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  1. Dynasty Warriors RP

    Set in the year 208 CE, shortly before Cao Cao's march against Liu Bei, it becomes clear that Cao Cao is on the verge of dominating all of China. Besides Cao Cao's increase of power, there is no main plot, and so it is an open plot and open world rp. Your characters can be loyal to whichever lord they please, or be a mercenary, merchant or just a wandering peasant.

    You may have only two main characters per roleplayer, however, all characters must be original/CAW characters, and all of them must have relatively Chinese historical names, so no characters should be called Joe Musou, Japanese names or anything similar. If you are going to have a character from a different civilisation of this era, please do a little research on that civilisation so that it's somewhat historically accurate, and have a name which relates to that civilisation (or just a chinese one).

    If you have any questions, raise them here or by PM.

    This is the character sheet which you can use:

    Year of birth (age):
    If you do not serve any of the warlords at the time, write unafilliated, however in (brackets), write the name of the warlord/kingdom whose territory you live in
    Occupation: Can be anything from soldier, doctor/physician, historian or poet to cook, merchant, poet or innkeeper.. the more menial, the better
    Appearance: A picture, preferably
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  2. 涂桌明
    (Han Yu Pin Yin : Tu Zhuo Ming)
    (if you're wondering it's my chinese name so hiss off!)

    Xiao Long meaning little dragon

    Year of birth (age):
    188 C.E

    Currently act as Liu Bei's Troope specifically Zhao Yun's lieutenant



    Tu Zhuo have a high spirited unit, he's the leader of his platoon and served as the right hand of Zhao Yun, with the training he had since he was young, he was known for being fearless and emotionless during war. Out of the battlefield, Tu Zhuo are a joker who jokes all the time, unlike when he's in battlefield. Tu Zhuo also has the nickname of Xiao Long given by his upper officer, Zhao Yun.

    Tu Zhuo Ming, born in 188 CE, Specifically in Luo Yang. He was the son of farmer couple which was killed by Cao Cao during the Hu Lao Gate battle. Since that incident Gong Sun Zan later on took him and his sister in as a warrior rather son although Gong Sun Zan seems to have a soft side for Tu Zhuo, he deny it. As Tu Zhuo grown up in the palace as a warrior, he's battle skill rose pretty well as he can easily defeated 3 troop at the age of 11. After the death of Gong Sun Zan within the same year, Tu Zhuo was taken by Zhao Yun to Liu Bei's army. The following year, Tu Zhuo's fighting skills improve and had earn himself to become a lieutenant of Zhao Yun's troop at a very young age of 19.
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  3. Zhao Yun's already with Liu Bei at this point, he has been for eight years. I guess you could change the Gongsun Zan part to Liu Bei, since Gongsun Zan's been dead for nine years.

    Overall though, Tu Zhuo seems like a great character!
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  4. right I'm going to edit several things
  5. Awesome, and also not a criticism but you accidentally wrote 288 CE instead of 188 CE
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