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  1. Three Kingdoms; Coalesce
    "The empire, long divided, must unite; long united, must divide. Thus it has ever been..."

    ~ Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Luo Guanzhong.

    It is cerca 200 AD, and the Han Dynasty is failing fast. Already, the tyrant Dong Zhuo and various others have tried to seize the throne, using the Emperor as a mere puppet to achieve their ends. The Yellow Turbans, led by the Zhang brothers, rose, madly claiming to be sent by Heaven and giving themselves grand titles such as “Celestial Duke,” “Duke of Earth,” and “Duke of Humanity.” When they fell, many of their groups remained to raid and pillage areas of the country. Emperor Liu Hsieh was as powerless as his father and his father before him. He was ousted from his throne by the Prime Minister Tsao Min Jun, also known as the ruler of Wei.

    Strength was, and is still, scattered in various factions: the Wei, Shu, and Wu Kingdoms. What’s worse is that barbarians and surviving Yellow Turbans are stirring up trouble from without and within the country, as well.

    The Han Dynasty is generally presumed to have had its day, but its last hope remains in the Shu Kingdom, which is ruled by Liu Hsieh, who, with Chan Sung Yanyu, fled Wei to escape death. But with the natural disasters and supernatural events that seem to signal the Han’s luck is over, will the Liu Family’s luck run out?

    Wu in the south, with its prosperous land and large population, has its own claim to the Imperial Throne; the Imperial Seal, once under the care of the Han Dynasty, was lost during wartime confusion, and has resurfaced in the hands of the Sun family.

    Meanwhile, not all is stable in Wei. Just as there always were, there are court intrigues, and there’s (legitimate) no male heir, which complicates the matter of legitimacy. And there are plenty rising stars who may just take advantage of this situation to become the emperor, themselves…

    So, who will be the person to reunify the empire?

    • It's a role-play based off of Dynasty Warriors.
    • It takes place in 200 BC.
    • Inaccuracies are okay.
    • Semi-Advanced to Advanced writers.
    • This is our second season.
    • The site uses BBcode.
    • Roles are unlimited.
    • This is an otome website...so dudes gonna have to buckle down and get over the fact its all girly.
    • This site also has A LOT of rules. No swearing, no sexual scenes (not even in spoilers), and etc.
    • Also @Zambie0 brought you there.


    Hope to see you there! :)
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