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  1. Here are some ideas I have! Let me know if you are interested in any of these ideas!

    Uta No Prince Sama -
    You are a up and coming star, yet you are running into some problems due to Starish taking the world by storm. So, in order to boost up your reputation, you seek to work something out with them where you can use them as leverage to jump start your career as a singer again. How you use them is completely up to you! (With this one, I am cool with it involving romance or no romance, whatever you wish. If you choose romance, I am willing to do MxM or FxM, whichever you prefer)

    X-Men -
    You are new to Xavier's school for gifted youngsters. You have just recognized your new mutant ability and are trying to control it, however it is easier said than done. Who will come to your aid to help you control your ability or will you be able to control it by yourself? What happens when danger strikes? Can you protect the school without fear of destroying it yourself?
    (I am fully flexible on this RP idea. I was thinking it would be mainly action and character development based. OC's would be the focus with interaction between them and the canon characters)

    Grimm -
    Nick Burkhardt is investigating a murder case and it's most likely Wesen related. Altough, as he searches his Grimm Books, he has no information to go on seeing as how you are a Wesen that has yet to be discovered. So as he charges into this case blind, he tries everything to find out your weakness in order to stop you. (This could also go the other way and Nick Burkhardt discovers you on a good note and you help him solve a murder case that only you would be able to help him figure out, due to your Wesen Power. I am fully flexible and willing to change this plot around however you see fit)

    Final Fantasy-
    This would be a whole new plot. We'd basically be making up our own land, characters, government, etc. That or we could go with a previously created world and put our OC's in their own story based in whichever storyline we choose. (Details to be discussed in PM if you want to do this one)

    Old English Master and Butler -
    You are an Earl in charge of the company your parents left behind after you died. Leaving you with a place to live and a Butler at your beck and call. One day, a knock comes at your big doors. The butler, opening the door, finds a woman holding a child in her arms, tears streaming down her face. Handing the baby to the butler, her last words to him were "protect this child from 'them'". The Earl feels he has a responsibility to raise this child to succeed him. As the child is growing up you notice that this child has different eye colors. Could this be the reason you are being visited by threatening messages that keep showing up at your manor saying "surrender the child and you'll be unharmed". What is this child's potential? What do these messages mean and what is this child worth? (The child could be supernatural in nature like a demon or some other supernatural being or it could simply be that the child was born with two different eye colors and superstitions charge that the child is demonic in nature and they seek to destroy the child so people don't feel under threat. Whichever story line you want to go with, I'm cool with)

    Mind you, these are only a few of my ideas. I am up for just about anything! Just ask! These plots are subject to change upon your request. If you like an idea I have but have another twist on the way you want it to go, just ask! I am willing to turn these plots into anything that would suit your fancy! Hit me up via PM or on here if you are interested and hope to RP with you soon!
  2. Xmen sounds interesting.
  3. The Final Fantasy one interests me the most.
  4. Are we to assume these would be Group RPs? Or am I mistaken?
  5. I'm interested in the Xmen
  6. IT can be! If you have some friends that want to RP it we can make them Group RP's. They are totally flexible
  7. I am very interested in these plots especially tge final fantasy one.
  8. I am intrigued by the Final Fantasy RP as well. It is a universe that is difficult to do justice to.

    What would the post requirements be in regard to frequency and length/quality?
  9. If we are all interested on final fantasy and Anime-otaku is up for it when should start a group rp
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