Dying to Live MxM

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    Plot credit to the respective author. I'm merely inspired by the story.
    Your character (YC), head of the (Your character's last name) Clan and founder of a
    multinational corporation, controls everything. One day a letter arrives that forces him to reexamine his immortal life.

    My character (MC) is a dying human. He has never been healthy. As his final day approaches, he reaches out to ask for one last wish. When YC enters his life, MC is instantly attracted to the tall, dark, and sexy vampire. When YC offers MC a second chance, he accepts, as it means an eternity with YC. As his new life begins, MC finds YC as restricting as the disease that almost killed him. He can’t embrace his new life with a controlling vampire hovering over his every move, trying to protect him from
    the world.

    YC has a need to control and protect what he loves, and MC is number one on his list of important people. Can YC let go of his controlling tendencies? Will MC need for more freedom lead him into danger?

    If you're keen, please drop me a pm.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.