Dying of boredom, want drama! m/m

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  1. I'll be super explicit here and no i don't want sex themed rp please.

    This is what I want to do, all of them or just one or w/ever

    I ONLY DO MALE X MALE... -sorry it's because of my own sexuality-

    -abusive relationships (I want to be victim!)
    -self harm
    -strong drama
    -house hold
    -abusive family
    -You have any ideas?
    I'll take them gladly
  2. I might be up for a roleplay with you! :D I'd be up for the PTSD, suicidal, and/or self harming.
  4. Damn I'm okay with all of the above... MIXED TOGETHEEEERR. O.o I love fics like this...
  5. welcome to my world mwahahaha
  6. Hehehehehehehehhehhehh
  7. What the heck is ptsd o.O?
  8. Post Traumatic Stress disorder, the most common place to find it in is in rape/kidnap/witness of a murder victims
  9. Why is everyone into drama >.> lol, I wanna do one, but I don't know what.
  10. I'm personally into drama because the majority of people I've known so far is into happy or easy to move themes and they don't exploit anything related to the real world, they rather explain things fictional
  11. My obsession with post apocalyptic or fantasy world won't work here, will it Xp? Fair enough I suppose
  12. I love post apocalyptic! There's a lot to exploit there mwahaha
  13. o.o.....haha? Anyway, we can discuss plots further if you like, just pm me....or tell me to pm you o.O whatever
  14. We can have all three! :D
  15. @Me go Rawr: of course, pm me if you may o v o
  16. I might be interested in the abusive family one, any ideas?
  17. I'm sorry my brain is a little frozen, but we can have the teacher/student kind? Like, the kid's way too different from the rest and stuff like that, a little movie-like but I've never done it before o - o
  18. Do you mean the kind where the teacher gets suspicious that somethings going on in the student's home or something?
  19. something like that, but also the teacher - student forbidden thing kinda like that as well, like, the student seeks shelter on him and grows to like him??¿¿¿??
  20. Mmm... I'm not really a fan of those kinda storylines. Sorry.