Dynamite Fighters

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  1. Being a bright sunny day, a bright beam of sunlight came beaming over the mountain tops of the deserted wasted lands, only thing that came around him were a few trees that stood at least a good 60 yards in the air, some twice the height of that. But none the less, this type of land was actually good for him, it worked for his advantage for some cases for training and just to roam around freely. The sun was clearly high in the skys, not a cloud in sight only birds flying by chirping like they always do when the sun is at its highest.

    Standing by the tallest and god father of all the trees, was younge looking tiger, his fur was brighter then the color white with black stripes tracing sides ways along its body, eyes darker then blood, its claws were sharpen and perfectly alighned with each other. The creature kept bonez sticking from all four elbos of his legs that reached near his ribs, they way they curved when he ran they never make contact to his skin or with each other to prevent a accident crash or cause damage to him self. He also had small mini spiked bonez sharper then razor blades scattered across his entire body, but covered by his fur to hide from other hunters or animals it was a very tatical defence weapon he had and loved.
    His tail reaching a feet of 5yds, the tip was the shape of an arrow head made of course from his own bone material, his tail was also covered in the white fur hiding small bone razors as well just like across his body.

    He sniffed the air to find any signs of enemies that would aproach him, his high sence of smell and hearing ability were fanominal, that anything from a mile away was like a dead skunk just a foot step away, or a falling tree crashing down next to someone.
  2. Shaki smirked as she spotted one of the enemy clan's members. Or possibly exmember. She sat there in the tree watching him with a bit of curiosity. She then stood and yawned as her twin katanas rattled lightly but not makeing any sound. " Well looks like i got something to do today. " She said as she jumped down from the treen landing on her feet paws and started to run makeing no sound as she smirked she kicked it into high gear and rn right past the tiger as she dropped a note saying" You are in my territory leave or face the dire concequences. "
  3. Its ears and nose flickered just a tiny bit, the sound was quiet, but the smell was stronge, he knew it was a she and that whatever she wanted she was coming closer towards him, without hesitation the first thing he had done was to turn around facing the driection, feeling its furs rizzle within the wind from her speeding by, his eyes were brought down to the note and read it in his mind. A growl came sizzling out with his nostral crinching up with the growl, his fur lightly perking up as to say with his body language he wasn't about to take a threat from anyone, nor leave just cause whoever she was, she wasn't brave enough to face him in person to tell him this.
    He wasn't worried of course, cause he fought many strong opponents that were quick on their feet, but he not know what she was capable of, so he stood his ground firm, and his ears and nose up and ready for a quick counter if she struck first in combat.
  4. She looked back and stared striaght at him " Hmmm so he did not take the warning? " She said as she smirked. " Fine then this shall get interesting. " She said as she unsheathed both of her swords and casually walked to where the male could see her. " CAN YOU READ? " She hollard out as she drew closer to him.
  5. His form had turn towards the female that had her swords un shealthed, his blood red eyes had exaimed both the blades then back to the females body feature, knowing she was quick on her feet, he was going to have to be ready for a quick counter if needed to, since she obviously wanted him dead and out of her terroritor for some reason. Not bothering him though, he whipped his tail towards the ground to blow a pile of dust particles within the air around his form, his growl had gotten louder from that moment, his feet spreaded out. He was scenced she had power and wasn't no where near a normal human. This wasn't going to be an easy task like all his other attackers or prey, so excitment had ran through his veins from wanting this now.

    Kicking his back legs towards his back, he began springing all 4 of his feet in a pattern for increased speed, since he was in a tiger form, he had great speed behind all 4 legs that made him twice as fast as a cheetah, the dust he had sprung in the air continued to float within the air that had samll bits of green sparkles within the center of the dust particles, and when he was moving, when the sunlight had hit at the right spots light glimps of a shiny object would show forming behind him, but this was nothing to slow him down when he was heading towards the female.
  6. She just smirked. Brute force is'nt gunna take her down, she then got low to the ground as her tail stood still. " Wait for it.......... NOW! " She said as she flipped right over the tiger grazeing his back with her left blade , rose , as she used her other blade to regain her balance. " She smirked yet again as she whiped the blood off of her blade and looked back to him as her eyes narrowed in.
  7. With the moment at her jump, he easily zig zagged in an 's' motion, allowing her blade to completely swish passed him, his tail kept loosely during the entire motion. But of course within slowing down, he took a quick turn around a tree, with his back feet, he smashed them to the ground to leap forward in another rush towards her, his eyes locked on her, but he was trying to attacking her when he was going towards her. He was only acting as if he was, his mouth opened up showing his devil teeth showing, slight bit of drool dripping from his teeth, he wanted to devour them within her flesh, he showed it in his eyes that he wanted to taste her flesh as he rushed towards her
  8. She smiled again as she stood there holding her ground. Just as he got close to her she let out a low deep growl as her eyes changed from purple to bright green, her personality now changed and her speed up. She quickly coverd the ground that was inbetween them both as she drew her sword back and in one swift motion threw it forward at him.
  9. The moment she had chunked her blade towards his form, he took a quick spin in the air feet and all off the floor, during the spin his form quickly switched back to his normal human like figure, revealing 2 bladed bone like shardes sticking upwards form each of his elbos, his hair dropping down passed his ears in a straighten line. He stared at her the moment he felt the wire he was holding flinch from her blade making contact with it, her blade would flip in a spin from contact, having it end with the handle dropping to the ground. With a quick tug in the wire, a silent trip wire came slizzeling inwards all around her entire form, to stop her in her movement, the wires were so thin its not even visible to the naked eye except when light hits it.

    Keeping a tight hold from the wire, He brought his fist up to face level, one further out then the other for a combat stance, surroudned his knuckles were bone plated sheilds for a harder impact if contacted. The strength behind the bones were stronge enough to snap even a humans bone in clean 2 if pressed with enough force, which he clearly had. "You come and attack me.. when you have nothing to fight about, thats very low and shitty of you. I mean really, you know nothing about me and you make conflict with me? Watch your step girl, cause it may just be your last."
  10. She growled and slipped away without being cuaght by said wires. " Your gunna have to do allot more than that to trapp me.. " She said as she bolted away in a lightning fast pace.
  11. Holding his fist open to his palm facing the ground his forearm came slipping from the center of his palm to reveal a sharpen tip that touched the ground, closing his fingers around the handle of the bone, he easily tilted his wrist upowards, snapping the bone loose from his skin, now wielding it like a blade bade from his own bone fragments.
    A short few second slowly went by the moment she bolted off in that time of her running, a light mist began dispursing from his body, he emited from his toes all the way up to his head like an orb giving off enrgey. The mist quickly grew large in distance around his entire form untill nothing was left to see in your looking radius expect a heavy mist of green water vapor.
    The moment the mist began dispurse from his body, around his face that covered from the bridge of his nose down to his jaw was being covered by his own skull that came around looking like a mask to keep the mist from entering his body as if he was inside a room filled with poison gas.

    "You are literally nothing, but a girl who wants to die. If you have any sence of intelligence, you're leave now, and not attack."
  12. She chuckles as she jumps high up into a tree. " You think i am scare? I have fought your kind before and i have deafeated them with ease. So i belive i can defeat you as easy as the rest... "
  13. "So confident.. Thats always a good thing in a fighter I suppose, but how are you going to fight someone you can't see.. Cause im the only one of my kind thats able to use the mist technique. He spun his blade in a cirlce so fast that a sizzle of the wind behind the spin emited, sending a small shock wave from it to advance outwards infront and behind of him, giving off a sound where he was located at, but why was he doing this? Did he want her to find come after her?

    He waited for a sign of her nearance before making his next move to her.
  14. She smirked knowing this was a trap. " Do you really think i am that niaeve? " She said as she jumped down from the tree and landed on her feet her tail swaying from side to side. " Really com on i am not stupid. If i were i wouldve died a long time ago. " She said as she walked circles around him.
  15. With a slight movemtn from the wind he was creating, his figure bodied moved along with the wind, confusing her of his next move of course from the wind, neither decreasing or increasing the amount of wind when moving along with it. His figured had come up behind him taking a powerful side kick to her lower hiop, if a clean connection, he'll land to his feet and ran towards her to slid underneith her before she landed on the ground to force his knee up to the side of her jaw, easily if contact from the first the second would have fractured her jaw, not breaking it but making it sore for the rest of the battle.
  16. She felt the kick but yet saw the knee comeing and placed her hand on his knee and pushed up flipping up in mid air luaghing. " You need to be quicker than that.
  17. Smooth.. Not to bad..
    "Still keeping his swords in his palms he dugged them both in the ground and held his fist in a palm as if he was holding an object or he was just bolding his fist to knock her in the face a few times. Kicking his feet from the hilt of his blades, he jumped up towards her and swrung his fist around her neck to bring her to a headlock, his palmd reste don his other forarm. with that he pulled back with power to chock her out in the hold he hoped to do to her.
  18. She smirked and just simply went limp alloweing her to slip out of his grip and trun in mid air throwing a wide right hook aiming at the side of the face with deadly accuracy and speed.
  19. With that happen, he slung his arm back towards him, seeing the fist coming towards his face, to pulled his arm up so he could deflect the blow, with the fail attempt he was only able to slow it down and move the aim to his right shoulder.
    With that he spun around and wrapped his arm around hers, with them being so close avoiding this would have been difficult now. As he held the tight hold, he threw her over his should and as her body went the object he was hold in both his hands came slizzing around her neck now, since the first string was already around her neck, the second string was just an easy target to bring around her neck from her angle of falling. Thus with her body weight moving down, the wire around her throat cleanly stripped threw her neck, and choking her out from a hung.
  20. She hissed loudly as she felt the wire around her neck and brought her sword that was in her right hand up next to her face and easily cut through it. " Don't test me KITTEN!! " She Roared as she pushed him away and flipped backwards to the ground landing woth one of her hands on the ground.