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Well, I guess the resume thing got out of the way most of the stuff I'd normally put in an intro, which means you're doing something right with it, I guess. Makes me run low on ideas, though.

I found this place because I wanted pictures of cats... in space. Thus, I searched Alta Vista (I know I am the only person alive who still uses that). I didn't find what I was looking for at all.

Anyway, personal wise, I won't try to give you my life story or any crap, but I personally like it when people give a little info becasue it makes them feel a little more like an individual to me. I'm a nineteen year old high school senior in The Deep South. Not quite a man, and not quite ready for the work force, but hopefully things'll go well. I'm a big theater geek, which my roleplaying passion led me too, though there ain't exactly reliable jobs in that field, so I have no clue what I want to be. I've already been accepted into a respectable college, but will likely undergo some rehab to better prepare me for the college and the work force. Thinking about an occupational therapist.

As I may shave already mentioned on chat, I have been professionally diagnosed with ADHD and a type of autism called Asperger's Syndrome. You likely won't notice this at all, but I must warn the staff that I am a bit moodier than most, which may be related, or simply me being immature. Either way, I am working on this.

Rolwplaying wise, I've been doing freeform for about five years and tabletop games for about three. I am fond of free rules lite system, especially Tristat dX , Pace, Fudge, and Sherpa. Games sem to rune better for me as a Gm when I can easly get a copy of the rules for each player, with playerr getting comfortable with the rules as quickly as possibly. I don't admit to being a talented GM by any means, especially in free form games, but I am contemplating setting up a game largely based on sentai live action shows (think Power Rangers) and super robot anime/manga. If you don't think such a game would do well, please tell me to rethink this. Otherwise I'll probably have it up by Monday morning. I also like 1x1 rps becasue they are easiest to manage.

Also, yeah. I like image macros. Very surprised you have an image board influenced section on the section. I am selfproclaimed expert on all things related to GAR and male tsunderes.

Also, I fail at chat.

Any questions?
You know, I don't think anyone has actually found us that way so far. o_O;
Anyway, welcome to Iwaku!
I'm Kitti and I mostly don't bite or anything!

Ahem. To be more dignified, please ask if you have any questions. Staff members have colored names in order of rank from lowest to highest purple, blue, and red. Most of the members can help you out as well.

I was drunk and searching for 40k stuff, somehow ended up o WMD's page.

But enough about me, Welcome newbie, sit down have a beer.
Asperger Syndrome... my old nemesis....

*brings his hands together, the right palm on the back of the left, and pushes downwards*




Come on! DO IT!

*brings his hands together, the right palm on the back of the left, and pushes downwards*

We have enog=ugh experience with moody types don't worry. Some of them have even made it onto staff. Make yourself at home.
Yeah, half the members of the site either have Autism or Aspergers! XD Nothing new to us!

So welcome, welcome ye of fitting in. >:D
Case and point, one of our trusty, crusty admin, Rory (or whatever he's calling himself this week). There's others but as Danananana said it's a long list.

Welcome to the forums! Peruse around and join some RPs and all that jazz. When you can contribute to insanity.
welcome to iwaku! let me know if there's anything you need help with & hope you enjoy your stay!
That's quite definitely the most awesome way I've heard of for finding out about this forum.

For that, mate, very nicely done.

*drives Asmo away from the thread with a broomstick*
Wait, wait, it's gonna work! It's gonna work!

*brings his hands together, the right palm on the back of the left, and pushes downwards*