having original characters/CAW type characters and place them into a certain scenario, which is up for discussion on what it is.

    Here are some possible scenarios:
    - Yellow Turban Rebellion, 184
    - Anti-Dong Zhuo Campaign, 190
    - Rising Warlords, 194-199 (any year)
    - Guandu, 200
    - Chibi, 208
    - Three Kingdoms Rise 214-219
    - Three Kingdoms 220-234

    If you're not too familiar with any of these scenarios, just say and I'll give you some information.
    I guess you could rp as already unique characters, but it would be better if we created our own characters, with backstories and etc.
  6. I have some ideas as well? I could help you out
  7. how about the classic lei bei fighting cao cao for his woman thing
  8. What if we start as a normal trooper and rise to become a general thingy, I know it would ruin the flow of stories....

    and how about making certain scenario to meet us up (of course we won't be in the same force unless like guan yu did , he serve both liu bei and cao cao but in the end he was killed by cao cao =<=)
  9. yhea thats a good idea. you could be a rising emperor and we could be your generals
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  10. that'll be great like the jin force where al the small officer and si ma yi defect.
  11. If you are referring to Kessen 2, I'd prefer to stick closer to the Dynasty Warriors, novel and ROTK spin on things for the most part. Especially if we want to use Diaochan.
    This is definitely more of what I was thinking. If our characters were basically nobodies who happened to be living in a certain era, we could all be soldiers in a particular unit, or some of us could serve different armies as a minor officer who captures the others... But at the end of the day those of us who survive can become higher generals and then we can usurp the throne or stick to the history or whatever.

    I sort of want a roleplay where we don't rely too heavily on the existing playable or NPC generals, but where we are just characters living in a world in which they all exist. That way our characters will feel like the focus of the rp rather than the typical fanfiction OC who follows playables around. And if we are just troops, we probably won't be receiving direct orders from Cao Cao unless we are part of his unit on the field, or speaking with him whatsoever outside the battlefield.
    Yeah, this would work too, it would be great if we all meet up somehow and then start a conspiracy of some sort, starting our own empire or kingdom. But at least for the initial part of the roleplay, we don't have any power at all and are the lower class citizens, troops, officials, etc, who probably have had no or little contact from the higher generals like Cao Cao, Xiahou Yuan, Zhuge Liang, etc.

    Our motives to rebel/start up would probably be due to a dislike of how Wei/Wu/Shu are run, or maybe more personal such as one of our characters' families being exiled or executed for some crime and so they join the rebellion for vengeance, or justice, or out of loyalty, or maybe just out of circumstance (ie innocently getting caught up in the rebellion somehow)
  12. if you are planning to create the rp this way please reserve me a spot for your generals. and your idea is good , we could have all of us make there characters start off as know generals of wei/wu/shu and you can either recruit us by defeating us or just turning us against are own empire. Because your gonna need troops and thats one way to get them, The generals you recruit bring there troops with them.
  13. Sign me in then
  14. That's a good idea actually. I will definitely create this rp sometime within the next week or two, don't worry. I'm going to take that time to work out what we're going to do first.

    So do we all like the idea that we start as small time officers or villagers, farmers, guards, etc, and meet up throughout the rp (in battle or elsewhere) under my character's army, or against it? I won't be a dictator-like character, it would be more like a coalition than an army at first, I'm just the leader of it. Equally, I don't mind someone else being a leader or co-leader.

    And my character is rebelling against the Han Dynasty itself, not one of the three kingdoms, because he believes that the 3K war is a civil war and that the Han is corrupt. Obviously he'll be clashing with Wei and Shu (who both affiliate themselves with Han) but he's not directly rebelling against any of them, although since Cao Cao is the Prime Minister of Han, he is a main factor as to why my character thinks the Han is corrupt.
  15. ok sounds good. but makes sure you make it so are characters need to be accepted in order to RP just so you can look over the details and make sure there not confusing DW with K 2 like i did because im sure the colors for the empires were reversed in K2 . would it be ok if i would have a character that steals a wife ( one of zheng feis daughters ) . sorry but i was already thinking about a back story for the character i wanted to use for this rp
  16. Yeah sure, in fact, I'm going to start up the OOC/Sign-up page over this weekend, so once it's up, I'll put the link here and we can do the character sheets, etc.

    I'll lay down some rules so people know what's going on.
  17. then it will be an honor to follow you into battle lord [ insert name here] lol
  18. Well can we rebel from forces? <---NOT SAYING THAT I WANT TO DEFECT but... I thought it would be cool to defect our current force such as
  19. I don't understand what you mean @Greedy Donuts, do you mean rebel from our forces or rebel from other forces to our forces? Whichever your question is, the answer is yes, this is an open roleplay, you can do what you like within reason.
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