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  1. There is always 2 people that, when working together or even against each other, make the best duo! Maybe they have personalities that feed off of one another! Maybe they're SO OPPOSITE, that they just click! Think of Mario and Yoshi! Carter and Lee from Rush hour!

    Which two people make the best Dynamic Duo in your opinion and why?


    I have always been in love with the stories, because I really loved the dynamic they had between each other. >:3
  3. I'm... really, really confused...

    [MENTION=987]Celestialis[/MENTION] and I are the only Dynamic Duo to mention. o_O;
  4. Pinky & the Brain!
  5. Batman and the Joker.

    Such opposites that play off each other nicely.
  6. Mario & Luigi!


    They work well together, are smart, funny and they always have tactics to get around any obstacle. (Even though they are sometimes funny and weird. It still gets the job done.)

  7. Why Mega Man X and Zero of course.


    They're opposites that complete one another. If X's hatred of violence gets the better of him and he refuses to fight he can count on Zero to. If X is in danger, Zero will and has sacrificed himself to save him. If one falls, in the end the other helps him up. As X is a creation of Dr. Light and Zero a creation of Dr. Wily they should have been destined to be enemies, but in the end they became best friends. And though they were eventually forced to give everything they had and fight one another, they still came out of it in the end as friends when Zero destroyed Sigma with his dying breath. Then some Mega Man games happened after X5 but we're gonna ignore those....

    And then after Zero was revived in Mega Man Zero, battled his way through the shattered remains of the world he left behind, and destroyed the flawed copy of his best friend, X, having lacked a physical body for the longest time appeared to him as a Cyber Elf...

    X: Ever since you disappeared I've been fighting this war alone against an uncountable number of Mavericks for nearly a hundred years...Battle after battle...So painful and sad...But the hardest part was when I discovered I no longer cared about fighting enemies...I'll leave this world to you...Please allow me...to rest in peace...for awhile........I'm sorry, Zero. *Teleports away*

    Zero: *Slowly wakes up* ..........So be it. But that's why we're the best partners...*Turns to face an army of hundreds of Mavericks*...I'll do what you want. Rest for awhile...I'll handle it, you can count on me. I won't stop! When an enemy appears, I'll destroy it. *Charges into battle*

    And the tragic part is when they finally achieved the peace they fought for after many long years? X was already dead following the aftermath of Omega and Zero sacrificed himself to destroy the final obstacle to that peace, Dr. Weil.

    THAT is why X and Zero are the best partners. They overcame what should have been a destiny as enemies, battled one another and came out of it as friends, and ultimately sacrificed themselves to achieve their goal even though they wouldn't live to see it themselves.
  8. All of you are wrong


    is only one Dynamic Duo....THE Dynamic Duo
  9. [​IMG]

    Ennis and Jack. Brokeback Mountain. ^_^
  10. Nanoha Takamachi and Fate T. Harlaown.


    Why? Because ever since Nanoha Befriended Fate the two of them have been inseparable and when they work together they can defeat anything that gets in their way.
  11. scrubs.jpg
    ​Vanilla Bear and Chocolate Bear!

    This is an easy one. JD and Turk does everything together. Whether it's upsetting Cox or Trying to get Carla to let them do some wacky thing usually involving their stuffed dog. My vote goes to this Duo :D​
  12. Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble!

    This isn't actually my favorite duo but still a rather entertaining one. =) (Mine was taken)

    Ohwait, we're being serious?



    I win.

  14. Oh come on, we all know that the best dynamic duo of all time are these two guys:


    Seriously, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill are just awesome. They play a very good comedic duo, an excellent action duo, and what's more, I grew up watching their movies. But Elyd and Celestialis are a good duo as well!

    You're all wrong. Clearly the answer is these two lover-boys partners-in-law, Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. Ah...Hnn.. Can't decide between Ratchet and Clank.... Or Jak and Daxter...


  17. Peanut butter and bananas.

  18. NO. >:(

    Chocolate and Peanut Butter.

    Also Orion & Ampoule Matt & Pat from Two Best Friends Play. Love those sonsabitches.
  19. Fine, I guess chocolate can watch.