Dynamic Warfare (We seriously need players!)

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  1. Iwaku rules apply here. As put below the titles, this thread contains strong muthafuckin language. No pedoes, no assholes, and no bitchin. Most of all, BE SENSIBLE. Also, If you're gonna have sex, as in most rps, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND THE OTHER PLAYER THAT GAVE YOU CONSENT TO DO IT. If you put it in this chat, you will be forever banned.
    It's 2035, and every single continent known to man has engaged in an eternal war, known as the War of Infamy.
    There are 4 factions: Resurgance, the ''good'' faction in the war, Draconix, the mercenary faction, Shadocin, the evil faction that will kill anyone in their path, and Zechinach, the neutral faction. So go on, enter the world of eternal war, join your faction, and have fun.

    NOTE: To kill someone, you must go into battle mode (roll a dice, everyone has 50 HP, the dice is 25 sided. The number determines the damage you do. Also, if you die, you may make another character. Multiple characters are strictly not allowed, due to flooding.)
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  2. Sgt. Sylo, Shadocin tank commander, pokes his head out the top turret of his tank and lights a cigarette. The tank travels along a burnt out road into a small town. "Happy" by Pharrell Williams plays on the radio as he passes a group of POWs being led to a firing squad. Sylo taps some ash off the end of his cig and speaks into his communicater. "Anvil 1-2 approaching front lines. What is the situation? Over."
  3. Commander Zelros of Zechinach sat in his VTOL, cruising around in Shadocin territory, picking off the asswipes that tried to raid their base the night yesterday. He sees a familiar face riding in a rank on his HUD screen.
  4. Zelros set his jet to hover mode, and quickly recognized the person in the tank as the infamous Sgt. Sylo who actually led the raid against Zechinach. He fired a couple of homing missiles and set the jet to hyperspeed and zipped off into somewhere deeper in Shadocin territory.
  5. Sylo sees the jet flying around and looks at it through his binoculars. He recognizes the markings. No way. He was shot down. Alarms warn of the incoming missiles. He ducks inside the tank and orders the deployment counter measures as the tank speeds up and tries to lose the missiles by hiding in the buildings.
  6. Zelros looked back at where he fired the missiles, but the tank wasn't blown to shit... ''Dammit!'', he shouted inside his fighter. He decided not to try that again, as they knew he was there already. As he was flying back to Zechinach territory, a Draconix chopper showed up, fired some shots at Xenite, the jet, but missed. The jet Zelros had was made specifically for him with prototype controls and equipment. He did a barrel roll and fired some missiles at the chopper and it exploded.
  7. He'd greeted the leader of Zechinach, his father, David Zechinach. Zelros reported that he killed some of Shadocin's men and almost killed Sylo in the process. ''Good, my son. We just can't go anywhere without being attacked.''
  8. Meanwhile, Sylo was happily chugging along a trench. Bullets bounce off the tanks armor. The turret traverses 90 degrees to starboard and blows a bunker away. Soon after the infantry in the trench jump out and rush the Zechinach position. Sylos tank follows them. A few RPGs fly overhead. "Anvil 1-2 requestng fire on AT position at 10 o'clock low."
  9. The base alarms go off. Dammit,he thought. He knew it was the Shadocins. He jumped in Xenite and flew off to the opposition.
  10. Shooting and using the destructive laser cannon included on his jet, he, once again, saw Sylo. He aimed his laser carefully and ripped the tank in half. Sylo, however managed to jump out when the tank sensors saw his attack...
  11. The tank takes a hit head on. The explosion rocks the 70 ton tank and brakes one of the tracks. "TANK DOWN TANK DOWN" A second explosion hits the turret, brakes the gun and kills the gunner. Sylo crawls out the commanders hatch and onto the ground. Bullets impact all around. He picks up an assault rifle off a dead guy and takes cover in a fox hole.
  12. ''At least I took the tank down.'' Zelros sighed. He'd gotten used to this. Everyone in war. He landed his jet in the basement hangar to be safe, and looked for Sylo, as he saw him go underground. With his automatic rifle, once again made for him specifically, which he named Draco, he set down into the tunnels in the Zechinach base.
  13. Sylo traverses the tunnels about as well as a blind bird. He finds a trench gun and swaps his assault rifle for it. He dodges soldiers at intersects and remains as hidden as he can as he moves deeper into the subterranean system.
  14. Walking down the tunnels, he saw Sylo. He never expected to find him that fast. He followed Sylo, and he got close enough to turn and hold him by the collar which was what he did. He kicked the trench gun out of Sylo's hands and held Draco to his head. ''This is a top-class automatic sniper rifle. You try anything, you get blasted to shit.'' he said, staring at him malevolently.
  15. Hearing with his right ear, he heard his father saying that the Shadocins were starting to retreat. ''Hear that, asshole? Your friends are going bye-bye like little pussies. Tell me what you got planned against us. Now.'' he said loudly. This attracted tunnel guards to back him up.
  16. That was fast. Sylo puts both his hands on head. "Long time no see, Zelros. What have you been up to?"
  17. ''Picking off your guys one by one,'', he said. ''You're gonna die later on, you know that?'' He also kicked Sylo's radio off his belt, he wasn't taking chances. ''We're gonna put you in high level security for now. We'll decide what to do with you soon. Also, you didn't answer my question. What are you gonna do to the Zechinachs?!''
  18. "We all die eventually. As for what we're planning...well, I'm afraid that's something You'll die without knowing." Four Shadocin SpecOps soldiers de-cloak and shoot the tunnel guards in the back and then point their weapons at Zelros. "Let him go" says one of the soldiers.
  19. Zelros threw down a flash, grabbed Draco and shot the SpecOps officers, but hadn't noticed he let Sylo go. He radioed in that there was an intruder in the tunnels.
  20. Sylo escaped to a basement hanger. He found Zelros' plane there. A mechanic is repainting a slightly damaged plane next to it. Sylo sneaks up on him and breaks his neck. He takes the paint and writes "Sylo was here" on the side of Zelros' plane. He then goes to the surface and starts looking for a way out.
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